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Could we have a bit more seaweed please? Also, in some shots the photographer is getting dangerously close to the model - he should back off to at least 1/8th mile like the one in which she competes with a sailboat on the horizon.

Very Sexy!

Wow - stunning set! This girl has it all - and its all out there. She absolutely knows she has got it - oozes confident sexuality. Those tits are to die for. Would just love to see her in a bedroom set in stockings. Total babe and always 10!

Alessandra A is a total beauty,and is showing why the Ukrainian Navy always wins,the other side is too busy hanging over the side rails and drooling. She is nearly as beautiful as her namesake Alessandra D, who is an un-person around here. All her sets were taken down by the photog Pasha so he can re-post elsewhere . Fortunatly, I have them all in my files Mua- ha- ha.

Exquisite, amazing, awesome, incredible breasts. And a lovely face, great body, perfect skin, great attitude. Well done by Matiss.

I ❤ sturdy corn fed MetArt models!

Beautiful curvy flesh spectacularly lit by the sun! This is when outdoor sets really outshine the rest. There is nothing better than seeing Alessandra's lovely body warmly highlighted on one side with the wonderful blue ozone reflected on the other. This photoset could encourage people to prevent pollution of our air and water. The rocks with their contrasting colors, and contrasting nature (hard stone verses soft flesh) were another successful element in this feast for the eyes. Fantastic!

Alessandra is a fine looking woman, and the location is nice and colorful. It may be an injustice to say she has "medium" breasts as her bio states. As a few others have said today, I would like to see her shot inside, but Matiss seems to shoot mostly outdoors. The only negative aspect of this set is that there is some repetition in the poses and not much up close. I'm puzzled with the low mid 7's score.

I do not like the outdoors photos (I will not repeat the many reasons).
But this is a set of very well lit and full of vivid colors. Well, very well.
For Alessandra I repeat what I said to Candice:
I'm not attracted to large breasts.
But :
Alessandra is a beauty soft and solar wonderful as a summer day.
"Vive la femme."
For Alessandra is certainly not fun to walk and lie down on the rocks rough and accuminate.

Alessandra would look nice in lingerie inside a bedroom.

The time for this girl to lose her modesty is long overdue.

I feel like a trespasser, commenting on a gallery obviously shot with Sailor in mind.

Look up full figured (maybe voluptuous) in your dictionary and you likely will find a picture of Alessandra.

I don't know if the white clothing is lingerie or swimwear but it is great. A bit of downy hair now and then, a bit of lovely labia now and then; I am happy.

I particularly like the inclusion of the final picture.

Thanks to both Alessandra and Matiss for this lovely visit.

This extraordinary beautiful model deserves a better photographer and
a better location,indoors,of course. Karl Sirmi would do the trick to
give us a splendid set.What do you think,Karl?

The seller

Alessandra is clearly beautiful and is a well built woman. I have seen many excellent photosets from Matiss and think he/she usually does a fine job of photographing models (in my view). I think this is purely a setting thing. If Alessandra was in an indoor setting maybe with some nice undies she would blow all our minds.

If the outdoor settings continue I think a nice two piece bikini would be awesome.

There aren't many women who are as frankly, powerfully, in-your-face gorgeous as Alessandra. There is nothing subtle or understated about her. Her beauty hits you right between the eyes. She's back out at the seashore in this set, a one-woman navigation hazard. And while I long to see her indoors one day, I can only smile and salivate here. Look at her in image 40, sheer perfection. I'd like to become more familiar with that tantalizing pussy and bottom. But what she shares with us is…well, wow!

Sailor, Your comments say it all. There is nothing more to add. All I can do is whole heartedly agree.

She looks ready to captain the ship there Sailor. And yeah thats a face that could launch a thousand ships

Real horrorshow groodies Droog!

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