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Every bit of Alysha is perfect. She has pretty blue eyes, smile, face, breasts, buttocks, thighs, legs, and even her labia is especially pretty. She is 175cm of sexy beautiful woman.

Compliments to Rylsky and Alysha on one of the best sets ever on Met Art!!!

Very nice set! Thank you!

Thank you Alysha...

She's always beautiful, but she is particularly so in this set. Beautiful ballerina, dancing into our hearts...

Great set with lots of great pics of her delicious ass and pussy!

I believe this is the best set of Alysha to date! 10+! LOVE the 'costume'! The white of the outfit and Alysha's gorgeous blond hair jump off the charcoal background in an almost 3D fashion. What an absolutely delicious girl and a very fine set! Kudos to Rylsky!!
And I love knowing that every set of Alysha is going to feature her scrumptious butterfly, and one of the 'prettiest' anus's on the site!

Well said. I never realized I was a lepidopterists!

What a beautiful pussy!!!!!

If it was not for Rylsky, I would never subscribe to this site. His models have the best poses available. Just my opinion.

Love the tutu, love the stockings , love the long shirt, and of course I love Alysha. As always what a great photo shoot Rylsky.

It's a nude site, not a lingerie catalog. Ditch the undies and focus on beautiful naked skin.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I just think that seeing a beautiful woman/girl just "naked" without any buildup is rather boring and reminds me of going to a whore house in my wilder days and the girl just stripped and said " the clock is running! :(" I like to savor the beauty and peel a fruit a layer at a time vs just having it cramed into my face. But again that is my take on looking at multiple beautiful women/girls.

I can't understand what is the problem? Why this set MUST be naked? If you talking about all the site - why here? Bad day?

I think you talk not about what MetArt is about. It was never pure nudist site, as I remember, because I was a viewer of this site since 2002, when it was none my photos here. I see naked sets here, but i prefer see and shoot erotic different ways, not 100% nudes day after day.


I appreciate that Met-Art focuses on artistic depictions of beautiful women instead of flat-out porn. That said, I only get disappointed when I can't admire a stomach as beautiful as Alysha's.

I always thought that's why we make many sets of our models if it is possible - to present her to you in different locations, dressed, undressed, lingerie, panties, etc.... to make you feel like you are near not 1 day and night in bedroom, but many days with her and know her better from many angles and moods because of this. Please judge by full collection of updated sets/vids, not for 1. I think you will be unhappy (even if you like 1 set a lot) when you will see the same all the time with any favourite model.

I agree with you, plus who wouldn't want to take beautiful models out for coffee and cakes?? :)

and that is why I love those before/after pics with the girls eating cake, wandering down a street or drinking a cup of tea in a cafe...
makes them much more 'real' - and you can dream of being the one sitting next to them....


Look at the size of that apple!

MY GOD!!! Will you look at those legs !!!

Shot 113 one of the all time greats. The rest is marred by costume charade. Alysha has such a delightfull body it seems a waste to cover it.

That was fabulous, thanks Alysha

Too much tutu at first! :) But a very sexy girl and nice variety of front rear and closeups. Beautiful butterfly closeups, one of my favorite poses...

Rylsky used the tutu as a butterfly net.

Good one! :) That is tu tu funny....

OK back to the real reason I am here....

Wow! Alysha is a perfect beauty! Lovely long blond hair, nice tits and a gorgeous totally shaved pussy. Excellent Alysha don't wear a bra and panties so she can show her goodies all the way. a 10+!

Such a great set!

Alysha is great and Rylsky always captures that. I am glad that Rylsky and Koenart bring us sets of lovely ladies from the Baltic states.

Rylsky at his best.
A perfect balance of rear ,pussy and face shots.
This set has a big WOW factor.

Rylsky at his best !!
A perfect balance of rear, pussy and face shots.
This set has a big WOW factor.

Rylsky at his best??? Rylsky is possibly the most unimagitive photographer
I've ever seen. Every photo shoot is the same thing, over and over. He has
the ability to make the sexiest model in the world seem boring.

I am proud that to say that my work is "most unimagitive" was the only reason you leave any comment on whole MetArt. I just visit your page of comments to see what you like and dislike...
I really must be proud of this.

Ok, you can let me know right here as many examples (my sets) of what you meant when you said "the most unimagitive photographer I've ever seen". What did I miss to make you happy?
It will be helpful a lot to see my mistakes that you called this way.

why I am asking for examples?
It can be helpful if you interested in things that you dislike be changed. But it is not needed if you personally dislike what I did or me. No problem here. But without examples it looks like:

- I hate how this guy make coffee for me
- Why?
- Because he is fat and I dislike his t-shirt.

Wow!!! What an awesome photo set!!! Alysha is perfect...gorgeous face and beautiful blonde hair, amazingly perfect pussy, long legs and sexy ass...just perfect!!! Great work Rylsky!!!

I couldn't have said it better.

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