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Leonardo focuses on the model's faces instead of the salient primary physical features. If I wanted to see lovely faces I would buy a fashion magazine.

The best set of yet!

Lovely model but boring set. Too much loft focus or maybe just out of focus. Too much emphasis on her face to the exclusion of the rest of her beautiful body. Definitely one of the least erotic teens.

Delicious. Oh to lick that beautiful moist pussy hole.

Alma Mater di Grande Bellezza

What an absolutely gorgeous woman. Eyes to die for and a body to live for.

Magwich recommends saving the eyes for last.

Now that is what I would call a great set with great photography, beautiful girl, no April fools on that.

Gorgeous, adorable Alma.
Excellent photos.
Lights (in particular), colors, ambience, clothing, makeup - perfect.
Alma naked, a poem written with the body.
The beauty of Alma had appeared a little blurred in her debut and now shines in all its splendor.
Bravo Leonardo!
(Forgive me if I repeat myself).
These photos, compared to those made on the seaside terrace or in the garden of oleander, seem to come from another planet.

Her deep eyes are the center of her beauty; I wish Rylsky will make a series with her.

Trimmed but unshaven series, maybe?

So much beauty with so little passion.

And it's a shame, too.

Her "deer in the headlights" look is not inviting.

I am turned on by her beauty but not by this set.


Nice job Leonardo!.....the best set of Alma (so far) IMO.
As others have stated, she does have beautiful blue eyes.

Finally a set of Alma with good photography--well done all around, Leonardo!

Alma is absolutely breathtaking!! A pair of the most beautiful eyes in the network!! Great set!

Such a striking set of an arrestingly beautiful woman. Alma's pale skin and clear blue eyes are such a draw, and nicely accentuate her other tasty features... ( :

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