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Wow, beautiful, stacked, and racked!!! One could just work on that like she were a lollypop!

Photo 110 shows the classic pose for all lover of women's feet.

Affirmation must be given to this strong built woman. She will not turn loose any one that adores her, as in me! Woman to behold in adoration...

Every bit of her is yummy, but man, I cannot get my eyes away from those perfect creamy-white tits. Wow I gotta visit Ukraine!

Alessandra has a REAL GOOD set of lungs.

I'll bet Alessandra would be painfully beautiful in an indoor setting. She's almost more than these old bones can tolerate overexposed in bright sunlight. Matiss has brought us some of Ukraine's most beautiful women (I don't know that for sure, but it has to be true)—Violla, Mila, Marta, Mesed, etc.—and Alessandra right there among tham. But PLEASE photograph her indoors for a change. I, for one, would love her even more (if that's possible).

"Painfully" beautiful? sailor? lol Are you into pain? Begging him to take her indoors where she will become "painfully" beautiful?? You're a pretty funny guy! lol She IS very attractive, except her breasts are too large for my taste...and mouth ;o) LOL (of course I could pull my choppers!...)

You want her inside so she can't run away as you chase her?

Foolish boy; that presupposes that she would run. : )

I guess it would depend on what her Ukrainian sorority sisters had told her about you. I am sure reputation proceeds you...

Oops. Hadn't thought of that!

Stunningly beautiful Alessandra lit up my day. Absolutely gorgeous woman, with divine breasts - a real cracker! I was strangely 'taken' by the yellow panties - a colourful splash of joy.

Alessandra is spectacularly beautiful, both her incredible body and her delectable face. She has a wonderful range of expressions and poses. I really enjoyed the opening (1-11) sequence in shorts and high heels against the red poppy background, and then the transition to the more "intimate" outfit against the green and yellow background.
I would really like to see more erotic poses from her, preferably indoors ~ but having said so, what she and Matiss have shared with us so far is perfectly delightful.

I would have to second that, particularly the part about seeing an indoor shoot with her.

wow shes a blonde angel

I have been waiting to see Alessandra again. She has been blessed and endowed with an absolutely perfectly gorgeous feminine figure and stunningly beautiful female features. Alexandra is as perfect as any young woman could ever hope to be. While I would like to see her indoors, the setting of this shoot is wonderful for Alessandra. I like to see her beautiful blonde hair hanging loose around her face, very nice.

I agree with you on the whole Neil - Alessandra looks stunning in the outdoor shots and the mix of clothed and nude is perfect. Lets have more of her including some indoor with lingerie.

Interesting. In photo #6 Alessandra is wearing a tank top and shorts, the same shorts she wore in her last set. In photo#7 she is wearing a different top and bikini bottoms. The setting seems to have changed too. I think Matiss has done some slight of hand. No matter, she is still beautiful.

It's 11 and 12 neil...two different shoots.

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