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  • Sten
  • 9 months ago:

I like those funny first photos. And the next ones also.

I love u

I wish Super Beautiful Models like Alessandra and Violla A, would find a better Photographer than Matiss. He or she completely waste their beauty on unimaginative and boring sets. I used to think it was the models being shy but after viewing different models in the same settings and locations, it seems that the photographer needs to get a little more creative.

Model has such potential, hope it is displayed soon. Sexy girl, but hasn't been able to be fully displayed.

Also I think the guy in the second photograph must have thought it was his lucky day from the look on his face! :)

Incredible tits and she knows how to display them.

The model is pretty enough, but the collection of photos is extremely lame. Too bad.

My detailed comments about this models previous shoot are equally valid for this shoot too. This is a stunning model but the photo shoot is worse than rubbish!

A very original and funny set, but the overall quality is marred by the first 70--80 images (too many blurred pics by far) --- don't post out-of-focus shots, Matiss...!

Fantastic pair of jugs!!!

This girl is absolutely stunning!! This set falls far short of the creativity and technical expertise that she should be getting from her photographer. I hope Matiss, or whoever shoots her next one, comes up with something a bit more appropriate for showing off this beauty. I'll keep this, but there won't be much left after editing. This girl is really gorgeous!! I'd love to see Catherine take a shot at her..;o)

Again a wasted photo shoot.Alessandra is so gorgeous.Matiss does not do justice to this stunning beauty.
Breasts 10 Matiss 6 = 8

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