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Overexposed! Ha! Love those one liners.beautiful nipples!

I loved this set! The model is very desirable.

Хорошо, но мы хотим лучшей демонстрации пусси, можно же взять за крылушки пусси и немного преоткрыть врата рая, а мы получим истенное наслаждение и продлим подписку, надеюсь у вас получится.

The hair in a bun like an Old West school marm detracts from this set BIG-TIME!

Breathtaking Brook Shield lookalike.

I like much more outside sets:-) Hair up, or hair down, this Sweety is to kiss all over:-)

Well we can kiss and lick her neck better with her hair up.Adriana has a very attractive body.

I like the outfit, I really like starting off with nice normal girl clothes. Especially white panties. The only thing that could make it better is if she would have spread those lovely labia for us. It's always a shame when a woman with full labia like that fails to give us a nice butterfly to make us drool. :)

I'm with monkeryma, I prefer Adriana's hair down. But hair up or down, she has the same wonderful smile, the same gravity-defying little breasts and the same tasty pussy and ass. She's an absolute dream girl.

Agreed. But ears are nice too. Some of the best nibbling there is. :)

Agreed, Adriana is a dream come true.

Having looked through Adriana's past sets, I have to mention that they are all overexposed. A woman of Adriana's beauty deserves better. I'd like to see what Catherine or Rylsky or Luca Helios would do with her.

Right on! She's much too nice to be wasted on mediocre photography. Also, I feel Maria Kenig, Leonardo or Tim Fox would've done a better job!

Adriana is looking great in this set, her beautiful smiling face is very attractive. I like this set, there are some nice poses.

I must admit I do prefer Adriana with her hair down.

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