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Alessandra may be beautiful, and I think she is - however the excessive textile pollution of this set and the overexposed (lighting) reduces this set to ho - hum - please no mo of this type presentation.

Go indoors - to the library with dark wood, sofas and chairs. Use the dark rich colors to emphasize Alessandra's beauty.

well, I do like outdoor shoots. And I have a knack for eastern european girls. If a woman 'hits' me, I don't even need spread shots or anatomical studies of the anogenital area if she is a stunner.

This girl is pretty, but she.. doesn't do it for me. The setting is nice, the dress.. it has all the ingredients... but...
It is not the lack of spread shots, it is the lack of 'magic'. There are girls being hot just drinking tea. And there are pretty girls just being pretty girls even naked. She is pretty but it stops there.

Spend some money on a room! The beach and woods are free, but distract from the fantastic body this woman has to offer the world. Put her in a red or black set of lingerie and be done!

Zzzzzzzzz. Wake me when there is something to see.

I gotta agree ... these outdoor sets never quite do it for me. I hate to see a beautiful body covered in dirt or sand (sand is the worst!) Put them on a big old bed in some sexy lingerie. That works every time!

No pussy!!

Ohhh....it's in there somewhere...lol

I agree with all of the above, although she could take her dress in front of me anytime. I'd even help. Get her on a bed and show her inner beauty. Spread her legs and open that pussy.

Before I look at any new set for any model I always look at the page showing all that models previous shoots to give an idea as to what to expect, as I expect the shoots to get better over time. Moreover I always look at the previous set in detail for the model (which ever photographer did it) and also the previous set of the model done by the latest current photographer. As a result, eventhough this is a really pretty model, I was not expecting anything spectacular to start with. Indeed, in this case, I would have been happy if only an average set had been shown, but I realised that even that may be expecting too much. It was just as well therefore I was not expecting much, as not getting much is exactly what we got. There was one close up, albeit from a rubbish angle, and the rest was just bland. There is a saying in the UK - One swallow does not make summer, likewise I say One closeup dose not make for interesting set.

This is what I call a calender shoot ... every month you turn the page hoping to get something better, but never seem to get it.

Nice settings but technically changeable image quality...!

Gorgeous, sexy woman!!! This outdoor setting was good, but please get a full-size blanket next time for the sitting and laying down poses. I don't like dirt on a pretty girl, or grass obstructing the view.

Stunning model but wasted set.The floral dress hits you between the eyes.It is a very artistic set some beautiful photography but definitely not erotic.Alessandra is simply too gorgeous .

So glad to see this gorgeous creature return. Unfortunately this set isn't any better than her first. Please take this girl inside and take some pictures that are worthy of her beauty. She's being wasted...here at least. If anyone has seen her elsewhere, please mention it.

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