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Alina I love you, such beautiful smooth white skin. I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off your body. Nice shots Matiss.

prettiest girl EVER! pretty face and eyes and such a beautiful pretty body!

This is one of those photo shoots that convinces me 100% that this is a model I will follow and would definitely like to work with, NO doubt at all, utterly delightful and completely delicious.

BUT ... I hope her next appearance on Met-Art is with a photographer who handles her poses and lighting very differently.

After reading Alina's biography profile, I am fascinated. She states that she is studying at a military school and claims she wants a career in art. As a retired U.S. Army veteran, I am curious how she can study ar a military school to become an artist. I guess things are different in the Ukraine. I must agree with her that a young woman in uniform is realy quite sexy. And Alina is a knock out.

Perhaps she will become a photographer? That would qualify as an artist. Or perhaps she is a musician. Music is an art...

Or perhaps her bio is a work of fiction like so many of them are...? It's not just their names that they make up...;o)

I just read Alina's bio. She says she loves sunbathing. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL! Is it me, or coincidence that many blue eyed brunettes also have great eyebrows? I love Alina's downy hair - here, there, and everywhere; the hint of ribs when it happens and her love handles. Much appreciation to Alina and Matiss for this great visit.

I know, it would be such a sin to destroy such beautiful pale skin by exposing it to the sun or to a tanning bed... premature aging of the skin is so not attractive.

Alina singlehandedly and conclusively proves the superiority of "girly drinks."
This prior beer lover is sold...
( :

Is THAT your final answer!?

Are you really prepared to be a "girly mon"??

I wanna be Alina's swizzle stick!!!

Dark hair, blue eyes, pale skin and a smile that could met glaciers - Alina made my heart beat faster!

Damn, that is supposed to say 'melt glaciers'

If you had proofread your comment 'before' posting it, that's what it WOULD say... But ya know the funny thing is I read it as "melt"...LOL If you hadn't mentioned it, I would have gone on none-the-wiser lol But seriously...proofreading is essential in an environment that disallows editing...;o)

nihil, Alina's smile obviously also scrambles mens' brains!!! ( :

I don't think it's her smile fer...lol

Wonderful rich woman of a thousand beautiful things and not stingy.
Thank you for being beautiful and to give your beauty.

Wow this girl is the prettiest. What beautiful face and eyes...and what a PRETTY PRETTY body !!!

Lovely Alina dropped by today to ensure that I got my daily fix of Ukrainian beauty. I'd like to return the favor by showing her how much I like that beautiful, pink pussy. It could be a great week.

It would probably make you weak... Just kidding....

Lame, really lame. I'm glad you backed off quickly. As I read in one of Patrick O'Brian's wonderful Jack Aubrey novels: "A man who would perpetrate a pun would cut a purse."

Which is worse, cut a purse or put a curse. Ugh!! a spoonerism !! But she is truly gorgeous.

You've hissed all my mystery lectures. In fact, you've tasted the whole worm.


The louder the groan, the deeper the pun's penetrated. The weapon of choice of quick wits. ( :

Go to your room, kid. No dinner for you.

As long as I have Alina and Melena with me... ( : ( :

Of course you can. I'm not cruel!

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