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So many of the girls with these cartoonish clown eyebrows... I understand an eyebrow pencil to darken light brows, but clown paint has to go.

what is that pose from 87 to 91?
Ive seen Sofi A pose that way in a video before.
Alessandra D has a lot of similar qualities to Sofi A rather than hair color and bust size.

finally a set that has some very original poses

wow didn't realize how strong she was until i saw this set

Beautiful woman, without question, but I'd have liked to see more of her—especially some views of what lies between those wondrous ass cheeks.

After reading all the comments posted here, there is one fact you guys are either missing or totally unaware of. And that in itself is strange, because you seem you have picked up on stuff that I have missed - Photoshopped arms in this set, for one.

I joined M-A in 2010. At the time there was one affiliate - Erro. Early in 2012, April about, other sub-sites stated to arrive. Sex-Art I think was the first, Eternal Desire and others soon followed. All are pay-to-view sites. In other words, Members Only.

From about April 2012, there was a sudden drop-off in pussy shots, especially close-up work. The 'eruptive' pussies seen through 2011 and early 2012 are now on these other sites - the greed for the almighty $ has gripped M-A fiercely!!

So we can't blame the shooters exclusively. The root of the problem lies with the puritanical retarded goof-balls that run this site.

In the chase for the almighty $, they're ignoring their own 1st paragraph of their Philosophy, of giving the members what the want. But that's not quite right either. You can still get what you want, but you have to join, and pay for another dozen sites to do so.

Rich - actually I fully agree with what you say.

What a gorgeous girl. Love all the beautiful close ups of her magnificent breasts; awesome nipples.

Oh Matiss ,such a gorgeous model and absolutely crap set..
Wake up bud.

ok, so there is no close up of her pussy. So what? If you really need a parade of high detailed pussy shots without anything in the background that might distract you, maybe you should go elsewhere.

There is more to a woman than her genitalia.

Btw, nice setting but the girl isn't working for me.

And the reason should be as obvious as Pinocchio's nose.

Beautiful girl, awesome body, amazing blue eyes and smile, my day was made better just getting to see this gorgeous woman, I really don't know much about photography but she looks pretty great in these pictures to me, I think you guys like to grip too much

Nobody denies that Alessandra looks great in that pink dress, but this is a nude site. There should be shots of her taking the dress off and ones with her legs spread so that we can see her pussy (rather than hiding it with a log) and pictures of her bottom in the air taken from behind. These are the bare essentials (pun intended). If you want to see what I mean take a look at Mila M in Bulawan.

I agree - a stunningly beautiful model and I would love to see much more of her; but, Matiss totally dropped the ball. He just simply failed to capture what is there. She desperately needs a different photographer - a photographer that can move her and she can reflect off of. Someone to light the fire in her. If she finds that, she will very quickly move to top model.

Lovely model which I score high on her profile all-sets page, but yet again this photo-set is once again rubbish. That said, it is still three times better than her previous set. Based on the photography and considering this is an adult site, I scored her previous set one point and this set three points. I have produced better stuff than this myself. I think this site (and most of its photo set contributions) has gone right down hill lately and many photographers have lost the plot.

An absolutely delectable beauty who actually looks like a woman rather than a girl barely into puberty. I love that her arms haven't been photoshipped to look stick thin, and her smile is absolutely to die for. I could certainly spend some quality time with this one.

Damn..meant to type 'photoshopped'. Wish I could edit my post.

You're forgive:) I think we all understood;)

Hacks that flub a photoshoot with a beautiful woman like Alessandra A I like to tag with "photoshopped", "retouched", "bad photography". Matiss sure blew big-time an opportunity to really show off this woman's beauty.

Some more shot of her smoo would have been nice.

Beautiful girl.

I evoke the page 3 rule! Hipshot says if you get to the bottom of page 3 and there have been no good pussy shots, forget it, it ain't going to happen.

Certain of the metart artists are very reluctant to do good clear close in work. These are on my give it a quick look and move on list. They are seldom if ever worth spending any time on. I will give these guys a quick look to see if maybe they have listened to the member input and then move on to someone who cares about what the viewers think.

This one failed the page 3 rule! Not worth the bandwidth.

I agree with your rule. There are so many Met-Art photographers who fail it. I dont understand how Matiss can flub nearly every shot. Its either improperly focused or poorly focused from poor technique. He's shooting this beautiful woman in natural light; every damn shot should be razor sharp and properly exposed.

Are you listening Met-Art? If we want crap high-falutin photography we would have bought a Playboy or Penthouse. We want to see beautiful women without any photoshopping, air-brushing, retouching. We want photographers who know sound, fundamental techniques. We deserve to see in glorious unaltered detail every face, arm, breast, pussy, ass, leg of these naturally beautiful women.


Personally -- I could do without all this beach stuff. Outdoor sets are never as good as indoor sets.

You will never get any kind of artificial lighting as good as natural light. If Met-Art had one photographer with the eye, the technical knowledge and the "yaytzo" to properly use his very expensive equipment in the outdoors you'd see these models in all of their god-given glory--as in being able to count the pores on their skin glory.

It's not a matter of lighting for me --

I prefer women in silk to women in sand.

After any form of water sets - sea, river, bath, shower etc, etc, sand is without doubt the most over-used, unattractive situation to put any woman in.

At the very least, she will be uncomfortable and itchy. At at it's worst, it's not a fun place for romance:)

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