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Somebody help me! I don't know what it is, but there's something about Koenart's galleries that doesn't do it for me! I am never disappointed with the galleries of Rylsky, Tim Fox or Maria Kenig. Koenart somehow leaves me cold! I can't quite put my finger on it. Can someone out there explain it to me? Or am I just too damn particular?!

It is amazing, isn't it Tomcat; Koenart consistently has some of the most beautiful models on MetArt, yet his sets seem to be missing something... I have noted many times in the past that his penchant for straight on close-up after close-up of the model's vulva, sometimes up to nearly 25% of the shots presented is kind of offputting... there are other parts, and if nothing else other angles to be found. It is almost an adolescent approach to photographing the naked female form...

Hi Tomcat! This is your alter-ego writing! No, you're not too particular! You've paid your money and expect to be entertained! The fact that some of the entertainers are not up to par is all part of show business! Some are great, others are not so good! If it bothers you that much, then I suggest you bypass Koenart's galleries (as I noticed you did with half of the above ones) and continue on to a more satisfying presentation. They're there! You just have to find them!

OK, I'm nuts over this model, and I don't understand why she's so ... well ... shy about her behind. It's AMAZING!!!

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