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An excellent set for a gorgeous model and a talented photographer. i love the model and her photographer.

Woman of temptation is she, sultry look about her, she knows the way of a woman, I must follow is my only defence. So help me please........someone.........

I love Alana's appearance. Her eyes, cheekbones, and the entire shape of her head is so unique. I don't know any women who look like her, and if I did, they probably wouldn't look at me! I feel so blessed to see gorgeous women like this every day on Metart. Alana even looks sexy even with her clothes on, looking back at us with those sexy eyes of hers, with flowing hair, tight fitting dress, and her bare feet. Her nude body was also fantastic, and is just as sexy as her face. (I probably used the "sexy" too much, but I don't care). I bet that leather chair was noisy against her naked skin! I wish I was there. I also like how she looked at herself in the mirror, seeing how beautiful she is, and seeming to get aroused by her own appearance. I think she would be a terrific stage actress, since she would even be gorgeous from a mile away.

Hi Ouchstopit) You definitely felt Alan. She is very romantic and feminine. You feel it very accurate, it really such a person, how you described it. Thank you very much for such a detailed comment, I was very pleased to read that)

Actually,I think that today's page is a plot by K to polish off all older members and replace them with young studs.I mean how else can you explain a page of georgeous models like Alana, Sapphira, lucy Heart and Lorena Garcia (Lorena A)I Kmow Alana does not always control her facial expressions the way everyone would like,but it is a large part of erotic modeling and she is aware of this and is working at it,unlike Caprice with her sex workers I'm paid so f--- you look,which disgusts me more every time I see it. I quite agree about her physical beauty,but her personality gets uglier by the day,and I don't know why anyone at Met buys her junk photos unless she has a long term contract. Alana, with her trying to be a good model is 1000% better as a model and person. Catherine,who is an artist who works hard at her profession, has brought this out,and so I give both a 10++++.

This model can be appreciated without trashing another.

I feel ok about appreciating what I see here. I feel no need to convince myself of my own superiority because I look at this and not the other.

I totally agree, Magwich. I very much doubt that Caprice has any desire to spite Seadog... or anyone else for that matter. And I don't know what Seadog means about her "I'm paid so ___ you" look. To me, when she doesn't look cheerful, it looks like she's trying to look sultry. It may not always come across that way, but that's a far cry from having disdain or disrespect for any of her customers.

Hi 5seadog) thank you for your comment. There are some mistakes, but Alana tried. She wanted to do the job well. I am very pleased that you noted. I think that in the future the efforts of the Alans will be less noticeable. It will be more and more natural. Thank you for a high estimation.

Thanks "K", I appreciate what you do. I like seeing a variety of photographers and their models as much as possible.

Nice photography Catherine:)
Like others have already stated, it would be nice if Alana would show a smile now and then.
She is a pretty woman, but what she describes as "cold beauty" is not very flattering.
IMO, even if she doesn't like to smile, she could still show pleasant emotion through her eyes.
I hope Alana reads all of these comments, maybe then she would listen to you Catherine:)

As always, I want to thank you Catherine:)....and send my thanks to your team as well:))

Hi Browning) Thank you for the comment) I think that Alan had changed and she probably doesn't think about the cold beauty." I and my team convey to you the warmest greetings from Kazan)))

We see far too few images on met like the wonderful 109.

The color and tone of our model's skin call for more close ups from behind.

Superior use of a mirror.

Our model's eyes are too often half closed.

Never trust thumbnails with this artist. The larger imagery is always better.

Hi Magwich) I often experiment, I often want to submit the body as in 109 frame. I try in every new set to find new approaches for shooting. I born new ideas that I hope will put them in a new set.

Dedication to new ideas and experimentation shows in your work. I hope you remember 109. And 108 and 107 and 106 and 105. (I guess I like that backside ;)

I hope you bring her back soon.

Another very nice set Katya, but I thought that maybe you should have turned the lights down a bit so Alana didn't have to squint so much ))...;o)
I hope you have many more sets of this beautiful girl for us to enjoy.

I don't know if the lights caused squinting, but the intensity of the light and exposure choice have reduced the tonal range noticeably, which I find less than ideal for nudes. When we lose tonal range on images of naked flesh, we loose at the same time that sense of "depth of texture" that makes skin look very sensual ... a richness that makes you want to reach out and touch it. In this light/exposure combination, that richness is lost. Just a thought.

Hi rachsback) She squinted not from the bright light. She tried to change its appearance. It was one of the first sets. I think I'm going to work with this model in the future.

I like how Alana starts out in a clingy dress, giving us a hint of her charms, and what's to come.

Hi mincer) This dress Alans, this dress she likes, it stresses her slenderness. She suggested to use the dress in this set. I also really like the set.

What a sophisticated lady, with an exquisitely beautiful face and a very lovely body.
Those portraits at the beginning of the set are quite lovely, and very well done.

Hi fer_realz) Alan has a noble appearance, and she calls her looks "cold beauty". I am against this thesis, I tried to convince her otherwise. Alan loves me too.

Good to hear from you, Catherine!
I am very glad to hear you and Alana are good friends and you may be working with her again in the future ~ I look forward to further collaborations between you two!
I like the facial expressions Alana used in this set, I think it worked. I know most of the members disagree with me, but she is very beautiful no matter what she does with her face. ( :

I want to especially compliment you and Alana on the profile shots, like # 112 - 121. She has a very beautiful face, and she looks very much like a princess. ( :

Please inform her that Cold Beauty is in her mind and it does not stimulate or entrance the male viewers. This is a farce (untruth) created by Hollywood that never really worked. A smile and a friendly face will make many friends. An evil look will only create more evil.

Hi hipshot131) I said Alan these same words. I think I managed to convince her that she's wrong. This stereotype is very strong for her. I'm afraid that my words had only a temporary effect.

Hi fer_realz) Alan has a noble appearance, and she calls her looks "cold beauty". I am against this thesis, I tried to convince her otherwise. Alan loves me too.

A wonderful photo gallery featuring a beautiful and seductive woman. Very nice indeed. Alana has a lovely fit and lean body, that classic Catherine style. I would have liked to see more color in the background. But these photos are very nice. So warm regards to both Alana and my dear Catherine. Both of you are beautiful.

Hi Neil) I think you are right. Alan need to paint, she needs in the form of a bright background. I can now see this when I look at the pictures, I too would like more color.

Whats with the sleepy eyes? The first 30 shots she looks like she has no eyes and she looks aloof and very stiff. We had to wait 34 photos for her first hint of a smile. I think part of it is the eye makeup it emphasizes the squinty look but part of it is an effort on her part to look seductive. Sadly trying to look seductive never works, at least for me. Alana is beautiful and bares a resemblance to Catherine when she modeled here. Please, The eyes are the window to the soul. Please don't keep that window closed.

Hipshot, I am with you on the squinty eye look. I like looking into a model's beautiful eyes.

Hi hipshot131) You are absolutely right. This was one of the first sets of Alans. She was trying to control her face. From the fact that her eyes were narrowed overly, in my opinion, I did did not represent Met-Art long. Although I like this set. I spent the better selection of photos and submit to your court.

Our court is grateful.

Alana's best set to date, Catherine brings Alana to us here at her most sultry and divinely sexual, lovely stuff.

Hi bobblehat) Thank you) I was not sure in this set. This was one of the first sets of Alans. I am pleased that you are so well appreciated our work)

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