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Love u

This shoot is what some refer to as "high key", where the white and light tones are almost blown out, and some, of course, will be blown out. Some prefer it, though I've never personally understood the appeal. For me, the loss of fine texture and tonal mid-range is a bummer. It reminds me of that feeling you have when you walk out of a movie theater into a bright, sunlight afternoon and everything is WAY too bright. I understand that we all get turned on by different things, and yes, that's as it should be. I just don't grok the appeal of this approach to lighting and exposure.

she doesn't want to show us her pretty pussy and the skin color is not reight

Alina is very pretty, and Matiss has selected the perfect background. Girls find out very young that they look good in a man's dress shirt. (MY daughter was always stealing mine.)The very faint off pink sets off Alina's skintones perfectly Both Alina and Matiss get a 10 on this one.

DANGER Will Robinson; a whisker rub advisory is in effect!

I like Alina's eyebrows and eyes, love handles, and translucent skin.

Oh wait, I get it. (duh, that took awhile!) Yeah, she is not exactly smooth as a baby's ass down there- although I'd be hard pressed to throw her out of bed.

Disregard my "too much information" post earlier, ha ha, how embarrassing!

I'm guessing a whisker rub advisory is when you whack away until your raw? I hate that, but it DOES happen sometimes looking at these hot women. Occasionally I can get carried away. Thought I was the only one, ha ha!

Alina is a winner, she is so sexy. Love the fair skin, dark hair with blue eyes- what a combination! But the set was disappointing, we don't really get to see enough of her. Hopefully the next time she will "open up" (so to speak).

Agreed, there is so much potential there. Alina is a stunner, no ifs ands or buts. Hopefully she'll grow more comfortable with sharing all her charms with her fans...

I see the potential for a glorious bush in her stubble. Beautiful girl.

Only a few shots of Alina's gorgeous derrière, and those are from a distance. :(

The label "pussy shy" says it for me. She is lovely but there were no frontal shots let lone intimate shots. The 3 pussy shots at the end were like an after thought Just thrown in at the end like getting rid of an obligation rather than a part of the shoot. I don't know if this was the model or Matiss but this set didn't move me in any way.

oh boohooo. No matter how perfect a set is, no pussy shot you are left crying?

a bit single minded, hm?

I gotta admit I agree with hipshot in the fact that intimate shots are highly desirable for a full spectrum set. When they're left out, I feel disappointed, especially when the model is as gorgeous as Alina.
If I wanted glamor sets with no intimate shots I sure wouldn't be a subscriber to MetArt!
So to be fair I have to admit that "pussy shy" sets are fairly rare on MA nowadays. Thankfully.

Reviewing her earlier sets, she was not shy whatsoever.
I wonder if this particular set wasn't the first shot, before she really loosened up and got comfortable with the camera? That would explain things.

Alina, I am issuing you an open invitation to play my piano....

Good idea but she doesn't seem comfortable until page 5...

What a heavenly woman - the sweetest of faces, gorgeous eyes, luscious perky nipples and alabaster skin. A huge kiss for you, lovely! Xxx

Dark hair, blue eyes and pail skin is always a winner in my book. Looking great Alina.

I LOVE pale skin... much preferable to overly tanned skin.

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