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Sometimes, I wonder if some of these models are forced to stand on the tip of their toes. These models are gorgeous, but sometimes, their feet don't really match up to the rest of the body.

Why would anyone even think about posting a shot like frame #28? This whole set is an insult to the model! Alina is too pretty to mess with this looser, Matiss!

You like tighter Matiss. I understand.

Gentlemen, let us not allow need for sunglasses to prevent us from appreciating many good images here.

Swap the beads for the fancy shear curtains and keep our model in front of the wallpaper. She looks fantastic backed by that teal and gold. This location looks to have significant potential.

Some very nice back, and back to waist to hip views. Some really good shots from the side while the model is face down. Neglected poses our good photographers should keep in the book.

Now, as to the delicate topic of the teething of beads. Just don't do it. In this instance, wearing fancy shear curtains not only looks better, but reduces temptation. In general, long loose necklaces are to be used with discretion, in accordance with the Magwich Manual of Minimal Messiness (MMMMM).

I do not like partial body close-ups, regardless of what body part they present! This whole set was a waste of band-width!

Non Sequitur. Liking a particular view does not imply preference for partsification. Such dislike shows peculiarity - why be here?

A like of whole body close-ups would present an insurmountable task for a photographic artist. Or is this a dislike of all close-ups?

Few views of people are whole body. Painful reality for the partsiphobic.

...available, I am assuming, on Amazon.com as well as finer literary establishments near one?

...at Barnes & Noble, next to the Monster Manual (D&D, 4th ed).

Alina has such lovely alabaster skin. Such a pity the contrast between alabaster and white is so slight that you almost can't see Alina in this set.

shaved...! Pfff..!

very good

Ambivalent --


Sorry, doesn't do anything for me, might be me!

So china doll looking

I like this girl a lot, but this set of her left me with a feeling of "too much of this and not enough of that".... I haven't cared at all for any of the recent Matiss sets.

I think Matiss is a hack!

Agree, she could be shown in better fashion. No criticism of Alina, if trickydick wants to throw her out of bed, she can come over to my place! I can't quite put my finger on why this set is not better, it just feels uninspired. But "doesn't do anything for me" would be untrue. Closer to it is rachsback saying "too much of this and not enough of that". Sums it up.

A lovely, luscious, pale skinned beauty with a pretty face and lips I'd love to kiss. Always such a pleasure to see Alina!

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