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Great poses but most out of focus with only the face in focus.
If I want to view portraits I would go to a museum or gallery. Waste of a gorgeous model.

Luca Helios ha given us a perfct photo set of Adel C The hottie from Latvia strikes again. I hope Mr. Helios gives us an outdoor shoot soon. In the meantime I gave mr. helios and Adel C a 10++++

And don't forget that another of Mr. Helios' models, Indiana has 2 new udates on EA where she is known as Belle

LOVE Adel, but my complaint is that more than most photographers, Luca Helios will almost always focus on the face, leaving her gorgeous pussy out of focus. The model is spreading her legs, sir- you might consider that in SOME pictures (not all, her face is lovely) you could shift the focus to her wonderful pussy. I really don't know why I have to keep pointing this out.

I totally agree. It's called "depth of field" in photography terms and it's the distance between the nearest and farthest objects that are in focus. Professional photographers should control and use DOF. YES, please Mr. Helios use aperture and lens' to give the viewer better focus on ALL of lovely Adel!

Is so great and rare the beauty of this redhead girl with green eyes, to suspect that she is not true
Whether it is the drawing of a skilled painter.
It should touch it .... to make sure that it is true.
Adel, whenever cronies put us in a good mood.

I totally agree, gaetano, I should touch her to make sure she's real! ( :

Put it away ... your "touched" enough as it is.

This is a very minor complaint for a model so beautiful. I wish you would like at the camera more as if you are looking straight at us. That being said I love this set very much!

Adel is magnificent! This could have been so much better....

Adel is one of my favorite new models. So much personality in that beautiful form and I LOVE her hair. Looking forward to many more visits!

Adel. What a pretty woman. But I am impressed with her biography profile. This lady plays hockey.

Ah, What I had hoped for! Adel is much more open in this set and Luca was much more intimate with his closeups. This is a very nice set and Adel is very nice indeed. It turns out that she does indeed qualify for the PP club. Was it just me or did anyone else notice how Adel's hair and pale skin give these photos a turn of the century sort of feel. Not a con by any means I just kept flashing back to the old silent movie heroins. She is quite lovely and has a great body to go with that PP so I would expect to more of this lovely lady.

Turn of the century is about right; digital photography quality straight out of the '90s.

LOL Wrong "century" gato! ;o)

It's funny once you mentioned the old silent movie heroines I instantly flashed on a couple of their faces. You are absolutely right Hipshot, there is a strong resemblance there, and I wish I could remember their names...

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