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This is more like it. A beautiful girl in a well done, truly erotic set of photos. Thank you for this.

I'd be the last to tell a pretty girl not to wear Daisy Dukes... but, were she to ask my opinion I'd have to say that honestly they just haven't ever looked good to me. Even on Daisy Duke!

Gorgeous girl, gorgeous poses, no complaints. But I will agree that there are a few staples of "hot girl photography" that have always baffled me as well ... DD's are one, another is "horrible straw cowboy hats". Why such things become long standing props for photographing women who look so amazing adorned in nothing at all never ceases to amaze me. Thankfully, Alma and Karl helped forget anything but her innate beauty rather quickly.

beautiful young girl. beautiful pussy. loved the slow strip tease and the flirting with the fruit. I would love to lick all that juice of her lovely little body! :)

I volunteer to help Alma clean all the sticky fruit juice off her lovely body.

I suspect you'd find a very long line of volunteers, JB!

Alma is very beautiful, and this is a great new way to present a model. This innovation is what I mean when I say some photogs need new ideas. I found another set of Sofi in the pool at Goncharov's place. This makes four of them. Mr Simi has taken the idea of posing the model in the kitchen and made something new with it, using the lovely Alma to showcase things. I have one nit to pick, it is obvious starting with shot#55 that Alma has razor stubble. If she wanes to groom herself, that's fine, but she should get some pointers on how to do it from the day spa. I gave both Alma and Mr. Simi a 10+

A different set, for sure. My first impression was that Alma's attire was mismatched with the setting. The cutoff shorts with the sleeveless top would have been perfect for a Daisy Dukes or farmer's daughter kind of theme in a barn or rural setting, but in a kitchen with fruit? Just struck me as sort of odd, but certainly did not impede my enjoyment of Alma showing us her 'delicious' nude self.

beautiful, perfect body

I miss the ultimate perfection.

9/10 for Alma & the photographer.


The seller

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