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Shower sets. I despise the shower sets for one reason: the poses are almost always restricted by the prop or space or a combo of both. So many shots go wasted on similar poses. As soon as that hand grabs hold of the shower head, the shoot goes down the very drain that the water is. Waste of a model's beauty, in my opinion.

Lacks imagination!

Lacks imagination!

wow! instinctly i would take a shower!

Whatever. I liked the set a lot.

Been a member of MetArt longer than most of its subscribers have been adults, so I "could" have been bored if the quality was that bad, but it wasn't. Not part of the "good ol' boys" kibbitzing club here but here it is, for the benefit of MetArt staff, the model and the photographer, my feedback:

There's a saying about some quality actresses and singers: "I could've watched them reading the (or listened to them singing the) phonebook all day"... Well, for me, Adelia's in that calibre. Her nuanced expressions say more with a tilt of her eyebrows than most models get with sticking their tongue out. Or packing the whole kitchen sink, kit and kaboodle, into a one-size-fits-all set. For instance. I like seeing what she can do with a minimum of props/staging, "money shots" or fancy-dancing. She has a mature attitude toward sensuality and eroticism that works wonderfully.

Leonardo caught that, and catches that, for me. And I like the skin textures revealed in the lighting (as always), the full-frame allowing for the whole effect of Adelia using all of her body intentionally, and the amusement in her eyes.

The thumbs up or down is pretty meaningless to me, I would not pay attention to them. There must be better things to do, right? Perhaps the set not being very good means you were *not* doing something else, so I guess it makes sense, lol. I have to agree, not a very inspiring set, and yes it's a shame Leonardo won't do any intimate close-ups. But it's been said he DOES find some beautiful women, so we keep looking, don't we?

I like Adelia, but the shower/water set is not my favorite. Sort of like the "flooded basement" sets, I suppose the subliminal association to "slippery when wet" adds to the eroticism for some.

The subject is the beautiful Adelia, so all is not lost. I keep hoping for a closeup of her nether region, but Leonardo doesn't often do that type of shot. Adelia is another of the established MET models who still look good approaching 30. It was nice to see an indoor shoot, it seems most of hers are shot outdoors.

Great comment kilroy, but I see some nitwit just couldn't resist the thumbs down for it...doesn't agree with you 'apparently'...lol I'm pretty sure that Leonardso is the 'artist' that I've told in the past that "it won't bite you", because he usually does NOT go for any close-ups, and passes up many opportunties to get some GREAT ones... It's something I've learned to accept about his work, because he shoots too many great looking girls to ignore him completely. I think this is the first set of Adelia's that I won't be taking home...she has a fantastic body!

Agreed, I'll give you another thumbs up for that one!

LOL And back atcha!

I think Adelia is gorgeous. She's highly photogenic and beautiful as always. But I have to agree, the location just wasn't right. I do really love her jewellery however.

I was hoping that this set would save the day for me...but much to my dismay, I walk away empty handed... :o(

Only five! C'mon...you nitwits can do better than that! ;o)

33 is the only one worth keeping.

I like the background. A girl like her doesn't do well in front of a sterile, white background. She needs life around her.

Nice beautiful girl but same boring location.


LMAO! I said 'basically' the same thing, but you get 3 thumbs up and I get 3 thumbs down... Pretty wacky day in the neighborhood!! ;o)

You must have a coalition of devoted neg-bangers. I gave you a thumbs up for sayin' what you feel. I'm gonna miss your comments here.

Thanks kilroy...I'm sure I do have a following of haters. I'd be ashamed of myself if I didn't!! I like to let people know when they're confusing "opinion" with "fact", and a lot of them don't take kindly to that...LOL Like an ex-wife of mine, some people think their opinion IS fact!! Oh...and then there's the arm pit guy...I KNOW he tags me every chance he gets...lol It's been fun!

You will be missed rockhard. I've only been back with Met Art for about 5-6 weeks and I appreciate your honesty (even if I don't always agree with you).

Now, about that arm pit guy....I had to read the back and forth between the two of you that I saw a few weeks ago.

I don't have any fetishes (don't really understand them).
An arm pit fetish???....never knew that one even existed.

I'm a little naïve I guess so he'll need to explain to me what in the hell he does with an armpit (and a hairy one at that).

Sorry Leonardo but this not your best work you can hardly see Adelia A from the back ground bathroom setting the only images that work for me is the the last 2 images otherwise it's a real dud !!!!!!!


Cartman...is that you!??

Also great model, she acts like a natural talent in front of the Camera.

The color scheme is also cool.

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