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I cannot denigh that she has a wonderful body but the facial expressions ruin it. My brain seems to have different wiring than most. I see the different sides of a face much more critically than most people do. If the simitry is to far off it becomes distracting to me. I think this is from being a machinist all my life and always working with very close tolerances. I notice more than most when there is imbalance. I hope you can understand what I am saying. The two sides of her face are very different and my mind cannot accept that. The severe expressions combined with the strait on photos make this unappealing to me. I you need to do profiles of this model so that one side is highlighted and we don't see this imbalance. I do not like to criticize a model on the open forum but I have no email to contact you so I can say these things in private.

I think that you will find that nearly everyone's face is not symmetrical. I can't see anything to complain about with this model.

Beautiful model, I think she is a bit blinded but the light from the windows in the earlier pictures or something.

Hi) It was early winter morning. In a window the early winter sun shone. Probably, the model was blinded by a sunlight going of a window.

i was the first one to watch this set and comment on it praising both the model and the photographer for their good work. i want to know who removed my comment and why.

Hi kkronful) be not afflicted) Probably, someone made it by mistake. I was glad to you to write)

please reply to my mails

Alana is very pretty. Catherine, ignore the critics, your photography is the best.

Thanks a lot negam13) Very pleasant and encouraging wish) Thanks)

You are welcome Catherine. It is very kind of you to interact with your fans:) You are the best.

It is very pleasant to me to communicate with such gentlemen, as you.

Catherine, you are among the best. Thanks again for bringing to us another set of this beautiful goddess.

Thanks Pudinka) Is very pleasant)

What a face! And with those big beautiful eyes she could be in a Disney cartoon as a princess, or a nymph. I loved the beginning with a knitted sweater (which her mother probably made for her) and then slowly revealing her nudity underneath, then finally removing it. This stirs up such feelings. The poses had great variety, and I enjoyed the ones where she was covering up, or clutching her feet, and the one acrobatic pose! Please do not give up on the yoga poses, those are sexy. Your photosets are always warm and welcoming, the women seem compassionate, and sensual. This is my escape from the real everyday world, which could learn a lot from your photography. I think that if your photographs were made into bronze or marble sculptures and placed in various locations around the world, we would have much less misery and cruelty.

Hi Ouchstopit) I like features of this model. She still up to the end didn't realize herself. You are very kind to me. Intuitively with photographing you emphasize beauty of this world. It is fine that you notice it. It inspires to be better. Thanks)

Catherine, I like your style of shooting. The model is in focus for the most part and the various angles display the curves and folds of the model's skin and body. Your style has a certain sinuous character that shows the female body in all of its many erotic and sexy manners.

There are so many different styles of photography on MetArt, yours is refreshing and I like it.

Also, the women/girls you shoot are wholesome and have a natural beauty that you manage to capture with your camera. Bravo!

Hi iluvsex) It is very pleasant to hear that I have the style. It is very pleasant to read that my work calls you good experiences. I want will change a little, but I think that it won't do harm but only will improve my work.

Catherine you are totally the best. Keep going. But please encourage your models to grow the hair under their arms in in the pubic region, and legs. Real beauties are more interesting with their natural hair.

Gary I'm with you on pubic hair (with or without is fine), but please no underarm hair. I was in Bosnia in 1994 near the end of the war and many of the woman had underarm hair and it was not very attractive. Not one single American man that I encountered cared for underarm hair, especially when it was hot outside and the women perspired. Men are crude.....women are soft, sweet, smooth, and gentle:)

Aha...I would propose to make a law against women perspiration in the USA comparable to all similar unwritten laws on which women mean to be conform today. I recommend to read the roman "Feuchtgebiete", english title "Wetlands" by Charlotte Roche,world's biggest-selling novel 2008 from Germany.
You will find more about hair, anal fissure by careless shaving, haemorrhoids, menstrual blood, smegma, earwax, mucus,pus in the vagina and collections of dry sperm there.
I recommended it especially to our male female experts (see link) A nice summer reading.

And because of the "gentle" women I hope you will never dissapointed. Mostly hallucinations of love-crazed cocks I think. Some had to bear that gentle female gentle after marriage. Read the daily news.


)) I very carefully will agree with you)

You are the best Catherine:))

Hi Gary) Oh, I am afraid) I very much want that to you it was good and that you saw the desired. On a way to it I have the small fear, will try to overcome it)

Beauty that is absolutely stunning, captured as only Catherine can.

Thanks Gary) Is very pleasant, is glad for you to work)

that was depressing!

I will improve))

I agree. Most of Catherine's sets are in this style. She focuses on a certain part of the body and very rarely does she have the entire model in the photo. These type of sets are a waste of time to look at. Catherine has maybe two or three sets I thought were worthy of my membership fee.

Hi Ingoodtaste) I'm doing photosets where the models lifted to full height. I think you will see not one set worthy of your attention and your membership at Met-Art.

Catherine, If members could get passed the fact that you are taking pics of beautiful women, and se the fact that you are leaving so much of them out of the pic each time. When a person sees your set he or she is just excited that it is a new set being presented. I look at it realizing your name is attached hoping it is better than the last. The models are typically beautiful, but the pics I am sorry is lacking.

Each time I try to work better, than earlier. I hope that my future works will call you more positive feelings.

The poses are formal, yes. But lovely none the less.

Hi Epicurus) Thank you)

Alana is an attractive, but here - oh so serious young woman. I appreciate her derriere and this shade of lipstick is perfect for her. Thanks to both Alana and Catherine for this nice visit.

Hi Baggy36Pants) I don't like its gravity which you noticed. And in the subsequent photosets I put a lot of effort that will get rid of this gravity.

In EVERY set she is so serious & cold. She must not get paid if she smiles. lol

Hi SouthernMaster) Alana somehow told me that it the owner of cold beauty. I had to put a lot of effort to overpersuade it in it.

I agree with you Baggy36Pants but somehow this serious look is charming, I guess!!

Hi JimmyGeorge) This girl beautiful, but her face expression always expresses inaccessibility) I managed to change it, but it was later.

Maybe it isn't simple for her because of her eyes or eyelids and maybe her eyes were a little confused by the camera too (095)?
I don't know and I don't mind.
What I noticed is that her face is shown frontal mostly.
Some more side view photos of the head like in 066,110 perhaps had made it easier for her. Because of the face expression but because of the nice profil too.Still a lavish praise for the set with Vanda. Some very feminine photos. She looks nearly pregnant on #114. Similar #018 in Luiza-Grisial too. Some critics above should taste such details.

Hi Hello) At Vanda very good appetite) I everyone am convinced Of it when we are together on shootings) I will be more attentive not to assume that you wrote.

Hi Katharina, Yes...mmmh....Galixia! Love every pound - all in the right place and her bottom is an adornment.)
I have translation problems this time. I can make out the first but I'm not shure if the last sentence is well-meant or not. It's because of the ambiguidy of the word "assume".

Ps.: Do You have contact with Nelly C ? She is one of the Debut-girls. Alas! It's a nice girl.

Hi Hello) Nelly left the city, I with it now have no contact. When it will arrive, probably we will work.

Good morning Catherine,

Alana is possitively gorgeous in this set of wonderful photos. Every image was perfectly lovely and artfully captured. I must ask a question which troubles me as view these photos. This is my question, why would a beautiful young lady climb on what looks like a dressing table? She just does not seem to belong on that table. Because I can think of no reason for her to be on the table, the photos seem staged and false. The photos loose that certain natural quality which is typical for you. This is a small problem and is insignificant compared to the over all beauty of the photos.

Please do not alow my question to trouble youself. The set was wonderful. After all, it is my imagination which fails me not Alana's and your artistry.

Warm regards,

Hi Neil) Thank you for such detailed comment and a warm attitude to me. You are very kind. I don't estimate this photoset so highly as you estimated it. For this model it there was the second photoset in her life. It was a little clamped. You are perfect are right about a table. During shooting there is a temptation to use all surfaces (at the same time)) ) Certainly it is game, but is on a chair more naturally. Thank you)

Perhaps, to make use of the mirror so as to show off a most excellent body, would be my answer to the question.

Hi wabos) Certainly the mirror is very interesting element. The mirror allows to double quantity of models in a picture) I was afraid to use a mirror fully because the model was yet skilled.

Yes wabos, I thought of that, but do you not think that such a beautiful and fine lady would have a floorlength morror in her home? So why is this fine lady on her table?

Hi Neil) plays Lady) Lady even a little naughty))) You do not see that it is serious. In her heart she laughs and smiles))

Very sedate by Catherine's standards .

Hi ergo) I doubted a little, whether to present me this photoset for Met-Art. I think, the term "sedate" your positive assessment)

I think the "Thank" set 29.06.2012 of Alana by Catherine is better than this latest one. I do not dislike this set, but it is not her best.

Hi kilroy) I agree with you. I doubted this photoset. It was the second photoset for this model.

Ok Catherine, there is my answer. The beautiful houng lady is just playing. That is why she was on the table. I can go with that.

Hi Neil) Thanks.

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