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Not timid at all. Just a perfectly gorgeous pussy!

Rylsky, please, don't spoil the photos with so much Photoshop! In some photos she looks like a wax dummy with that much retouching! Specially on face, pussy and butt closeup photos. Photos #3, #27, #29 and #99 are the worst in that matter!

Please, I think most of the people here like to see the real skin of the model: pores and imperfections; a person, not a doll.

I have just looked at this set and seen the comments about Alysha wearing the gown, which I personally did not like. (obviously why I did not download the set) This does not make me wrong or you wrong, if you are reading this Rylsky, we are all just different. You can only do your best which is always very good anyway. As you have said in a comment after another set of Alysha's, East and West are more open to each other now and we do not always understand each other. I think it just proves how foolish we have all been in the past.

As The Good King Headlopper sat on the throne of the kingdom of Rotation
He was bothered by a pressing problem. Unlike the Good Kings from the lands of old which took very good care of the princess, his kingdom was plagued by a problem. While the Kingdom of Rotation looked good on the surface their was a terrible problem below the surface. Many of the beautiful princess were unable to find good jobs and were approached by evil merchants of the flesh.. These evil merchants of the flesh promised the princess beautiful homes and horses in exchange for services. Many of the beautiful princess were unable to obtain the nice homes so the evil merchants obtained them the princess. But the evil merchants made the beautiful princesses sign deeds of monthly tolls for the horses they rode about the Kingdom of Rotation. The princesses were forced to ride their horses about the kingdom and do services for the evil merchants of the flesh. Many of these beautiful princesses were treated badly and many never returned. Many were found by the good knights of the kingdom slain by the evil merchants and their bodies thrown away like trash.
Unlike the beautiful princesses from the land of old who are treated well and their beauty displayed for the world, the princesses of Rotation were not treated the same. If they tried to return their horse to the evil merchant they were threatened wizards of the word and evil knights of pain. The Good King Headlopper had had enough of this treatable treatment. The main problem of the King Headlopper was the horses. The Good King Headlopper devised a clever plan so the princesses could turn in their horses to the evil merchants. He had the princesses sign a scroll of wizardry. This gave the retired good knights who unlike the active good knights no longer rode the kingdom to battle evil. The retired good knights found a stable so the princesses could turn their horses in to them. With the mighty scroll of wizardry the retired knights of good could speak for the princesses when the evil merchants came and pressed for the horses. The evil merchants wanted gold for the unused time the princesses had left on the contract of saddle.
Unlike the tall, beautiful princess Alysha who is beauty to behold and may be just a beautiful girl who show the world her beauty for the pleasure of all. If the beautiful princesses of Rotation were to display there beauty, many lack the courage to stand up to the word of shame spoken by many citizens of Rotation and other kingdoms in the land.
I hope someday all princess can display their beauty like Princess Alysha without shame and regret. This beautiful princess is 1 inch taller than Headlopper equals one more inch of beauty to explore.
I love exploring things this beautiful, just love exploring

from the book of time The Good King Healopper

Amazingly beautiful woman, great face, great eyes, GREAT bottom! She's... dALYSHAous! (Sorry, sorry....)

ZAnK you for Kreativity

LOL. Nice!

I think we can see by the reader thumbs up and down what the members think. The 2 complainers got the only thumbs down. While most of us expressed similar views. There is no such thing as perfect from everyone but I must say that on average Rylsky and his models get very close time after time. This set is damn close in my eyes.

I am not a fan of blonds for the most part but this set is just too elegant and Alysha just too lovely to rate it anything less. Those portrait shots of her peeking through the curtain #3 through 7 are a perfect introduction. There are plenty of open shots and at least a half a dozen very nice closeups not to mention those rear shots highlighting those magnificent long legs and that amazing butt.

This set gets a 10 plus form me.

Contratulation's Rylsky on a truely remarkable elegant set you showed Alysha's 5ft 9 inch body in what i call a truely sexy set the way he showed her lovely toned,tanned body,sexy long legs,gorgeous perfect tight butt,beautiful small breasts lovel face and sexy blue of hers wearing nothing but a sexy sheer see-thru outfit and curtains the way Rylsky used the natural lighting really showed Alysha's body off really well in various sensual poses both outdoors and indoors i do adore all images within this set are truely exquisite even the black and white image 111 and 113 showed her toned body really well not to memtion image 64-65 showing her gorgeous ass and labia lips and images 68-69 highlighting her love face and breasts as the sun shines through the window just as images 61 with her long blonde hair hanging her back and image 62 highlighting her body thru the the sheer fabric giving us all just a teasing glance at her firm butt and labia lips what's there to complain about the gown didn't spoil it at all as mysecret mentioned nor the lack of of close ups of her rosie pink labia lips as yndarius mentioned no lack of them where the only negative comments (Seek And One Shall Find)you 2 fellas but in the end it got great comments from the guys as for Rylsky and Alysha A when they click together they really do.I love Rylsky's work with his models specialy with his movies love his double exposures with his movies :)

You just have to love a model that loves her work. She does and it shows.

Alysha has everything going for her! The shape of her perfect body just standing there in that sheer outfit and curtains is awesome.

A set like this with varying effects and lighting shows versatility and photographic talent. The silhouette of her vulva through the sheer material in #62 is excellent. I expect quality from Rylsky, and with Alysha he delivers on this one.

excellent set with a beautiful model and very sexy lingere. you missed it though by not getting some close ups of her wonderful labia peaking at us through the sheer panties and with them pulled to the side. pulled down part way is nice also but you forgot the others. that would have made it an outstanding set.

I am sorry, I can't take it, because sets of her presented already and I hope you will see these sets are variate.
So please take a good coffee, check all these sets and finally judge - what did you miss and what could I do to please you or open her from new angle.
It will be great if you could judge by METART+RYLSKYART sets , not only METART.

I have many times repeat that you will scream on me and loose interest to a model if you see 1 perfect set of her but next 10 sets will be the same at all with different backgrounds and model mood and style. When you have something (even perfect) again and again - one day you will ask for show to you simple piece of shit to understand excellence of brilliant. I AM NOT MEANING MY SETS. it is about life.

i am not offensive, but please understand what I meant.

The usual adjectives just don't seem adequate when Rylsky and Alysha produce a work of this magnitude. Simply put...breathtaking!

wow! Good to see long blonde haired Alysha back again showinh her mavelous tits and gorgeous totaly shaved pussy. I love Alysha!

Pretty face, blonde hair and sweet, alluring blue eyes! Fantastic legs, perfect ass! Niza, vulva mojada! Me encantaría verla extendió abierta y mojado! Ella está mostrando rosa! Eso es alguno niza apretado rosa! Me encanta! ¡Gracias!

Simply Gorgeous!


She is absolutely stunning, gorgeous blues eyes and blond hair, very pretty face, tight sexy body, sweet ass, perfection in my book

That gown ruined it

The gown ruined it? Real, beautiful women wear gowns. The gown added to the elegance.

thumb down for me as stylist? i can live with it:)

Alysha could be a model for previously famous advertising poster of underwear.
It was famous model who said "Yes, I can't cook. Who cares?"
So, yes I can't be perfect stylist as well. It was my fault anyway, not Alysha's.

it was adv. of Wonderbra in 1999.

Alysha is a beautiful young lady. Starting with her lovely hair and then: brilliant eyes and smile, lovely areolae, a camel toe and puffy outer labia, great bum and nice legs. Appreciation to Alysha and major input from Rylsky. I liked this set.

Very good light on this set from Rylsky. Alysha A = blonde dream perfect all over:-) Kisses to this Angel...

Alysha has the most perfect legs best I have seen here for some time, her ass is the perfect shape and size as well. Great set of pictures you have taken Rylsky, well done.

Alysha is possitively beautiful in this elegant set of photos. She has wonderfully brilliant blonde hair and a exquisiite, fit body. The setting was luxurious and elegant.

Very pretty girl! Classy setting, and nice poses. She never took everything off but it still worked well and we definitely got to see everything in detail. Speaking of which, she has outstanding details! :) Beautiful body, great legs and wow what a tight butt! Photos #106 & 117 pretty much say it all. That pussy is the stuff dreams are made of. This girl is pure class.

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