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my comment is late. sorry i missed this set.
Alana A is a gorgeous model. her sweet eyes and beautiful face are beyond description. as to other parts of her body, Katya gave us a full survey of every part of her gorgeous delicious body, her boobs, her long legs and her buts. as to her feminine area, Katya gave us complete views from all angles.
an excellent work, excellent poses. thanks to you both

my comment is late. sorry i missed this set.
Alana A is a gorgeous model. her sweet eyes and beautiful face are beyond description. as to other parts of her body, Katya gave us a full survey of every part of her gorgeous delicious body, her boobs, her long legs and her buts. as to her feminine area, Katya gave us complete views from all angles.
an excellent work, excellent poses. thanks to you both

Hi Catherine:),

It's always nice to read your comments.

The photography is very nice. Anyone who is a fan of Alana should be quite pleased, you captured her features and assets very well.

The setting is unique. Although there is nothing wrong with it, is there any particular reason you chose this location?

I'd also like to add, I hope your cold is gone and your good health has returned.

Hi negam13) Thank you very much, I am healthy and very active work) I wish you also do not get sick and be healthy) This place seemed to me initially interesting. But now I do not like too harsh a line skirting and floor color. Thanks for the praise)

I wish I could peek out of a hotel door and see this! I think the background looks fine, as warm and cool, gold and patina is a fine color scheme. The monotony of setting allows one to focus more on our exquisite model. The opening shots are very sexy. I loved seeing her wearing a fur coat, with her bare legs and bare feet exposed. That was enticing. She then gave us a variety of poses, including standing poses. Alana is sexy with every move. Is the Mirazh hotel? If I'm right you have to kiss me.

Hi Ouchstopit) Thanks, you very interestingly wrote) And even found me to laugh) Yes, it is the Mirage hotel. It very much is pleasant to me. Probably, it is the best hotel from all those in which I worked. You visited it? ) I kiss you, you guessed))

Actually, I've just heard you mention that hotel before on a previous photoset. I would like to travel to Kazan someday, however, since the scenery and the inhabitants look amazing. Until then, I loved coming back here and seeing these photos again. Thanks for responding.

Hi Ouchstopit) If you want to visit Kazan, I is glad to make to you necessary recommendations)) in the form of exotic you can visit the city in the winter. But it is necessary to take warm clothes.

Exquisite! More perfection from Catherine. Alana is a beauty but Catherine's touch makes her more so.

Hi Gary) Thanks, is very pleasant to me)

Excellent work!! I really like the ones she's facing the camera directly. I wish you could work with "Katy D", one of MA models. I think she would look fantastic with your great talent for photography. Well, I can dream... right?

Hi Marcello) Many thanks for your praise. It is always interesting to me to work with new model. Perhaps I will manage to work with the Katy D model. Everything can be)

thank you, Catherine!

Very interesting set. I like the progression from the semi-clothed , through the intriguing reveal, to magnificent standing shots, to a multitude of various close-up. Bonus points for the statuesque rear standing shots, as well as face shots in profile and a few of Alana's face close-up with her eyes wide open, which seems a rarity for her. She does certainly convey cold beauty, but the few frames where she breaks away from that mold are all the more precious. The setting, non-exciting as it is, does not distract from the beauty before our eyes. I think one can imagine running in a hallway into Alana who accidentally locked herself out of her room) Never happens to me, though)
Overall, I think Catherine and Alana covered some new ground here. Thank you for a great set!

)) Hi lember92) I was very interested to read your review. Beautiful and interesting version. My fantasy immediately revived this scenario. It was very nice)

It is a different backdrop for this set. No frills, just the fully nude Alana for our viewing pleasure. I like the standing shots near the end with her dark hair spilling over her breasts. A decent set, thanks to Catherine and Alana.

Thank you very much kilroy) I think that the background is really not the best. But nevertheless, thanks for the praise, I am glad you enjoyed it)

I love the curves of her hips and derrière in pics 67 and 68. Very nice.

Hi mincer) I agree with you. Thank you)

Alana is very attractive! I really like her beautiful long hair, translucent skin, derriere, and the mix of reserved and happy expressions. Thank you to both of you ladies.

Thank you very much Baggy36Pants) I am very happy that you are happy with our work)

I have the feeling Alanna has no idea how stunningly gorgeous she is.

I think that's pretty common.

My guess is many gorgeous women catch flack from other women who are jealous, are constantly hit on by guys who are only interested in sex, and the men who would legitimately treat them well are afraid to ask because they fear rejection.

I think that's why so often woman such as Jessica Alba claim they never dated much, and also why so many models have insecurity issues.

Hi negam13) 80% of really beautiful girls do not consider themselves as such. Each of them tells a lot about yourself flaws that they find in themselves. I find it very interesting and pleasant to persuade them to it.

Hi Catherine, I believe you completely. It's my experience that many conceited people are not very attractive at all.
I hope all of your models realize they are in fact beautiful.

Hopefully with you trying to convince your models they are beautiful and comments from Met Art members stating this too, your models will accept this as truth.

Hi fer_realz) Alana positions itself as "the girl with the cold beauty". I had to put a lot of effort to convince this. I also like very much. She is slim and graceful. Thanks)

"Cold beauty" perhaps but what a warmth and playfulness in her eyes. Thanks for bringing all this out in her.

I prefer the sharp photos and not the grainy pics, I do like the setting,

Hi Ingoodtaste) Thank You. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Alana is as lovely as ever but the setting did not seem right. I am not sure what you were trying to do with that setting but it just did not seem right.

Hi Neil) I agree with you. The interior of this seth is not very good. All tried very hard, it is a pity that the error was detected again.

Catherine. I went back and read all of your back ad forth with commentators on the last set by Alana. This may sound wierd but it is almost like she showed up and you said "I forgot the keys to the studio let's just shoot here in the hall." Elana is relatively tall, small busted, and pale. For ne she has more of a runway model's body than most of girls here. Or a graduate ballet dancer based on the flexibility you have had her display in her previous sets. In ,y opinion only you have not given us the best of this model. As pale as she is she needs a background that lets her stand out, and not wash out. The hallway here is somewhat of a distraction, the black baseboard running diagonally through some of the shots kill their appeal. And how can you possible control the lighting in a confined space like that. This girl deserves a well lit, thought out studio shoot and her rating would jump! We definitely haven't seen her at her best. And this set is below the high standard you have set for yourself, which gained you the status you now have a a top artist. Can't wait to see what the boo birds do with this comment.

Booo..(he tweeted as he took flight...)

what background

Hi swplf2) I watch over the quality of the background. Your remark exact. You are right. Thanks)

Well the setting is for fantasy, I guess. Imagine coming round the corner and finding this stunner flexing on the floor, slim and sweet, lean and luscious.

Thank you very much Myshkin) I am pleased that this is a set inspired you in such fantasies) Thank you:)

Not really exciting.

Hi. Sorry.

A bit of an odd setting, like a hallway in an office building...? but another very nice set of photos of this beautiful model! Good job ladies!! :o)

Hi rockhard) I felt that the background will be interesting. But now I see that was wrong.

When I said "odd" Catherine, that doesn't mean "bad"...just a bit unusual... Not a common setting for shooting nudes, but not entirely unacceptable...as others are pointing out. You were NOT "wrong" with this...;o) Sorry you misunderstood me. Couldn't care less if others did!

Hi rockhard) I really not so like a background. But it was very pleasant to me to read that you wrote to me)

I think Catherine took it both our postings as constructive comments. I give her credit for trying something "unusual", for me it seemed, like you, odd. My concern was what effect it had on the models rating.

Hi swplf2) all of you very precisely wrote. It isn't pleasant to me in this set. Similar misses aren't pleasant to me in works of other photographers.

You are not wrong Catherine. Everyone has their own opinion. This set is all about the fantasy of running into a naked woman in a hallway as Myshkin suggests. The plain, straight lines of the decor contrast with Alana's lovely curves. Very erotic in my opinion. Who wouldn't want to run into a beautiful nude body woman in a hallway?

I can embrace this scenario with open mind...and appreciate the thrill of the notion...indeed!! Thanks for the alternate perspective. And thank you again Katya for such complex works...;o)

Hi William) Thank you) This fantasy is certainly interesting) Now I look at this set and the quality of the background was not very satisfying.

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