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Photo #67 is a stunningly beautiful portrait of this lovely young woman. Adriana's eyes and smile are inviting you into the bath to join her for a truly cleansing experience.

Just simply superb! This woman is flawless. Wow....

Lovely girl, Fantastic body but I could do without the soap suds blocking my view. Her breasts are out of the park and when she smiles is mind blowing.

The girl, the room, and the lighting are awesome but soapsuds are not sexy. 10+ -1 for the suds = 9

I agree about the suds. I thought we all decided no more soapy bathtub sets???

Guess the photog didn't get that memo

Good Lord Adriana is so HOT! another one of my favorite fantasy girls. Props to Met for 3 days of heaven. First Victoriya, then Lily and today Adriana. It's good to be a man....

Adriana is an extremely beautiful model, and a favorite of mine. And these are NOT bathroom sets ,they are Met-Arts public service announcements on the importance of personal cleanliness.

Just an insulting inference that Adriana was unclean when she arrived on set.

Personally, I am long over water/bubbles and anything else that detracts from or distorts the physical beauty of these gorgeous young women.

I loathe and detest this this style of shoot, and the lack of imagination showed by the shooter, in this case Koenart, who is not shooting in the class or style he did in 2011.

Perhaps, in the presence of Adriana's flawless beauty, Koenart finds himself out of his depth!!

Adriana. Adriana. Adriana.

Your beauty is... mesmerizing, peaceful, and spell binding.

And, when you smile! My heart just melts!

Thank you.


Brooke Shield lookalike.

amazing set for a super-gorgeous lady

Adriana is utterly adorable in this set - sooo sweet sooo pretty. I don't usually go for bathroom pics but this is just beautiful. Outstanding Koenart!

I agree, but I do not prefer the bathtub pics. I want to see her entire body all the time.

Adriana blows way past cute to mind-bendingly adorable...

Stunningly beautiful from head to toe, enough said!

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