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Her newest set has to be the worst. She's so stunningly beautiful and yet, not one spread to be found and still no indoor sets.

Stunning woman with beautiful breasts. Scenery a distraction!

Not a fan of fuller-figure women - particularly in the chest. However, Alessandra is such an alluring beauty. And I love these outdoor shoots. And those partially clothed backside shots - such a tease (in a good way)!

I recommend a good low carb diet,drop some pounds,and then return to
modeling.Anorexia is not good,the size of a cow isn´t good either.

The seller

1) Regardless of your personal tastes, some of us like voluptuous women. IMO Alessandra has a gorgeous body in shape and proportion. She reminds me very much of the first woman I ever had a sexual fixation on.
2) Your wording is insensitive, rude and crude.
3) Why would Alessandra want to satisfy your tastes, seller, when she already satisfies so many of ours without having to change a thing about herself?


Alessandra is quite lovely. and is a very good outdoor model. I think the photography is good,Matiss selected a good setting and did agood job with it. This is a 10+

Is this a test to see if we can find the girl in the weeds? Absurd.

Alessandra is gorgeous with some of the most awesome tits in the world. Let us have much more!

Beautiful flowers...wonder what the girl looked like?

Boring, boring and then it was boring some more.....

All of Alessandra's outdoor sets are wonderful, but I forward a motion to move indoors and do a bedroom (yeah, I know, boring and cliché) shoot.

Yes, but the bedroom scenes always work for me. This setting was a waste of my time. So, I could not agree with you more.

I agree with both of you. I'd love to see a set or two of Alessandra shot indoors. Preferably, a bedroom set. ( :

Superb set! Beautiful Alessandra in poppy field. Pictures well focused on model! Splendid!

A lovely lady in a field of red poppies is a classic and beautiful combination. Kudos to both Alessandra and Matiss!

Henri Matisse did at least one famous painting of poppies, but never so many as Matiss found. Absolutely no disrespect to an acclaimed painter, but I wonder what connoisseurs would say / have said if he had included his interpretation of lovely Alessandra.

Alessandra is such a beautiful woman, with an absolutely magnificent body and a gorgeous warm and inviting face. Such lovely photos in this poppy field. Ukraine and her people are so very beautiful. It is so very sad that they are struggling with political unrest and violence.

It is well, that this Lady of Aphrodisiac abilities is set within poppy fields. Both are very capable drugs. She is a favorite, the other is not.

overexposed, too bright. This set doe not do luscious Alessandra A any justice. a generous 8 .

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