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The first thing that comes to mind is, Adelia tbe very uptight. Thee isno sense of relaxation in any of the pos

I think she is dieting too much or working out too hard. She seems to have lost those shapely legs.

Pretty boring set.

Beautiful pictures of the clothed model. Everything else boredom.

It's not my favorite Adelia set and it isn't her fault. I normally like her sets much more, but something just isn't there today. Sorry Leonardo, better luck next time.

This girl is one my favorites here on Met. What a beauty.

Adelia is so beautiful, no bad photography can ruin her. She has such a perfect tight, toned, athletic little body. One of the best on Met-Art, even if her poses are always a bit tame. Gimme more.

and that's a wrap on a terrible morning session on met. can i have my 30 bucks back now? ugly porn is free all over the net.

If you want "ugly porn" why you signed up on MET???

I can't say anything bad about this set because it is another opportunity to see Adelia's amazing body. From her head to her toes she is perfection. Any photoset that shows Adelia's legs is worth looking at.

No butt shots. Boooooo

Adelia is gorgeous, but this set is bad. Bad choice of background color, poor poses. Leonardo can do better.

don't like the set at all. Such waste of luscious Adelia A. Her delicious golden skin is doing nothing against a pale/ochre/brownish background .It does not enhance her beauty at all.

Boring scenes on parade.

The stark setting and the overly bright lighting probably ruined any soft mood and willingness to open-up to the camera that Adelia had. Strike two on the photographers' today.

Simply mundane.

Love when they show a model in normal clothes before the nude set.

Adelia is a beautiful lady, and I like Leonardo's work for the most part. But there's something about this set that just doesn't quite jive with me. I can't place my finger on it. It's not bad, but it doesn't meet the high expectations I have for Met.

Leonardo is one of my favorite photographers on this site. Maybe he got a little bored doing all those fabulous shots and decided to try something new. Like the song goes, "After you've been having steak for a while, beans taste fine."

Whatever the reason, it didn't work for me, either. Leonardo, give your head a shake and regroup. When it's new it doesn't always mean it's improved.

I agree Tomcat8229 but I think your disclosing your age when you quote Shel Silverstein, however Thank You I went over to youtube and found him singing it. Brought back good memories.

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