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the hottest...!

Not to say that Koenart is a bad photographer but I would really like to see Adrianna through the eyes of another photographer.It is nice to with the models that have worked with different artists how that model appears to a different eye.

I agree entirely!

Adorable little butt, divine derriere, sweet little ass, and on.

I'm a little confused, what point are you trying to make? :)

Brooke Shield with cute hair bun, lovely oyster and imperial trim...I'm givin' this set a "10".

Adriana has quickly become one of my all time favorite models. And watching her emerge from her blanket and garment in this shoot filled me with the same kind of anticipation and excitement that opening an over-wrapped Christmas present did when I was a kid. Layers and layers of wrapping and packaging to peal away ... torture, of the best kind! And then ... what an incredible combination of exotic beauty, sensuality, eroticism, sweetness, innocence and charm. Wow ... just wow!

Adriana is a lovely thing, with a direct, no-nonsense beauty, a lovely head of auburn hair and one of the prettiest bottoms in Latvia. Always welcome.

I heve to state that Adriana F is simply stunningly beautifull within this lastest series of hers :( I loved the way Koenart photographed her just wearing a light blanket wrappped around her lovely body in front of the glazed winows with the reflecting of her body very well~~ I simply adored the close up of her lovely breasts nipples fully erected with a gorgeous smile on her lovely face gorgeous hazel eyes :( I loved the way Adriana poses's in different images and views of her laying in front of the windows lying on her blanket from sitting against the windows with her legs spread wide open to her lying sideways with her legs per images #46-#48 with the refection highlighting her body very sensualy ! not to forget the glorious shots of her cute sexy butt of hers ;( There are also some very sensual serene close ups close ups of her gorgeous face that sexy smile of hers to Adriana lying on her blanket but my favourite image has to be #115-#116 with her kneeling on the floor with her light blanket wrapped around her shoulders her gorgeous face hazel eyes and the way Adriana has her long brown hair tied up in a lovely bun Adraina is truely magnificent with this latest set of hers and the reflection of Koenart in the window photographing her was'nt a distaction to me at all ! At least we can kind of see what he looks like~~ and i have to agree with the Guys Adriana F is truely a Beautiful model/women as a female i have to say Thank You for this sexy,sensual new set of yours its truely "Where Flawess Beauty Meets Art" :(

Rags, you put me to shame. Here I am, struggling to see the monitor and come up with a coherent thought about what I see, and you come up with a full-bore detailed analysis. Brava.

Well I'm off to see the cardiologist. I can't take any more

Hi Sailor :( Glad to be of help with Adriana's latest set as i did with Cristina and Indiana with their double Girl/Girl series with my analylsis's now at least you can see what i saw within her beauty (Joys Of Being A Female) so now you can post one of the lovely comments that you put in as well too ~ I spoke to my daughter and she told me that she is difently not going to get a tattoo when she's older and at the age of 7yrs she's already 5ft tall slim build slowly blossoming just like her mother going to have to lean a shotgun against's the the rocking chair when i'm old and grey when she gets to the age of 15 she is going to turn of view of the lads head around here :(

Rags, I don't doubt for a minute that your daughter will be a knockout. Look at her mom. I wish you the best in preparing her for adolescence. The only tip I have is that you have to lay the foundation now—self-confidence, strength of character, etc—age 15 is too late. I didn't have a shotgun for my daughter's teen years, but I was a lot bigger than her boyfriends. I tried to scare the hell out of them—while always being friendly, of course. (She would have disowned me if I wasn't.) All the best.

Dear Sailor :( You maybe correct within your comments about your daughter as well but you don't know what the young bucks fallas are like in my small Austraiian Outback Desert Town and since i'm a single mother now don't worry i've already laid down the foundations of being a young lady and i don't have to worry about her self-confidence strength of character as per dearly departed partner was around before he passed away plus when i use to drive my Kenworth 18 Wheeler she got use to seeing life plus at the moment her eductation is my priority at the moment it will come in handy in the future in this carzy world we live in the boyfriends can wait in the fortiable future All The Best Too Sailor Take ok ;(

What a beautiful woman! Her smile simply lights up the sky... I love this set...all of it. Great photography!

Met is batting three for three today (so far, I have not checked Zemira's video yet). I am glad Adriana is making her presence felt more often on Met, she is quite simply beautiful.

Very pretty woman from Latvia. Adriana has a lovely figure. Cute little bottom.

I don't think that 'cute' adequately describes it. It lacks sufficient gravitas.

Manners and decorum dictates my choice of words. "Gravitas"? Cute is precisely what I meant.

I would have said 'spectacular' or 'gorgeous' myself!

Lovely, kissable, yummy, picture perfect? Anymore, take your pick, you can't go wrong no matter how her sweet ass is described!

That bun hairstyle is really cute. This is maybe the third set Adraina has worn her hair like that, and I think it really suits her. It shows off her magnificent eyebrows, which in turn show off her lovely eyes. She has such fine and delicate facial features, and a smile that could capture a man's heart forever.

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