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I find it interesting that she has a mole on her stomach in two of the pictures in the first page but not before, or after....

Agree with the positive comments. She's hot, would love to see more. Nice job all around, mmmmmm.

Adele B. and Alma A. together set... it would be interesting juxtaposition.
Photographers think about it. Cool it would be duo ;)

I agree, snoopy... such a shoot -- or video even -- would be HOT.

I think Alma has the potential to be a top Met Art model if she smiles and shows a little more emotion.

She definitely has the "looks", with a very nice body, a beautiful face and pretty blue eyes.....good luck Alma, very good debut.

Agreed. She did appear to warm up more as the shoot progressed.

Alma has a perfect body and a supremely beautiful face. These qualities plus her total confidence make her a top model, in her first shoot! Well done Arkisi and Alma. It takes teamwork to produce art such as this.

Adele B? Adele B's twin? Adele B's sister? There is so much similarity.

Agreed, hayley. They could easily be sisters.

Alluring Blue Eyes!

Niza ojos azul.

Not you now, you're going to comment in Spanish too?????

Just kidding guys....both of you....really, I'm just kidding!

Alma is very attractive. I really like her eyes. Nice debut and welcome.

Welcome Alma. You're a lovely girl with a beautiful body. Can't wait to see you again.

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