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She has a very lovely face.

Images 2,7,22,45,71,77 and 101 are all low res only. Why?

I had the same question as Nelith -- why are these low res files mixed in with the high res images? Will you be replacing them with high res files? Will you give any notice if you do? Will you even answer these questions?

Adriana F is a very pretty girl,head to foot. I like eyecandy, and this is the best. 10++++

Thank you God for creating such beauty! Such a sweetheart. If she directed that radiance my way I would become putty in her lovely fingers. How could anyone resist those lovely eyes and the messages they are sending. That cute pink outfit is perfect for her. Sexy beyond words. This is the kind of outfit that makes my knees weak. Pure unadulterated WOW!

I don't know how you guys could find this boring? I realize there are no acrobatics, no butterfly shots(a shame) or gimmicks but Adriana doesn't need theatrics. The set is soft and subtle like Adriana is and for me that is the ultimate seduction. It is in her eyes and her smile that I am enthralled. Yes her body is great but even her portrait shots are sexy to me. I like this set. It is warm and gentle just as I am sure Adriana would be.

Oh I wish I could be in bed with Adriana.

Aww man, how many times have I thought exactly the same thing about these girls? It means the pictures are having the desired effect!

Loveliest face in the Met Art web site...can I get a second on my nomination?

I WILL second that nomination, but would HAVE to include 2 or 3 others of equal "loveliness"... I cannot choose ONE "best" in any respect, with SO MANY being of great beauty and appeal. But I DO share your sentiment regarding Adriana...she has always been very dear to my heart and in my top five favorites! Sorry if that doesn't help ;o) lol

Geez. Am I the only one who thinks Koenart's photos are boring? Adriana should explore other photogs. She could use a fresh look. She's really gorgeous, one of the best.

I just want to say like The Cure song: "it´s friday I´m in love!" Thank you Adriana, you are beautiful.


I don't know what it is about Koenart's galleries, but most of them leave me unfulfilled and wanting more. I have nothing against Adriana. She's a beautiful girl with wonderful features. I just feel she would be better displayed by the likes of Rylsky or Tim Fox.

My apologies to all the Koenart fans.

No need to apologize for your opinion tomcat. We DO have some overly (and overtly!) sensitive people here, but they are generally disregarded...;o)
In my experience, all the artists here have produced mediocre work on occasion.

You hurt my feelings.

Or Arkisi, he's really good too.

And possibly the most consistent...

He is very dependable. Not only that but he keeps bringing us lovely Ukrainian goddesses.

Adriana is beautiful.

Koenart is an excellent photographer.

The set is disappointing.

It seems neither had an idea about what they were trying to achieve much beyond fluffiness, and the result is wishy washy in more ways than one.

Koenart continues to bring beautiful Baltic ladies to visit. Adriana is a perfect example. I appreciate her lovely eyes, large areolae, glass cutters, and bubble butt.

Thank you Adriana and thank you Koenart.

Met-Art is a Paradise:-) Every day one Dream Beauty for a sweet start in the morning:-) Thank You Koenart for this nice Set... Adriana is really a Softy... It would be nice to wake up every morning next to Her. The first thing I would do, is give Her a lot of good morning Kisses... She's totally Cute:-):-):-)

She is cute & beautiful. Though,continuous over-exposured pages reduce them.

What a sweety! Imagine to be in bed with her! I almost hear the lovely sounds -

Adriana is magnificent!! This is a very good illustration of her stunning beauty. Always a pleasure to see more of Adriana!!

Lovely and what a pussy!!

As always, she is the very reason I subscribe to Met Art!

Not a good day at the office today.

I know I'd rather stay home with Adriana and play all day. ( :



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