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Perfect, must see more

This girl appears on Met-art's sister website under the name of 'Dianda'. She also features on other websites as 'Rebeka'. So, she is not really new in the business but I like her looks just the same.

Rylsky-art that is.

She even smiles at Rylsky!!!

Great model with a great face. She sure likes to lean back a lot. Agata's got a fabulous career ahead of her, and I am so jealous of the photographers who get to spend time with women like this.

gorgeous model and nice set

I thought that Agata's facial "expressions" fit this set perfectly, a very innocent look. It just pissed me off to no end that on one of the better close-ups of her face, the top of her head was "chopped" off (115). Other than that, a very beautiful set of a very beautiful model.

This girl is just a doll! Agree with maybe some more expression, but very great choice!

She look underage but very sexy.

Great body pretty face....shame she looks like she had her hair cut with a knife and fork.

Ivan has 'sniffed out' some gorgeous talent lately, and done some very nice work with them. This petite sweetheart is very yummy! It will be fun to watch her evolve with each new set, as she becomes(hopefully!)more and more comfortable with the whole process. Welcome Agata!

Agata is a beautiful child/woman with a delectable body and a first-timer's self-consciousness. She may of have benefited from starting in a dress, but I'm glad she didn't. She had my attention—and admiration—from the first frame. I can do without the striptease clichés that weigh down so many sets.

Welcome , Agata, you are a delight.

There are girls for whom short hair is the right choice and this is one of them. Longer hair would make her look even more diminutive and child like. I like the pixy look on small girls especially blonds. I think she was under a lot of stress doing her first nude modeling and it shows in her face. It's hard to smile when your scared to death and baring all before the camera has got to be very stressful.

I think this is a darling little girl and I hope she sticks to it and becomes a popular model. Girls this tiny are rarely this perfectly proportioned and I find her very attractive.

There is some really great posing in this set, and Agata is adorable. Would love to see more of her.

Far too childlike in appearance.

We all have our crosses to bare. At 18 and 5'1" she is child like but I find her very attractive.

From a female's point of view i quite liked Agata's debut series the bedroom setting suited her very well and at 18 years old and 5ft 1" tall she still has alot of growing up height wise and boby wise i'm sure she will loosen up and bloom in time if she keeps her modeling career up i just wished she had longer hair it may have hidden some lack of facial expressions but as Oddsox stated it sure isn't easy to pose nude for the 1st time in front of strangers and Rich even some of MetArt's veteran models have flaws within their sets and movies not just on their 1st debut but have to agree with you on Penthouse's airbrushed shots of his models in the 70's,80's As for Sean's comments about his cheap smart phone taking clearer images that maybe true Sean but one has to remember that these images are the orinigal photo's bought by MetArt.Com and may have lost their sharpness as their Tech guys/ladies load them up in the editor room seen worse in my time who knows but it must be hard working behind the scenes with Met Staff to kept MetArt going since 1999 and everyone has their own opion's good or bad i guess that's freedom of speech for you i liked it just as others did too hope to see more of Agata D in the upcoming future :)

beautiful loads more please

Gorgeous young lady....for a 'first timer' Agata has done well...can't be easy going totally naked in front of a stranger who's taking photographs....give her time.... she will gain confidence.

I like the model, I like the poses, but the image quality can use some work. Sorry, but the camera on my cheap smart phone can take clearer and sharper images than these, especially from a distance.

This seems to be a common problem on Met-Art these days (and with others in the network) and I don't believe it is just a matter of the photographer or his technical expertise. I was just looking at some pics from my 2007 Met-Art library that were very much crisper and clearer. I have always downloaded in "Medium". Changing up to "High" on a few different sets recently makes no great difference. Has the expansion of the network diluted the quality?

I think this problem has to do with the size of the photos as much as anything else. You have to remember that those photos in 2007 were much smaller and thus required less band width. The photos now are many times larger which you would think would be better but the reality is that the load on the servers is much greater and photos are compressed to make for faster viewing in real time. All photographers know that Jpg is a bad format for quality but it makes for faster downloads and it's universally accepted. Unfortunately a lot of detail is lost and a lot of digital noise is added in the conversion from RAW to JPG. Bigger is not always better. I always download in med. because the large files are not any better when displayed on your screen.

If that was truly the case, then it's a simple fix. Make a "Raw" uncompressed zip file available for those who are interested in spending the time to download it. Personally, I think many of these photographers are just using cheap equipment. Go look at some of Leonardo's work. The image quality in most of his sets is super-clear and crisp and the file sizes aren't much bigger.

If this was the year 2000, I could understand this problem, but it's the year 2013. High resolution cameras are cheap, bandwidth is cheap, storage space is cheap, etc. From a technology standpoint, there's really no valid excuse for it.

Nice debut for a very sexy girl. I hope she returns early and often... with a smile or two!

Cute 18 year old girl with a great ass and a delicious pussy naked in the perfect location, a bed.. Whats not to like here??

I wanted to see this lady since yesterday's preview thumbnail. There was no way to judge that Agata would be so diminutive height wise. There is nothing diminutive about her labia or butt! A little tlc for the soles of her feet and some smiles will make future sets even better. Welcome Agata and thanks Ivan.

Although is imposible to please everyone,and I´m aware there are many
different opinions, I believe a set starting with a fully naked model has
a very serious handycap.You miss the sexiness of a woman taking her clothes off.Besides,this nappy blonde hair makes my testosterone plummet,let alone the poker frown the model is wearing.I don´t know if it´s art,but I definitely kmow this is not erotic photography.

The seller

I thank you for your observations about starting about starting a model fully nude - and Especially a first-timer. I made a similar observation about 1000 down-loads ago.
Those above us complaining about her lack of smile/facial expression have missed that point entirely. I don't give a rat's-arse, but even the most experienced Erotic models don't produce their best work when they're totally naked from the first shot. Even Their work is better if they're wearing something more than a smile at the start.

Making a new model start nude, especially with a relatively inexperienced photographer, is just about suicidal. The lass shows her reluctance in her demeanor.

On top of that, Bob Gioccione (?) over-did the "soft-focus/romantic" crap in his Penthouse magazine in the 70's. Those of us who are old enough to remember those centerfolds are well-and-truly over it.

Motion "seconded", Rich --

Guccione was mistaking soft focus for class --
If you've got class -- it shows better in crisp detail.

As for clothes -- I favor sets where the girl starts out in a nice dress and a pair of heels. The tease element is always good.

Very pretty young thing and the posing is good but 120 photos and her face never changed. Someone needs to show her how to smile. I bet it would really light up that cute pixy face. She has a great body, nice skin tones, cute little titties and a nice face. I think she will be very popular when she loosens up a bit.

Her legs are pretty good too -- !


No messing around, full frontal in the first pictures, great! Beautiful woman, great debut, great set.

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