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  • JANN
  • 11 months ago:

I wish every set had these poses:
amateur-CATHERINE/KOENART---has to learn from: ARKISI because to do

  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

I wish every set had these poses: PUSSY/ASS SPREAD FROM THE BACK &-EYE CONTACT--

How have I not noticed you before?

What lovely nipples and such a sexy smile, too.

Great set! Aislin looks very juicy! Would like to see a lot more. Please and thanks.

Lots more lovely Aislin, some great uninhibited spreads here, I just love seeing these beautiful girls aroused and proud.

Aislin's first few sets slipped under my radar, (shame on me for not be observant), but that's changed, and won't happen again. And oh, how I love sequence 58-63!

This is a great photo set. Unique poses that are very beautiful, revealing and erotic. A wonderful way to show off the beauty of this magnificent girl. I love her beauty as a woman and her spirit as a model. Please keep these sets coming. My admiration to Aislin.

This is a beautiful photo set to go with the others that you have presented of this girl. Aislin is truly special. Could we please have a movie featuring her. Thank you.

An interesting note with two of our sets today. Last month, Leonardo shot Aislin and Arkisi shot Malinda. This month, they have traded places. Nice to see this kind of change-up, the same lovely lady from another viewpoint.

I'll take Arkisi ANY day!!

Aislin is absolutely beautiful, but what makes her especially appealing is her "girl next door" sensibility. And her belly button. :)

DANGER Will Robinson, but not enough to inhibit further exploration.

Aislin is one of the leading Latvian lovelies we are so fortunate to view. A camel toe such as hers is almost, but not quite, beautiful enough to change my ranking of pussy types.

Thanks to Aislin and Arkisi.

I'm glad Arkisi takes a leisurely pace with Aislin... he still gets where he's going, but he goes at her pace. Which is such a good thing because Aislin poses an interesting challenge as a subject. Her body is without dispute gorgeous, but her facial features are such that, unless caught in exactly the right moment, her expression can indicate boredom or a desire to be anywhere BUT posing. However, when he catches her in exactly the right mood, her features are delicate and lovely. On balance, this set is a success, because Arkisi allows Aislin to dictate the pace ~ and we get there, boy do we ever. ( :

Ok this is one of my top 10 set of the year! Its simply too perfect in every way. The pink panties, the lighting, her face, eyes, her beautiful hair, her smile, her open legs, it all comes together to perfectly. This is going on the HARD drive.

I find the most appropriate words I can muster about her in this set are stolen from "La Dolce Vita" : AISLIN, you are the first woman on the first day of creation. You are mother, sister, lover, friend, angel, devil, earth, home. Shot #74 more than validates every word said here thus far. This the most erotic, sexual, explicit, alluring, and uninhibited set Aislin has given us!

Hurrah, at last a very sexy set in a nice setting worthy of this very sexy lady.

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