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I've been a fan of Adriana since her first photo set. She's a beautiful woman but I can't help thinking how hotl she would look if she would let herself go natural. With her full eyebrows and thick pubic stubble, you know she's gotta have a thick gorgeous bush. Think about it, Adriana.

My biggest complaint is that many of the artist are presenting over exposed washed out photos like these. A simple reduction in lighting and increase in contrast and these photos really pop. Sad that they are presented this way. I wish there was a way to present a few of these photos after a small adjustment in brightness and contrast. The difference is amazing.

Hey Fellas those tags have there for a very long time and it's not members making them up its been programmed for a long,long time and i think now with MetArt's sister sites it may apply to them too i'm with you guys too some are really weird just like 'tampon string' and more that dont apply at all to MetArt's models series once ages ago one could put their own tags in as i did specialy with the two models series as there were no plural tags for them ie "two sexy butts" but had to be approved so how do you think i feel as a female member trying to 'tag' a model i'm pretty limited but i'm with you guys on this one too some are just plain ridiculous and i'm from Australia so they can't be from overseas as i get the same ones too and the series get downloaded at the same time for all of us.It's only the cutoff time at the end of the month for my last gallery that affects me different time zones from the States :(

You may be on to something, rags25. Annett A will be making her Met-Art debut tomorrow, but she already has quite a 'resume' of tags, which may be from the sister site, Stunning 18.

Good point rags, but I've also seen sets posted with no tags whatsoever, so the "programming" idea doesn't fit in all cases. I have no idea what could be going on with the tags, but since the comments section opened, I haven't bothered with them at all, other than to take a quick glance out of habit.. But I can't help but wonder if the photographers themselves put the tags on...(?) Maybe Koenart could shed some light, but I doubt that he'll be back to this one now...

Adriana, you are breathtaking.

Your face is pure warm, feminine heaven on earth.

Please don't stop posing... ever.

ps - On a lighter note, your hair and nails look awesome. Thanks for rocking.

Adriana looks great alright, but the poses are pretty conservative and the lighting a bit flat. Creativity kinda flat too... The only 'hiccup' in todays lineup.

Adriana is one of my favourite models, but I agree that these series are becoming a bit repetitive. I would really like to see her model for another photographer (like Murano or Catherine?)

And what the hell kind of "tag" is 'jerked off looking at her beauty'!!? That seems an awful lot like a "comment" to me....

Today is the first I've seen that tag, and the search brings up over 3400 galleries. Has it been in use that long? The 'lickable armpits' is another that I didn't notice until recently, and has appeared a lot, recently......it's like someone is just adding tags just to be adding tags.

I've never seen that tag before either. Hard to believe it's not very recent. And bringing up 3400 galleries with it is bazaar...'hackers'??? ;o)

I've also lately noticed that about 90% of the sets are tagged with 'girl cum', a tag that belongs to, at most, 5%. All these worthless tags make the search function virtually a big waste of time.

Agreed, rock. I've tried to leave unconventional but tame descriptive tags that have not been accepted -- but "made me cum" and "jerked off" "tags" are?
Makes no sense to me.

Glad to see I'm not alone in my bewilderment...lol I've seen sets posted with more than a dozen tags ALREADY on it....? I'm thinking the sets get posted overseas hours before we get them here... And I've had a lot of the same shit happen to me fer_realz...pisses me off....besides not making sense! But screw the tags...we got some real beauties today....Happy 'Jerking' to All! (lmao)

Koenart got it right in this set for the most part. The photos are a bit overexposed and the room is pretty bland but the closeups are great and abundant and a nice mix of landscape mode and portrait. A bit more color or softer lighting would have made this set perfect.

As for Adriana what's to say except WOW! She is so radiant and happy and so lovely. What a body! The black outfit was very nice and very enticing and she spent just the right amount of time losing it. She has an easy relaxed presentation that is so nice it would be hard to criticize this tasty little lady.

This has to be the worst set of delicious Adriana F and very talented Koenart so far .Dull and uninspiring in spite of all the ingredients . 7

Adriana is looking great in this set.

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