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Alysha and Astrusd are 2 of my best models. Both of them are always very beautiful. Thank you Rylsky Astrud and Alysha for these photos.

the premier toukas' on METART together at last

The photographer had converted two beautiful girl on two plastic girls on Photoshop. AGAIN

Astrud and Alysha are my two favourite models that Rylsky photographs (Astrud #1, Alysha a close #2....1a/1b may be more accurate).

Great set Rylsky!

I hope none will misunderstand me , but, I am sure most guys would be even happier to watch such girls to give real " french kisses " to each other.
Anyway, no problem, a french kiss isn't compulsory, as, these photos are already perfect :)


excellent set. two gorgeous model and one good photographer.
thank you all

Far too much Photoshop.

Can your retouchers please stop obliterating all skin texture?

Once again, no real kissing. Fail.

Would have loved to have seen a video of these two doing this for real on SexArt.

Great set of two gorgeous women!!! I loved photos 40 and 41!!! Next time Rylsky, convince me that they're kissing like they really mean it!

As in most of Rylsky's photo sets, this one is overexposed, and not focused well. It is obvious he thinks the camera auto setting is more skilled than he is, which must be true. The camera auto settings have chosen the background to adjust to and washes out the skin tones, and leaves the models blurry. I am glad I have a good photo editor to restore these photos.

Thank you very much for telling a story of how you (and your G.P. Editor) working hard to make my photos be in your taste.

All this kind of your (and your GPE) imagination about auto settings and other fantasies can not be fixed at my side. When you so happy that you see this (maybe for real?) - I am happy that anyhow I make you happy (with or without your GPE ).

Thank you for make my day so funny. I can't live withot comments like yours:)

a "bad bad bad, too bad photo editor" who set camera to "auto" (also to motorcycle or bicycle modes) as Dr. GoodPhotoEditor said. yah

I don't think you have any idea what you're talking about. The exposure is correct. Maybe, maybe he could use a little more diffusion on his lights. And when you are two or three meters away from the models, not everything will be in focus.

This was just typical trolling. Sometimes I like to answer because I just have fun with comments like that.
I you really wanted to know the truth about this member's vision of technical excellence....you can just look at mchltxxx's comments to see what he enjoy as good colors, exposure, composition, etc...

As for me, I enjoyed this one as example...

1 week ago:

Outstanding set! The model is great too! It has been a long time since I have seen photos so well done on this site. Focus, exposure, lighting, contrasts, everything better than I have seen here in a long time."

have fun


Astrud and Alysha both work only for Rylsky. They have a photographer that only produces the best sets, so why not? I agree, they are not doing this for real,they are very good models who are doing a set as professionals. If you want real, go look at all but the last set of Jenya D with Liza B. Both girls are red as beets around the neck and ears when they get done.

never seen two labia so similar.

It's Rylsky Art. Every Artist has another kind of Art expression. Both Girls are kissable all over:-) Two Dreams instead of one... Kisses for both Beauties:-)

Be still my beating Heart!
I always look forward to sets from both of these lovely women on their own, but the two of them together is Absolute Nirvana!
Very erotic and sensual.
Turn them loose on SexArt and watch the Fireworks!

Rylsky is pushing to be more and more like Majoly. Can't see the models for the airbrushing! MET rules state the photos must be unretouched!

ok, fyrtrux, thought you got me? now eat this:

1. I just wish you judge only by high resolution images.

2. Fully unretouched photos are for medical institutes or for private use, not for the largest erotic site Worldwide. This site is about sensuality and gorgeous girls, not about dermatology. Please find 1-2 nice girls around you and ask them using your words like this "the photos must be unretouched but billion of people will see it till the end of your life!". i bet you will spend your lifetime OR you will lie to them OR you will be killed after 1st update of these girls.

3. Will you agree to subscribe to Met-Art as a place that NEW and(or) EXCLUSIVE girls hate to pose for? Can't you believe they pose because they like Met-Art photography, not because they get Ferrari or diamond ring for shootings? Imagine that!

4. Do you have any idea what girls think when they agreed to be Met-Art and RylskyArt models? Will you agree for non-exclusives as a member(already 10s-times-presented-at-all-sites porn models)? Are you sure new models will agree to pose more than once here?
Sure they will say to all the world that Met-Art is not erotic-art site and with members like you are - who said that they are here just to see skin details, not to see erotica.

5. if you see that I "push to be more like Majoly" - then you really look for skin, not for anything else. I don't mean I agree and skin retouch is the same vs. his sets. I mean you compare us by what??? Ask yourself if you ever loved a woman?

finally, MetArt ALREADY contains 100000s of photos with all kind of skin details including issues.
but not with girls I care for. I want them never say bad about their work for us. ANY money will be spent, but something in a mind will always stays on.

please do respect their choice and thank them for sharing their beauty.

this photo set is awesome!

Nice but there does not seem to be a chemistry between the two The kisses are near kisses. Alysha is trying but Astrud is holding back .Looks staged but aren't they all ?

two favourites in a set together, what more could a guy ask for? delicious

I love Astrud's hair. Early on I thought we were going to see dueling butterflies but it didn't quite happen. Rylsky or somebody found another great feature wall for a backdrop.

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