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Beautiful lady, poor photography

Gorgeous girl with a super hot body!!!

130 pictures mostly with poor use of lighting. In any event the photo shoot might just as well have ended at picture 98 as pictures 99 to 130 show absolutely nothing anyway. I just do not see the point with photographers getting nude models sitting with their legs crossed cocealing the bits we pay to see for picture after picture after picture showing nothing.

Adriana is a firm favorate, and this set has not changed that. Having said tht I do think that Adriana is more attractive with her hair down. I like the selection of clothed pictures at the end, it sort of puts Adriana intoo context.

Adriana is firm and soft in all the right areas and a favourite of mine too, but I love the hair-up variation. A womans neck/hairline is fabulous erogenous zone that is a secret we don't often get to share.

Hair up or down, Adrian is absolutely gorgeous! But with the hair up, we get to see more of her elegant neck!

Tad overexposed but gorgeous set including Adriana

Scrumptious! LOVE that smile!! Love this girl! Adriana is beautiful from top to lovely bottom! Pretty decent set for being outdoors in the sun. I've never been disappointed in this girls sets.


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