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Olleya: Is it just me, or is having the model do a handstand that close to the edge of a cliff just plain foolhardy and stupid?

Photo 56 is divine. Doesn't Alessandra have pretty feet.

Oh elle est vraiment belle!

C'est la première fois que je vois ce genre de photos. Une jeune femme aussi jeune poser nue c'est incroyable

Par contre, c'est un véritable plaisir pour le regard, merci à elle.

She is so perfect I'd marry her... sheesh what a stunner!

The average rating of 7.8 is absurd. The only reason I gave Alessandra a "10" is because "20" was not an option. My only complaint about the set is the silly distracting necklace she was wearing. Some goofy photographer's idea of "art" I suppose.

IMO a better photo could have been selected for the cover. There are a number of more flattering photos in the set. A different photo on the cover may well have started the set with a more positive view.

There are a few shots in the 95 to 100 area that are not very complimentary from a tummy bulge point of view. I'm surprised they survived the edit.

Beautiful set, great setting!!! Alessandra is beautiful. The only thing I would request is to see this set and more of the photo sets on Met Art without so much Photoshop. I think that seeing the natural beauty of these women is far more erotic than seeing a smoothed, filtered image.

Alessandra is very beautiful, I specially like the pink nipples, beautiful smile, and her athleticism. I agree she could have done without the necklace

Excellent photography. Excellent set. Excellent skin tones. Beautiful model. Couple of negatives: distracting necklace, and model covering her breasts with her hands.

this has been a bad day at the met shop!

Very beautiful photo shoot. There is a good contrast of colors that make the model the center of attention. I like photos that have the beautiful blue sky as the background. Really didn't notice the necklace until someone mentioned it. But most of all, what I really liked was seeing a beautiful model and photographer take beautiful photos without having the model spreading her legs in a way that she would if she were in a gynecologist or proctologist office. I know that disappointed a majority of the viewers...

I'm not disappointed. This is a decent set with the beautiful Alessandra. Awesome scenic background, highly colorful and quality photography. No, I don't have to see open legs in every set. Beauty and quality should be the goals, both met here (pun intended).

I would love to see some open pussy!! It would be something new from the rest of her sets.

I disagree. We have seen in this set, and the preceding 4 sets, ample proof of Alessandra's perfection in shape and form, so why limit your comments to this set only?

Now I don't know about you, but for myself, I spent 9 months in a nice warm and safe place being nurtured in a loving environment. By way of thanks, when I decided to make land-fall, I gave my mother hell, thankfully for just a short time, as I struggled to take my first breathe.

From a very young age I decided my life's ambition was to return to that Paradise on Earth as often as possible, and have found that feminine Wonderland the most beautiful, secure and rewarding place on earth.

Thanks to Matiss and his five sets with Alessandra, we are satisfied that Alessandra is one of God's Gifts. Now it is time for her to report, front-and-center, literally, to present that Ultimate of God's Gifts, in all her wonton, moist and glorious beauty, for us all to salivate over.

I don't know that Matiss is the photographer capable of doing the job. Tony Murano, Alex Sironi or Arkisi have the ability to present Alessandra at her most animated, feminine best.

Long may Alessandra A Reign:-)

Thank you both, for these 5 glorious sets.

Not me....I agree completely!

Alessandra is pretty, with gorgeous amazing breasts, and the setting is beautiful. But the necklace detracts.

She did have a necklace until photo number 30. Why did she take off her shirt and bra and then put on a necklace? Darn, that is distracting.

I am sorry. I meant to say she did NOT have the necklace until photo number 30. So she took off her shirt and bra and then put on the necklace. Women don't usually do that. But it is a small matter. Alessandra is an amazingly beautiful woman. And this is a wonderful set.

The plain white necklace didn't do much for me either. I think a shot of bold color contrasting with Alessandra's pale skin would have been better.

Its nice that Matiss provided some protection for Alessandra to pose on!

Simply stunning. So flexible, such exquisite breasts. Lovely set

What an absolutely perfect photoset. This has got to be the perfect outdor location. My guess it is the Ukrainian coast of the Black Sea on a bright, warm summer day. Spectacular! And then there is the preeminently beautiful young woman named Alessandra A. What an amazingly stunning woman she is. Every aspect and facet of her remarkable body is no less than perfectly wonderful. Such a stunningly curvaceous and womanly body. This lady has been blessed with absolutely beautiful feminine features. It is a pleasure and a privilege to see her. Very warm regards Alessandra. You are amazing. And Matiss, this is a tour d force masterpiece.

I fully agree with those words. Elegant model, great place. Waiting for new pictures from Alessandra A.
Vote for Matiss +

WOW ! 10 / 10 !
The model is super pleased. Colors super. Great place.
I want more ...

Alessandra is a captivating woman whose all-over beauty leaves me speechless. She just exudes sexuality.

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