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The medium zip is broken - has some small watermarked images instead of the medium clean ones. For eg 43, 63, 65

There is away with a woman, who can know it? Only the woman herself, the one whom entices the desire. Her lovely smile, the curves of her form, and those eyes.... there is fire in her heart because it is betrayed by her hair colour.
The deep knowledge which she displays, arrests my lust and desire, and makes captive those under her influeance.She is a delight to age and those young enough to have knowledge of finer womanhood. A gem worth discovery........

I like a set or I don't like it.

If I like a set ('this is a good one') I download it.

I downloaded this set.

Koenart gets better all the time. This set with Adriana F is perfectly posed against a perfect background. You can tell this was shot in eastern Europe, as the wall behind Adriana has heavy curtains, and the wall to her left is upholstered. One Russian friend told me that is common,to cut out the drafts you get at -20F or so. Adriana is perfectly lovely,the way Koenart has posed her, as you can see in shots 41,45,and 117. I have given both Adriana and Koenart 10+++.

Fabric on a solid wall will not prevent drafts. I am sure Russians are well acquainted with fiberglass and foamboard. I propose that the purpose is comfort -notice the bench. Padded bedrooms, for example, are not restricted by geography.

Pics 61 to 63 are probably among my top 10 MetArt pics ever. Beautiful.

Her is sunshine it's self. That smile warms my day. My only con is that with great intimate closeups of that lovely jewel she did no show us what I am sure would be a spectacular butterfly.


Adriana truly is a photogenic beauty with a stunning smile. She uses it to full effect in this beautiful set. ( :

Thank you Koenart for this nice Set... Thank You Adriana to show us Your dream jewels... I'm totally crazy for Her smile:-) Her skin and body are so sweet and soft to die for (legs included):-):-):-)

Absolutely love this girl... that pussy is to die for... as long as she keeps coming back to Met Art, I will be a subscriber for life!

you and me both Rockafella! amazing pussy on her!!

Adriana is a absolute angel. Just look at her in image 20. Beautiful. Last month, Alyssa wrote that Adriana's legs were "like" a stairway to heaven. Alyssa was almost right; Those legs ARE a stairway to heaven, one that I would climb slowly and happily all the way to the delectable summit. Love ya, honey. xoxoxo

where did she write that?

Speaking of Alyssa, haven't seen her posting here lately. Image 48 is just amazing.


Your so right... Her legs were made to nibble on...

I'd say she is a definite 10+ on the nibble index! ;)

I could nibble on a few other things as well...

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