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Adel eyes that mesmerize, a smile that captivates and a body that is perfect in many ways, and those long beautiful locks of red hair. I've fallen in love.

It's the eyes and the freckles/moles on the lips and chin for me.
And the hair - oh my God, the hair....

OMG! Eastern Europe does it again! What a beauty! Gorgeous face, long brown curly hair, eyes, hypnotic smile! Beautiful, natural breasts, lickable pussy.
If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion: PLEASE don't hide those fantastic breasts with that beautiful long curly hair.
100% to this Beauty & her photographer for this set.

My oh my, the neighbor girl next door has become Eros, erotic; she is not the son of Aphrodite known as Cupid, but the female fledgling of her brother. Times and times again, wonderful Ladies display the art which keeps the eyes open and the heart pounding, due I dare say desire throbbing. The life which flows in the blood demands an account, her account is settled, elect woman is she...

Congratulations for this great scene. Adel held me spellbound, mesmerized by her delectable treasures. It´s amazing how sexy and luscious can be a young, teen girl. I am dazzled by her enticing eyes and come to bed looks. Specially tantalising are the snaps displayed in page 1º. She is very sexy although most of the time wearing a thick sweater. PLEASE MORE OF HER SOON!!!!

All the most beautiful flowers know how to find the garden of MatArt.
Welcome to Adel.
Your naked beauty, that you offer us, without shyness, makes us all richer.

If there are not many girls of Latvia in MetArt, however, all are wonderful and you, baby girl, aspire to the title of queen.

Excellent debut.
See you soon.


Luca remove the hair from the breast.
Her breasts are more beautiful of the hair.
Did not charge us the toll of fetishists.

Instant 10

The pinnacle of posterior pulchritude
The epitome of enchanted endings
The rapture of a rare rear
The quintessence of a comely keister
The fruition of a fair fanny
The grace of glorious glutes
The duchess of delectable derrieres
The primadonna of plump pillows

This setting with the backless sofa seat whatchamacallit combined with drapes both with the rich red fabric provides an amazing frame for our Duchess. It would be difficult to find better. It better be brought back.

Our artist photographer frequently overcomes a difficult lighting situation, even using it to create the wonderful 112. The indignity done to the arm of the sofa is forgivable since the arm of our Grace does not suffer the same.

A commendation for the creativity of the last 13 is hereby granted. Replication would be neither remiss nor redundant.

A curse for flaunting the rule of thong.

Starting with only a thong under a long loose sweater slowly slipping is the proper way to introduce such an Epitome.

Half an ass is half-assed. I suppose some gratitude is in order. We are spared the horror of the clit cutting of Dominika A in "Rheede" number sixty-four.

Far more, and more careful, attention might be given to our Primadonna's gift most appreciated in the commentary.

....so... I'm kinda getting the vibe that you dig Adel's butt? ( ;

So. That whatchamacallit. Whadyacallit?

It is similar to "A divan (Turkish divan, originally from Persian devan[1]) is a piece of couch-like sitting furniture" The Ottoman devan did not have arms.

My favorite though is fainting couch "The couch was developed in the Victorian era to help in reviving ladies who were prone to fainting due to their tight corsets."

Both the name and explanation are the standard sort of euphemistic Victorian (and still American) avoidance of truth. The proper use of a fainting couch seems fairly obvious.
Here's a pity: as a child I inherited the few remaining accoutrements of long gone wealth; mostly furniture, but indeed some dresses with corsets (they didn't fit). Not foreseeing the potential, I did not fight to keep the 2 fainting couches.

...a mistake you won't soon repeat, I daresay.

Adel C looks incredibly hot without her pants, and even hotter without her sweater. More girls should dress like this, espically since she accompanies her beauty with an adorable smile and a lovely butt.I do think that Mr Helios has used a set that is too dark,comparining the first page with the last. Adel definitely looks better standing in the window,even veiled by curtains, as she gets more light on her. I gave Adel a 10+

What a fantastic fucking Ass on her ! She is very sexy all over, but its the best part of her body !

Adel has a superb bum, lovely long wavy hair which could easily tickle said bum, translucent skin, a precious camel toe, one of those gentle transitions from waist to hips that I admire, long slender legs, and a hint of ribs!

Welcome to met-art lovely Adel. Someone deserves kudos for discovering this lady. Luca deserves kudos for presenting images of those visible features.

I have no doubt that other members will see different features that they appreciate.

Wow...those eyes. Scary and beautiful at the same time!

Oh Adel, how I would love to get my hands on your beautiful hips and rear!!

MMMMMMMM Another luscious Latvian!! Thank you!
Adel is totally adorable, and looks fairly relaxed and confident.
Hopefully we'll see a lot more of these beautiful Latvian Lovelies.

I do not understand sometimes the reactions of my fellow lookers. Are we so caught up in the fact that we get to see this beautiful woman that we forget that we are paying for this experience. Every photo that she extends her body into the perimeter of the window is washed out by the outside light. It is over exposed due to the light. It takes away in my opinion from the beauty of the model.

Very satisfied with Adel C, could not say enough about her. The quality of the photos, a four. The model and poses are the only reason why the set might get a higher rating. OH, yes, let us not forget there are those who can't not get past the fact we are getting the chance to see a beautiful naked woman.

...well... to be fair... she is incredibly good looking. And she's naked. ( ;

agree with ingoodtaste 100%

agree 62%

Adel C, what a darling little sweetheart! So very cute. So very innocent. So very sexy. Beautiful thick brown hair and precious hazel eyes. Wonderful legs and a cute little bottom. This is a wonderful debut of a beautiful new model. I hope to see much more of her.

a super gorgeous girl by all standards. i give her15/10
i love her curly long brown hair, her long legs and her body all over.
i only wish she was a bit more than 48.
she is perfect

Barring the unforeseen, Adel will still be attractive at 48.

Let's not be barring any kind of seen.

Agreed, the seen is not to be barred.

First order of business: I nominate this long-legged, fresh faced beauty for immediate membership in the PP club. Any seconds?
Second order of business: I cannot help but mention that Adel could easily be Norma Joel's younger sister... amazing resemblance. Norma brought glorious manes of gorgeously curly hair back, and Adel carries on the tradition. ( :

[stamp foot] I want a parade.

What do civic clubs do? They participate in parades, of course! I'm sure the PP Club will enter a float in next 4th of July parade. ( :
...well perhaps Mardi Gras might be more the PP Club's speed... ( ;

No, no, no. Not one float. A whole parade. Parade can also be used metaphorically. A club could call itself a parade instead of a club. This would overcome the temporary nature of a parade, and would give Magwich's position as Master and Imperial Potentate more permanence.

You are constantly stumping me, Magwich. ( : I've never heard of a club being referred to as a "parade." Is that southern culture as well, do you think?
However, we must wait on crowning you Master and Imperial Potentate, at least of this particular club, because I am not the founder, though I flatter myself as one of the original members. ( : Not sure if it's up for a vote or how the succession works.

Seizing suzerainty of the Parade is much safer than pretending to speak on behalf of southern culture. Three words out of my mouth and I would never be invited down for sweet tea and fried okra again.
My hypothetical metaphor has never been put into practice, as far as I know. So you may unseat yourself from the stump. It was pretty bold to sit on my throne anyway.

i second Adel for immediate membership in the PP club

what is PP club??

About a month ago, several of us "old farts" proposed nominating models with the most aesthetically pleasing pussies to the "Perfect Pussy Club." ( :
Nominations are purely subjective.
We've already got many nominees, but standouts include Macy B, Emily Bloom, Miela A, etc. etc.

There you go calling me an old fart again! LOL

I think it will indeed qualify if we only get to see more of it. The one photo in this set that kind of does it justice would seem to indicate that is is very nice indeed!

I am with Hipshot on this. Need to see more photos before Adel can be added.

Hipshot, I see you protest the classification ~ but not deny! LOL
( ;

Look at #62 in yesterdays Presenting Eliav for an absolute PP photo!

(Norma A. here on MA)

not on my list but it is a very subjective classification.

Thank you Adel and Luca for a wonderful set of pictures. Adel you look so beautiful and I must say you have a great pair of legs. Please come back soon lovely Adel.

A little reserved but a nice start. Very pretty young woman from Latvia. Lovely Eliav yesterday and Adel today, both lovely and very tempting. Maybe this is the start of a nice trend? We can hope can't we? More of both of these lovely Latvian ladies would be very much appreciated by this member.

I hope the next time she is a bit more open because that appears to be one very lovely little flour she has there.

I feel somewhat embarrassed for not having mentioned the recent trend in models from the Baltic states in my comment on trends the other day... just off the top of my head I seem to remember there being something like four or five new models introduced from the Baltic states last year?

Still hoping for a Turk or Finn.

Neil has the knack of knowing this sort of detail; my favourite photographer does also. If Turkish or Finnish ladies have posed here, either / both of those gents will advise us providing that they read your hopeful comment.

According to my sources the reason that you don't see girls from the Scandinavian countries is cost and the availability of nude models. the cost of travel, accommodation and locations for shooting are quite high as well as the model and agency fees. It is much cheaper in the eastern block countries.

Flower, not flour for baking

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