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So juicy

Adel is so beautiful, and has a sweet pussy and feet. More please.

WOW, Just delicious.......

Wow, that hair and those incredible eyes! What a beauty.
Thanks Adel and Luca!

Holy shit, if #72 doesn't make a man cum, I don't know what will

Reverse those numbers for the same effect!! ;o)

Fantastic Adel.
Great pictures.

Adel should give a scissor kick to the hair.
They are too invasive.
Luca not exist only fetishists

Love the Wild hair. What a delicious beauty. 299

It only goes to 442....;o)

4 lovely cheeks!!!

What a way to greet the day!! I absolutely adore this beauty, who very much resembles a close friend!! I love the hair and everything else about Adel!! This set is very comparable to her first two. I hope there's LOTS more of her to come!! She's just adorable!! Please don't make me wait so long for her next set!

Rock, Just curious if you like Norma? She also has that big head of luxurious curly hair like Adel.

Nice set of the beautiful, long legged Adel - love the wild hair..

Lovely tight fitting panties & it is a pity we couldn't have enjoyed a few more frames of these from front and rear before she peeled them off.

Agreed, pretty lingerie should be savored before being set aside. Every photographer has a range of 120 + or - photos to play with... certainly that gives enough room for 5 - 10 - 15 nice lingerie shots?

Adel is nicely dressed in panty and bra.Her beautiful body with that long hair and pretty face makes this set very enjoyable.

I agree - when they're included in a set, it almost always seem like an afterthought and, far from my liking, disappear far too rapidly, as if in a high-school girl's first sexual encounter with her boyfriend the bra & panties disappear in the blink of an eye. On Adele, several more shots would've been appreciated.

But, after having said that, I still give thanks that Adel has/had agreed to grace these pages for our viewing pleasure. Many more sets would be wonderful.

Adel is nicely dressed in panty and bra.Her beautiful body with that long hair and pretty face makes this set very enjoyable.

Reminds me of Disney's movie Brave! Not wild about the hairstyle but other than that she is one lovely woman! A PP for sure as well as everything else. This is a close second for the night.

Nice work Luca.

Other than Norma's button nose, it seems that Adel and Norma A (Norma Joel on RylskyArt) could be cousins, or even sisters, they look so similar! And I mean that in a complimentary way, to each one of them.
Adel is so stunning in this set from start to finish.
That satiny lingerie looks AWESOME on her, and I like the cameltoe in image # 4. Some closer study of that particular feature would have been nice... ( :
The rest of her posing is absolutely magnificent, particularly the poses that emphasize her posture in those sexy heels. I was happy that they were featured in so much of the set, Adel looks quite stunning in them.

I beg your pardon.
I ask you are you rooting for the pretty girls or shoes?
Between a wonderful girl barefoot and a insignificant girl with beautiful shoes which do you choose?

That is a "false dichotomy," gaetano, a logical fallacy. ( : There is no reason not to hope for a set of a beautiful model wearing beautiful shoes, like this set.

I am generally very pleased with the beauty of MetArt models, very few of whom fail to satisfy my standards of beauty.

Therefore... would I like to see sets ~ like this set ~ with beautiful models wearing beautiful high heel shoes? Yes, I very definitely would... ( :

More of the satin bra & panties would DEFINITELY have been enjoyed (at least by me). However, as a photographer, one of my most eagerly awaited, and least photographed shots, is a simple lower leg shot with a woman dangling her panties either from her ankle or from the tips of her toes. Nothing else - no derriere - no breasts - no face - just a simple shot of a lower leg (either upright or held horizontally from a couch) with a pair of panties. Almost NO photographers do this quintessential shot any more and it always says so much more than what appears.

Adel's legs look like they could go on forever but they begin with yet another derriere that begs more than a few precious bite marks. ;-)

Similar hair but definitely not anywhere close to the same. Yes more panty closeups would have been nice.

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