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I need her in my kitchen!

You and me both.......perhaps we could do a timeshare? :-))

Adriana F is an angel!!!

Posing by Orini is Fabulously Beautiful.....

Beautiful, just absolutely beautiful. If there was ever a woman that was kissable from head to toe, it's Adriana. She's is a dream!

Nadine, Kaylee, Ardelia, and Adriana ON THE SAME DAY!

Just incredible Met-Art.

What a day!

Thats it! Just focus on her face...nothing else matters!!

A visit from Adriana is always a nice start to my day! Thank you Koenart for continuing to bring lovely ladies from Baltic states by for visits.

I could eat and fuck that pussy for hours.

the last page was a nice touch. And the rest? Others said it better than I could.

Dear v-man_ger don't be too detured by other comments just look at Adrianna at put a comment in with what you really see withing her beauty ok trust me as a female it's not hard to do ok :)

rags, you MUST be missing several fingers or have a few extra thumbs!! Your comments are always very amusing...

Adriana has something that as a former photog myself I always notice, and that is perfect grooming. I never understood women wanting to look like babies. Waxing the undercarriage, and shaving the pelvic area is neat,pretty and keeps all the photo values for modeling while looking neat. She also has creamy skin, perfect legs and butt, pretty smiling face,and lovely breasts.

Dear 5seadog :) The reason us women wnat to look like babies as you put it it's so us Babe's can turn you fella's on :) and Adrian is nicely groomed too within these photos She looks amazingly beautiful as always :)and my Christmas wishes to you and kilroy too going to be a dreary wet one here in Outback Australia it already christmas eve here take care both of you ok :)

Rags you nailed it. Doug has a good point also. The image of beauty has always varied. We don't have any Rubenesque models today, but that was what was "hot" in his day. That is one reason I like to see the dressed shots. Those shots prove it isn't just the pussy or tits. "That" girl, fill in the blank, dressed would turn our heads without "exposing" herself. With some of the really young ones they look so "normal" I almost, repeat almost, feel guilty knowing I have lusted after them. Rags, you stay dry on the outside... Best Christmas wish to you... Let's us see what Santa K. drops off for us tomorrow...

Prettiest face this side of Brooke Shield.

I like Adriana and her lovely long legs, but her hair in this set looked great. A nice slow strip opened the set. I liked the clothed outdoor finish at the gas station or truck stop. As for the rest of this fine set, well it was all the beautiful Adriana.

Sweet pair of shorts.

She does look great in shorts. A nice ending.

Adriana is one of those models that can brighten my day no matter how crappy work has been. Her alluring eyes, her beautiful smile and that body! Did I mention the body? Her legs are like a stairway to Heaven! I loved this set! 10/10 :-)

So true Alyssa! Adriana is a little slice of heaven and those great legs do lead us right there. She has the best pussy, the best smile, and the prettiest eyes on Met-art. I love the color of her hair in this set too. Actually i love everything about this girl. One of my top 3 all time favs for sure!

What a beautiful young woman. Adrianna has a gorgeous face and a smile that just explodes through the monitor screen. I love her lovely chestnut brown hair. I was fascinated to see the clock behind her. 12:24 to 1:09. Less than an hour to put together such a wonderful set.

Nice idea with a clock.
The title should have been "High Noon".

Spot on! It is interesting to see how long a gallery takes to shoot; and that it appears that nobody toyed with the sequencing.

Nice Set from Koenart. Beautiful Adriana:-) She deserves a lot of Sweeties and Kisses all over... What for soft Skin:-):-):-)

Here's what I like about Adriana: Her face, with that lovely smile and direct, disarming gaze that leaves me weak in the knees; her perfect little breasts with those delicious, puffy nipples; her delectable pussy and that bottom that might have been painted by Velazquez; everything else. xoxoxo

Sailor, you forgot to mention those creamy long legs!

By the way, to both you and Sailor, ENNU is today's model over on Sex. Drool...

Informative comment; but is it really appropriate @ a gallery of Adriana pictures?

Yes Ennu got a lot of comment yesterday and thia is the first post today...and it was direct response to those who commented yesterday. Not a general comment....

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I think your touting an off-MET Ennu gallery is better placed in the comments portion of yesterday's Ennu gallery.

What do you think of today's Adriana gallery?

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