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  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

I wish every set had these poses: PUSSY/ASS SPREAD FROM THE BACK &-EYE CONTACT--perfect . Arkisi !!!

AISLIN is an undeniably stunning young women. However, so is Carrie Underwood, whom I also find to be lovely but not exuding a high level of eroticism and sensuality.

Are you saying you don't like Carrie Underwood or Aislin? Or are you saying you like Carrie Underwood but don't find her erotic or sensual? Or are you saying you like Aislin but don't find her erotic or sensual unless photographed in a set with Carrie Underwood?

I do not really understand the criticisms of "the old Leonardo" or the gushing accolades for "the new Leonardo". Firstly, how do I know when a photograph was taken? Secondly, I think plenty of good work from our artist has appeared in the past. Thirdly, there does not to be a great deal of specificity in differentiating between old Leonardo and new Leonardo.

As for this offering, la grande Bellezza is ruling the day. This has as much to do with our model as our artist. I find the quality of the photography to be not bad, but not great either. The mons is not really captured nearly as well as the lips. Our Bellezza's companion is frequently chopped or framed out altogether. Closing in while retaining a sense of wholeness is a challenge. We see a hint of a cute innie in the poorly framed 100, but instead of a great follow up we get the terrible 101. Posture of neck and shoulders is sometimes scrunched forward, unflattering. We rarely see the lovely curves of the lower back, and even then the view is blocked by an arm or hand. (Blocking curves with gratuitous hand parking is nearly universal amongst photographers. I don't get it.)

The shirt is superbly chosen, but opportunities down blouse (and up blouse) are ignored. The eyebrows are a bit fake, and the hair up and out around the ears looks sloppy. Our model's face is too cute for this.

I like the choice of the pink jersey for the set. It counterpoints the bright green background nicely and goes with Aislin's light pink areolas & nipples.

The eyebrows however are factory O.E.M.s - it's the hair that's fake. It IS a bit on the over-done side - blonde-wise - but not so bad as to be completely out of the park. I'd be interested in seeing Aislin with her natural coloration vs. this bleached effect.

Well worded critique of the set, Magwich, and good questions as to ascertaining the (relative) age of Leonardo sets.
First, when you have an hour or two free, look back at the Leonardo sets published back in, say 2010 or 2011, and then compare them with the sets published in 2014.
You'll notice back in 2010 or 2011 (pre-comment section) ALL Of his sets contain almost all full-length shots, and very very few if any closeup shots.
You'll notice that now in 2014, there are two varieties of sets: those containing almost all full-length shots (those sets that I hypothesize were submitted and bought by MA prior to the comment section's introduction) and some sets with a variety of full-length shots and some closeups as well.
Prior to the comment section's introduction (2012?), Leonardo never included "close up" shots in his sets. Now, in the recently published sets, some sets include close up shots. Therefore, I hypothesize that those sets containing the closeup shots are his more recently shot sets, shot since the time that members had the comment section available and began complaining about his lack of closeup shots.
I hope this answers your question...

Absolutely delicious

Leonardo, if you keep making awesome sets like this, I'll re-up at Met for another year. Seeing beautiful Aislin with this mix of poses and included closeups is great.

I can't get Katy Perry's "California Gurls" out of my mind while enjoying this set--it seems a perfect fit.

Image 85 is my favorite.

Aislin is a gem, can I take her home? Perfect face, perfect tits, perfect pussy, and then she gets WET and opens up so we can see inside. Doesn't get much better than that, thank you to all involved! I don't stand a chance of ever getting such beauty, so fantasy will have to do. With Aislin, fantasy is actually quite nice!

OMFGoddess!! I haven't recovered enough to say anything more about this magnificent creature, or the improvement in Leo's work! Amazing!!

Aislin you are so lovely and feminine ! Leonardo, you are one great photographer and thank-you for putting so much personality into your photos.

Anybody remember Shelley Fabares?

Shelly was dark haired and cute and sweet as can be. She was an actress and did 3 movies with Elvis. There was no romance except on screen but they were great friends.

Showing my age... But Yes...
I see the resemblance you are talking about..


Showing MY age... HELL NO!! I can't remember yesterday!!! LMAO!!

"Arm candy" for Elvis, wasn't she!!

INCREDIBLE!!!!!! #80 SUMS IT ALL UP, what a view!!! What is it with so many Russian ladies, what's with the white ring around the nipples on so many of them? Genetic?

I have read many Russian women believe the sun is harmful to their nipples so they cover them with "pasties" when tanning (either in a tanning bed or naturally outside under the sun).
Here in the US in certain locales it could also be a sign they use "pasties" when pole dancing in establishments that serve alcohol (where nude dancing is prohibited).

Can't say I've ever heard of an outdoor strip club where a girl would get tan while pole-dancing in pasties.

I only know of one Dark_Storm. I thought it was kind of different myself, but on sunny days they had girls dancing on tables outside in a courtyard that was surrounded by privacy fences. It wasn't the highest class place I ever saw for sure:-)

I should have added they had a small (child's) swimming pool that was used for woman's mud wrestling too.

I used to think they were bleaching them, but Ceska has the facts! ;o) This has been mentioned a few times here. I've noticed that it's the fair-skinned girls that are most likely to practice this safety measure.

Of Aislin's sets, I like this one best (so far). I prefer this hairstyle, love the sunglasses look, and the fact that she's bottomless in about a dozen shots doesn't hurt.

She's simply exquisite.

Aislin is beautiful and Leonardo has done a nice job of presenting her beauty.

I love her eyebrows, eyes, smile with dimples, camel toe, shapely breasts, areolae and glass cutters, innie, superb butt cheeks, puffy outer labia, well defined calves, and pubic mound. She certainly enjoyed posing! I enjoyed viewing!

Much appreciation to both Aislin and Leonardo for this visit.

Oh my gosh...what a set! This is so perfect on so many levels! Aislin is so gorgeous. I dont know how her rating is so low but she is definitely one of the most beautiful women on the planet. And that shirt in this set...perfect...absolute mastery of posing and photography. Thank you so much, Aislin, for making my Monday morning special.

Compared to her earlier sets, I really like this set because, unlike the previous ones that focused more on her beauty and sexiness, in this one we saw a lot more of her personality ~ esp. in the opening "bottomless" jersey shots. That really made the beauty and sexiness all that much better.

Are you sure this is a Leonardo set???? Pretty girl, nice outdoor setting, a masterful job of focus and lighting ++++++++ lot of excellent mouthwatering closeups!

Nice work! Leo!

That's what I was saying! Glad Leonardo is listening.

I knew I couldn't possibly be the only one who'd noticed! Glad to hear it. ( :

I keep tellin y'all, Leonardo is one of the photogs that has been paying attention to the comments. He's radically changed his style.
For instance, as you mentioned, before the comments, Leonardo never did close-up shots. Because so many members complained about that in comments, he's integrated close-ups into his repertoire.
If anyone doubts that comments can have an effect, I say look at Leonardo's sets shot before comments and those shot after.

I have to admit there has been a vast improvement in his latest sets. I knew he had it in him and that was why I was so hard on him. Now if we could get K to stop mixing in the old sets. ;)

I suspect she has a LONG backlog of old Leonardo sets... he is one of MA's more prolific photographers. ( :

Maybe she can wholesale them to someone else...?? ;o)

Just the old ones, and not Anna AJ ones.

An exquisite blonde and gentlemen prefer blondes...

Image #76 - simply stunning

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