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Alma, I'm sure there are a number of us that would love to get under the sheets with you and make you smile!!

I can't tell if it's "tan" or just "warmer lighting", but one thing I do see is more reserved posing than her sets with Arkisi, and a lot more make-up. Not sure Alma is moving in a favorable direction here... But I'm still in love! ;o)

This lastest series of Alma A reminds me of Tony Murano's work with Adele B with the bearoom setting i don't know about her tan to me as a female i found her skin creamy and white but i ain't going be so judgemental about Alma !. As i haven't seen her pervious series but i do love the way she dislpays her 5ft 7" body long blonde hair gorgeous blue eyes in some very lovely sexy poses :( I have to agree with nihil she does heve a certain calmnless sexy look about her.The Lovely close of her goreous face bresats,nipples in image #103 says all about Alma A specialy in the last image within this series lying on on the bed in some very serene pose's ;( I to would like to see her pose with either Leonardo Rylsky or even Catherine they tend to bring out best out of MetArt's beautiful models within their series !!!

Underrated topmodel.

Would like to see her in a set shot by Leonardo.

Two thumbs down!

The beautiful Alma A was more appealing in earlier sets before her tanning session.

I prefer tans. LOL

I prefer untanned skin as well, ca_velle.... sadly, we have this modern cultural belief that tanned skin is more sexy than pale.

Hi fer_realz :( It does'nt matter if a both a model or wonman has white creamy skin or a nice sun tan...It's the way she presents herself wether it be a lovely model like Alma A or a Lady in real life that counts the most !!! Cheers From Australia :( :(

Hi rags! Thanks for putting your two cents' worth in... ( :
There are several reasons I prefer pale skin. One is a personal aesthetic reason. Most women just look better to me untanned.
The second reason is that it is being proven over and over again that tanning the skin causes premature aging signs, as well as leaving a person more open to skin cancer.
Some people have naturally darker skin, and on them, it looks good. But I genuinely think that people born with pale complexions look best that way... just a personal opinion. ( :

Alma is like a delicate flower. She has a clam stillness about her that I find extremely pleasing. She looks very sweet and gentle, and wonderfully sexy!

Bloody hell, that is an awful typo! It is supposed to say 'calm stillness.' My sincere apologies!

Clam sounded good though. :-)

lmao! I thought it was hilarious! After all, a clam is quite still...;o) And Alma's clam is quite delicious...still or in motion! And you needn't have explained...it was pretty obvious what you meant to say... Cheers!

I agree, nihil... and at the same time on a different level there's an appealing vulnerability peeking out... it makes me want to fold her in my arms and tell her everything's going to be OK...

I'd rather "fold" her in my sheets!! ;o)

Well... that too, obviously!

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