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Perfect pussy

Protruding labia look definitly sexier when embedded in pussy hairs

Please bring this sweetie back as soon as possible. Incredibly cute.

I love her lightly hairy pits

Cute and pretty sure, but the deranged lip "pose" AKA Duckface, has to stop. Looks silly, and she would look so much better, as would all the models with the occasional smile instead of the horribly coached "duh" face.

It's not sexy, it varies between angry, smelled something bad, and bored... or maybe mental.

SMILE! What is so wrong with smiles on beautiful naked girls, photogs need to pull their heads out.

Checkout her set on Rylsky art under the name Dianda and you will see her in a whole new light. When she smiles it changes everything and Rylsky knows how to coach those smiles out.

Franziska's younger sister?

What a cute little rascal!

Agata D , what a cute little lady with that short pixie haircut. But you got to get out of the litter box before the cats ccome back. Go ahead and pee already! Then cover it up and walk away.

Though it is a pretty elaborate set it still looks fake. When will these photographers realize that there is nothing sexy about a nude woman covered in sand? The mere thought of those delicate lower lips caked with sand is revolting. There is nothing pleasant that you can do with that sweet delicate channel when it if filled with sand for you or her.

To me it looked they did a good job in keeping the sand off those lovely pussy lips...

Great photography...delicious model.

I want to like this model. Pixie haircut, hard bodied little blonde is to my liking, but those fish lips kinda kill it. Maybe she could do a mermaid set, and put a hook in her mouth. Or better still SMILE a few times.

Agata is a remarkably unique model! Incomparable, refreshing beauty! Great Photography!

I love petite little blonds, she has a really beautiful face, a very sexy mouth, her backdoor looks incredible too.....

Pretty blonde!

Me encantaría verla sonreír más y ver su coño abriendo arriba!

I like Agata's beautiful eyes, bubble butt and great labia. Thanks to Agata and Harrin for this visit.

I expect that those lips are not her original equipment. To me they look like they are pumped full of collagen. She may not be able to smile. She could be so cute if her lips looked more natural.

Is it possible that an 18 year old Russian girl has had cosmetic work done on her labia? That kind of work is for thiry-something American house wives who's husbands are working late too much.

Different "lips" neil... Not "labia".

One look at those labia should tell you those lips are most likely 100% natural...and very inviting. There's a few models here with large lips! And I bet they'd look real 'natural' to you if they were wrapped around your 'valve stem'...;o)

I agree monkeryma, she has a body to die for but unless she learns to smile sometime it could even get boring.

I like Agata, I just wish she would smile more. Well photographed.

Maybe she realized there´s no reason for her to smile whatsoever.

The seller

Certainly not being thrown in a sandbox!!

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