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The ending change of pace is a nice touch. Good to see her more relaxed and herself. Seems to be a Koenart trademark.

No doubt Adriana is one of my favorites models in MetArt.

Please, do a movie with her.

Don't you ever look at your fellow photographers' photos? You could learn a lot from most of them. I never fail to be amazed at how beautiful your models are and what poor results you get of your photo-sessions with them!

but Koen has come so far in just a couple of years... at first, sets would consist of up to 20% straight ahead close-up of vulva. I love those shots, but not 1 in 5 in every set! He is getting better, and I have hope long term!

fully agree
poor photography

The model...10+ The photography 8- Adriana is one of MetArt's loveliest models for sure but the entire set is over exposed and lacks contrast. The set and the model would have benefited greatly by dropping a couple of F stops and adding some contrast. A couple of minutes in photoshop and this set looks way better. Wish it were possible to post a pic to show what I mean.

fully agree

I know exactly what you mean hipshot, I've done the same for many sets.

I personally wish the photographers in these modern times would browse some of the sets in the Archives. Every set done now is too bright, too much photoshop, and pushing from art to porn.


Heaven on earth.

So beautiful.

Wow, Adriana is just so beautiful!!! The set would have been hotter with more rear view poses, and stairs have never really worked for me as a place to pose a model. Still a very good set!!!

Adriana is one of MetArt's loveliest models—beautiful hair, beautiful breasts, beautiful tush and a smile to die for. (See image 45.) She just radiates quiet sophistication and sexuality. Love her!

Beautiful as always. Some more variation in poses would make the set better.

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