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I know it's "egg suck teaching" to say something for a Leonardo, but....
These photos are not crisp.The images of model are obscure from backgrounds. I suppose,it's due to overexposure & focusing.
-Tokyo Sukimono-

Aislin is very pretty, and very hot too with her big boobs and beautiful pussy! Yummy!

Gorgeous -- simply gorgeous !!

A most compelling creature, indeed.

I like this young woman very much. Charming and unassuming.

Excuse the cliche, but this girl is "drop dead gorgeous"!! And then there's that magnificent vulva! Somebody just shoot me...right now... I've seen all I need to see of this world! Ready to drop dead...

the laugher...;o)

And then you can shoot Leonardo for some major blunders in this otherwise excellent set...

the critic

I have to give him credit, it is one of his better (more balanced) sets. There are even closeups!

the analyzer

You are correct sir!! I will extend that credit for the vast majority of this set... But when he flubs, he flubs a 'dub'ya'...(as in georgie boy, renown artist of "feet"!)LOL
After additional scrutiny, I found the only complaint I really have is 101, the only shot of that pretty little anus, and he's focused on her face! again! My "anality" is well known, and a flub like that leaves me with a bad impression of the set as a whole...(no puns please) But I agree...it's one of his better sets.

Oh! And 103!! My vision's blurry enough with this crap!! ;o)

lol OOPS! Haste makes waste...


I like how in both of her sets she's looking down at herself while she takes her underwear off (see #27 and #29 for what I mean). It's like she's as interested as I am to see what's about to appear.

With you 100%...don't forget #28...

I can't count...#30?

We all suffer from "brain farts" while visiting here...;o) "It comes with the territory" lol

I think it has to do with changes in our blood flow. ;)

That just might be the comment of the year IMO Checkers! :)

Okay, blood flow. Let's go with that one!

Blood flow's always a good excuse here...LOL

LOL...yes, that must have been it!

Girl-next-door kind of girl in a light, bright girl-next-door kind of settings. Very good set.

I somehow missed Aislin's debut set. Looks like her two sets thus far were shot in the same location, different times of day. Time to move to the bed!

This set lends itself nicely to the fantasy of waking up at a leisurely pace some Saturday or Sunday morning, then going to the kitchen only to find one's girlfriend making herself tea, but herself feeling rather frisky (hence, no top) as well as craving her tea... a sweet dilemma, solved in favor of a very tasty breakfast.
Need I say I like this set?

fer_, I was certain you would like it, for the extended panty coverage, if nothing else. I liked it, too, but for other reasons. Your fantasy is easy to imagine, and the theme of this set lends itself nicely to it as does Aislin's beauty.

Has Aislin already been nominated for the PP club? If not, she should be. #72 clinched it for me.

PP Club nomination recorded and eagerly seconded!
The especially nice thing about hers is that (as Eridanus noted elsewhere) it is every bit as tantalyzing "cameltoeing" as butterflying... Fantastic!

Not only PP, but a multi-dimensional vulva? Feminine versatility at its finest! ;-)

the comedian

One can almost feel her lovely body! Charming cameltoe - what a delight
to look at ...

In my book, this is closer to a butterfly than a cameltoe, but it is tantalyzing either way. I would VERY much like to be right there exploring it up close myself...

There are surely nice "butterflies", but I meant of course the pictures #54, #55.

Gotcha, Eridanus, I definitely spoke too soon... ( :

Gotcha, Eridanus, I definitely spoke too soon... ( :

Oh, I see what you mean, in images # 81-86, and then the later shots from behind.

I believe this girl would look nice in my bedroom.A pity she would surely refuse my kind invitation to play

The seller

Maybe you should ask her, who knows....it might be your lucky day:)

I´ll try...

The seller

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