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  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Like a bleached 50's pin-up girl with an in-your-face vulva but still no pubic hair. (Well, almost none :-)

  • Mleo
  • 12 months ago:

Without a doubt the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen.

  • Alex
  • 12 months ago:

The model is perfect, unfortunately the whole set is completely ruined by over editing. Or anything that made model's skin looked plain, anemic and unnatural. Sorry to say that, dear Mr. Rylsky, but the most of your photos look like that.

NO sorries, Alex, thanks for being honest.

Simply the best masterpiece ever! Maestro!

Ry I assume you have read my other post today, but after doing them I also looked at the set with Sofi and another girl. This highlights my "issue" over the date shot. According to several posts this was the photo set from a movie that appeared a very long time ago. I don't think the "date shot" idea relates at all to the other issue we dealt with today, i.e. privacy for the models. It only allows us to keep up on which models are still active, now. And from an artistic point of view, what direction your work is taking now. Both points which I think are valid.

Unfortunately, there is no chance to know which models are still active by set release or set made date. MetArt is so huge and update of model can not be twice a month but sometimes model working 5 days and retired and you think she modeling 5+ months.
As I said, it is nothing but the pictures. No need to know more if model don't want it. Many models agreed to spread more info and you know it without questions, they said it by themselves. Sometimes it is strange combination of private life and model life: as example we plan to start Nikia's blog on RylskyArt soon (same as Kei started on 1st of August on RylskyArt), but you will never find her in Internet, because she is smart enough and she is not professional model.

and as soons as my car is fixed I will so get a rylsky art membership...

but.. if you post movies... is it original sound? You know ALSscans production/behind the scenes vids? I find those way hotter than the 'official' movies... or photosets.

For many reasons... the girls are 'alive' and not some frozen pretty face... because... well, I don't know russian (or ukrainian... or estonian...) but those languages sound soooo hot spoken by a pretty girl... and when some eastern european girl speaks english the accents are so cute...

ok, let me know who of models of ALSSCAN ARE not PROFESSIONALS?
feel the differents and please read my comments about harassers and real info they used to recognize girls.

they are mostly professionals.

But - why would original sound put them in more danger?

Because I have many times explain this issue. If you wanted real non-professional and non-porn models from Eastern Europe - you must protect them from being easily recognized. With movie and with real voice it is easier and makes harassers happy. With photos it's almost impossible only if girl do it herself - you will never prove it without more proofs. I have experience so just please trust me.

Fine explination. Thanks.

Ry To put your mind at ease, I am 65, a retired attorney, and live in Indiana USA. During my years practicing I represented several adult clubs. During the period when I was a prosecutor I worked with the vice squad as an adviser, several of the girls were my best intelligence on what was actually going on. I my defense attorney days I represented many young ladies "in the business". I almost always found there was a lot more to them what they projected on the stage or in the club. They were real people with real problems and I also tried to help. Thus over the years I found the "real" girls more interesting than just what the showed the customers. I'll give you example Latka's muse Milena has played with knives for us and even pointed a gun in one set. Yet his shots of her dressed on the street make's you amazed that she is so innocent looking but for Latka has pushed the limits on apparently anything he asks, such as her henta shoot. But you are absolutely correct as we have discussed here today. All these girls "owe" us is what we get beautiful pictures and I should be satisfied with that. It troubles me that in your area sicko's have used our site to as we call it here, "stalk" these young ladies. Thus I fully understand your position.

thank you

Your very welcome. And thank you for for your caring about us, in addition to your girls.

I can't call it "care", I just want you be informed and be gentlemen. I don't want members love me as well.
But remember that many models have read comments now and when they see who we are here - they will understand it all. if you working for people who respect you - you working better and think more positive about the things you do. if all comments are about vagina details or about "she show pussy for money because she can't get another job" - just imagine what girl will think next time when she came to photoshoot. yes she will hate all of us and you will read it in her eyes.

This set has officially turned into a "chat room"... NOW it's time to go...been real fellas...hang loose nnn/ ;o)

Come on, it was "fun" today and you know it.

Love this girl and the setting. Met brides going to be running soon? Lol compliments to this gorgeous woman and the photographer!!!!! It's girls like this that makes the world go around and photographers like this to capture it!

makes the world go around - exactly

This is one of the best sets I've seen in recent weeks, certainly the best of the day. Everything is perfect here, lighting, focus, details, even Alysha's hair. Alysha is beautiful, and Rylsky makes her even better. I wish this kind of quality shoot was more common here.

Please don't interpret my last line to mean that I don't find other shoots as "quality", only that this set is of exceptional appeal. I don't hand out 10's like candy, but this set is a 10.

I think we both know what members could hate here in this set. Mostly they will hate plain white background, then they will hate curls, after that they will ask her not shave for 5 months, after that we will see that somebody hate blonds, slim bodies, small tits and finally and forever hate will be on Rylsky because his name is Rylsky and not A... or C.... etc.

So i just will thank you and please not call anything "perfect quality". Perfect sometimes means "boring". The best vote is to say "intersting" or "thank you for good day started with these photos".
It works not for Rylsky but for every photographer and will never cause you thumbzdowneys.

How about an outstanding way to start the week. Beutiful girl with very well taken shots to compliment. Thank you both!!!!

thumbz down
it is envy

Thank you from both of us as well.
Have a best week in your life then!

One of this models best shoots, and of course it was because of your expertise Rylsky, thank you both!
I am saddened to hear that any of the models have ever been treated poorly for posing, it makes me ill. I am grateful for your concern for the models Rylsky and Met-Art. Their safety is first!

if we only watch their photos here - no problems, please feel fine about it.

all I said was about STOP asking for more PERSONAL info. why not enjoy photos(+videos), talk about photos or critique photos and all around it, not about private and make it goes public.
As example of what is good manner that makes model want to talk and respect you - please read this:
no sadeness, pure joy and fun!

And for all who harassed models - burn in Hell.

Ry since you normally give a response it every set you publish. Instead of waiting to see if Met starts including "Date Shot" why don't you start telling us your first response you choose to make on each. You already share with us such details as the lighting technique you used on this set etc. I think you even told us a particular shot was "late night" and the model may have been tired. I love this detail and info on your girls, keep it up. The more we know the more we can appreciate it.


Rylsky makes a valid point. I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not, but a model on this site (I won't name) was assaulted by her boyfriend when he found out she posed for erotic photography. She had to go through a lengthy trial and the public was pretty rough on her.

Many of these ladies are doing this because they need the money badly. The economies in the former USSR/Warsaw Pact have been hit especially hard in recent years.

The majority of these ladies don't use their real name because they wish to remain anonymous.

And please do not talk that it is only because of girls are hungry and live on the street, it is pure bullshit. If it was true - all models here will be from counties where millions die without food and 90% people never visit Internet. Do not think USSR is a place of hungry prostitute zombies, please.

LOL "Hungry Prostitute Zombies"!?? Sounds like the makings of a new Hollywood teen flick...LMAO!! You very funny photoman Rylsky..)) ))

Thank you, but it was about some cold-war cliches, it's not so funny

"Funny" is relative...

Negam, not one model but 10s of models I know personally was under attacks, but not because of boyfriends (at least my models). It was because too many personal recognition information and because of face search engine of social networks and search engines.


My apologies, I didn't mean to infer that people are dying of hunger in Russia, only that the economy has been hit hard.
I know a few people from the former Soviet Union.
A young lady from Moldova who immigrated to the U.S. in 2009.
I also dated a woman back in 2001 who's family lived in Lugans'k (She taught English to students in a school in Donets'k before she immigrated to the U.S.).
I also worked for a while with a man who immigrated to the U.S. from Nizhny Novgorod in the late 1990's.
When I was in the hospital one of my nurses was from Sevastopol.

I spoke with each of these people extensively about their lives before they came to America because I wanted to know about their culture.
Once again I apologize, I was simply relaying the information these people told me about the economic situation in many areas of the former USSR.

I'm quite fond of Russian history and culture back to it's beginning.
I have also studied Soviet and Russian Military history. So unlike many Americans, I do understand the Russian point of view on many topics.

I worked in a refugee camp in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina during the Civil War in the former Yugoslavia.
I am very aware of Russia's historic alliance with Serbia.
I refused to take sides when people were critical of perceived Serbian aggression, I explained to many I worked with about Croatian and Bosniak aggression in the present and past.

I'm not an American that blindly believes everything our media reports.

Social media has led to many of the same problems here in the USA.
I completely understand why people are reluctant to give out any information.
If someone wants to spend the time researching, just about anything about anyone can be found on the internet.

I only said that girls modeling not only because they need money. If we will think this way - we will never respect them or feel them like it was good for them. Also it will means you MUST hate all photographers here for their "work": if this was because of money only - all photographers must be monsters and worst bastards ever lived on this planet who used girls as meat or as sex-slaves... why you pay for such site? you will burn in hell with all of photographers for sure.

please understand why your short comment was so wrong for my way of thinking and living BUT your big comment was really different and even useFUL and respectFUL. I am at metart because management here try to do all the things with good karma, remember it even if you will never know details of what i meant as "good karma" of MetArt.

Thank you for understanding and for Gentleman's comment, Sir.

Thank you Rylsky, you are a Gentleman also, sir.

Most of all I care about models privacy. It is strongest rule for me. Models don't want share many info about themselves. Please respect them if you enjoy their work and photos. If you feel that you can not enjoy photos without knowing age, location, date, real name, real clothes, etc - ask yourself what are you doing here if you want it to know. What for? to know who is this model in real life? And then what???
I put info and details whaen girls agreed, but believe me, 90+ % of models in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, (+ almost all formed USSR) are harassed a lot for their modeling in erotica and we need to keep girls away from it.

PS: (Directed to Rylsky specifically),

Just for the record, Alysha is very near the top of my all-time favorite models and, for my tastes and preferences, this set is superb, maybe even my favorite of all Alysha's sets. (Personal tastes and preferences vary, obviously; mine are no better or worse than anyone else's, but there it is ...)

Alysha is just so astonishingly beautiful and, from my perspective, so equally sexually desirable; for me, this set brings out both aspects of her beauty superbly--her beauty from a purely aesthetic standpoint and her erotic beauty. Photos #'s 45-47 are exemplary; Fantastic job by both Rylsky and by Alysha--maybe Alysha especially--I can't imagine the difficulties involved in doing this type of modeling, but they must be immense, given the ultra-high resolution of the photos, the unrelenting scrutiny, et al. And to be able to produce such sweet, sincere smiles on her gorgeous face--that takes virtuosic talent. Well done, both of you.

Thank you very much.

Rylsky, I think the most important point in this entire thread is the one you make here--this site has a worldwide audience and is available essentially to anyone, anywhere. There are institutions of power (governments, religious institutions, et al) which can and do take harmful action against erotic models. Not to mention the small part of any population which is sociopathic, even psychopathic ... when considered worldwide, this "small number" becomes a very large number--and some such people have the money, power and otherwise to "stalk" (or worse) anyone for any reason. I'm not saying these individuals and institutions routinely succeed, but it is extremely important not to give them any help--i.e., by providing or eliciting any information which can even assist in determining identifying data about the model, her past or current location, etc., etc. Even much seemingly useless information can, when coupled with other clues, lead to actionable factual inferences.

Sorry to make this such a long-winded comment, but I've read through every post on this thread to this point, and it seems that the importance of privacy and lack of disclosure of Any identifying information is absolutely critical.

Finally, I think this applies for any model, anywhere in the world, no matter how allegedly "free," "open," "advanced," etc. any given country or region proclaims itself to be. (Talking here about the Western Industrialized Powers, if it isn't obvious to anyone.)

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

So that's the question: what can be "safely" disclosed, and what can't. I think "date shot" can be safely disclosed -- approximate date, say month and year. Doesn't have to be more specific.
You make some damn good points.

Thanks Doug (assuming your comment is directed to me), and yes, I fully agree, that IS the question. I tend to think, like you, that month and year of shoots would be safe. But I also think these decisions need to be made on a case-by-case basis; the entire nexus of real and potential threats and information gathering will be different for each model and will change over time.

I can imagine scenarios in which even month and year could be unsafe--these are unlikely scenarios, admittedly, but we're dealing with, essentially, the whole world here--sometimes bizarre scenarios do play out, unfortunately.

But the people with the most knowledge as regards a specific model at a specific time are the model herself and, assuming a well-meaning photographer like Rylsky, her photographer. (Well, also possibly other personal confidantes in the model's life.)

Point is just that we, as viewers, are likely to have the least information about any of that. From which I conclude that, assuming we are people of good will--most probably true of the majority, maybe the vast majority of us--we would be well advised to leave these decisions to those with more information.

(I'm not totally disagreeing with your comment about month and year--my guess--and it's only a guess--is that most of the time that information would not be harmful. But I'm not in a position to evaluate that in any specific case. Also, (IMO) you really did nail it--the issue behind the issue in all of this--thanks.)

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

So it could be an option, a choice a model makes. Some may want to let shot date be known, and if so, it should be published. Could be published.
They're already disclosing whatever they choose to in their bios (I'm assuming -- there has been some recent question about whether they write their bios or not. See Milana K.)
You've also got things in there like age, height, weight, country et al.
Don't see why "date shot" should be any more "incriminating," or facilitating to a harasser.
There's a big model database that can give you a little more info about MetArt models:

But you're right -- it's gotta be on a case-by-case basis.

http://www.thenude.eu was the reason for some of TOP non-pro models to stop modeling because of rules of this site and because of spreading info. You will never see "Rylsky" in their photographers database - that was my reaction to their rules and policy that makes some models recognizable. I must say, I hate this site.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

Yes, I noticed there is a distinction between pro and non-pro models. Kristel was classed as pro. Which might explain in part why she's so effective...
They were using her MetArt bio; the only thing additional I got out of it besides Alice (in wonderland, no doubt :-) is that she's a twin, so to speak. Who knows if that's true?
Anyway, you gotta protect 'em like gold.

And BTW sorry about all this chatter Alysha!

Kristel was never PRO, but she was informed by me about all possible troubles before we made our first shot, Doug.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

According to Femjoy, Alice V, our beloved Kristel, has brown eyes and is from CZ, I guess the Czech Republic. Oh, and she is a Gemini.
Are they kidding or just blind?*
Enough of this, Rylsky! Just do at least another set with her! I'll pay!
Doug :-)

*Maybe they're just trying to throw stalkers off the trail :-)

1. Why you asked me about Femjoy? Ask me about RA, the only one project that I can manage. And I do care about real and private info of models, I just can't understand what useful in knowing ages or country of any model. And I only care about was it good and interesting photos or not.

2. Pay me? I will be as funny as you: it will take more money than all metart media sites asked for lifetime membership together:)

3. Seriously (to #2):
You'll see more sets we made together for free (I mean no extra payments needed) on MetArt for sure.

4. Please respect Alysha and nomore talk about other girls here.

have a nice day

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

The Femjoy thing was just to further illustrate the dubious nature of model info you've been stressing. And to put an end to this runaway thread :-)
As for paying you, I'll break the bank and fly you out here to do a set in an agreeable location.
Now there is an interesting fantasy :-)
I'm really happy to hear answer number 3.
Comments are a great feature, but can spark conversations that need another channel. Maybe a big general chat-room would work?
I'll see ya later. We're outta here, Alysha!

if it will be chat here - i think you will talk with fake person or with photographer who was fired or tired of shootings and nomore working, none of real photographers have time for chatting daily.

On personal site it is more reasonable and more forms of talk possible, even talk to some models 1 on 1 (as on my site became possible now).

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Your model thing could be interesting, and lead to who knows where. It's certainly Rylsky---- I mean risky!
But for MetArt just a way to move a conversation to a more appropriate place, so say we don't go off on tangents cluttering up Alysha's comments.
I'll head over to your site pretty soon. There's just so much to see here. And comments are fun and interesting, as you-know-who would say.
I need to compare her RA set with Pikno.
Among other things.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

One last out-of-sequence piece of the puzzle, Rylsky. If I had known where these amazing pics had come from when I got them off of another, free (of course) site 2 years ago, I wouldn't have just recently joined MetArt. But they (from Presenting Kristel) didn't have the MetArt watermark. It would be another almost 2 years before I found they had posted a few more of her (from Stoa) -- this time, bingo, with the MetArt logo. So here I am, better late than never, having lost 2 years of letting her and you know how great I think your work is (or was.) Now it looks to me like you've drifted apart, and she's wandered around making good money I guess with a more conventional appearance; she's still magical but not quite in the womanly way your eye captured.
So now you know why I'd like to see "date shot" posted. In the meantime, if it's not too late, get her back if she left!
And if indeed Pikno is recently shot, then I'll just say I knew it :-)
And sorry for hammering you on this; you've got a lot of other babes to attend to :-)

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

All possible troubles and then some :-)
That past tense worries me, Rylsky. I hope it doesn't mean you and her collaborating is a thing of the past. Because your photos of her are among the best I've seen in this genre -- the best I've seen, period. Several are iconic.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

Well, as wood chuck said, you should be very skeptical about the info on those sites!
I've thought of some questions I would ask her. And imagine answers that would sober me up like bitter medicine!

Good points Doug. Incidentally and by way of general information that might be useful to everyone, including the models, there are several large online databases--I'm familiar with the one you cited. For full disclosure, I myself have consulted several of the "meta" (if that's the right word) databases--not with any nefarious intent, but to find other sites on which a select few models appear. (Alysha is one of them.)

What's interesting about that is just that the model's 'personal' information--residence, personal interests, etc. conflicts and is largely contradictory from meta-site to site. My strong hunch is--and I would almost bet on this--that the only likely and reliably accurate information available to the general public about most models is their photos and videos. Beyond that, it's probably all fabricated, which is a good thing.

The contractual arrangements throughout the chain from model to agent to photographer to various middlemen (persons) to final gallery destination(s) probably vary widely as well.

The "meta" database sites are really only useful for one thing, which is finding other sites on which a particular model appears, and they are useful for that; which can be helpful, given that many models use multiple aliases and partial or full bio information sets--this can make finding a particular model's sets on other sites difficult.

The meta sites are good for finding links to other sites where a particular model also appears, but that's all they're good for--all other information--anything beyond the actual photographs and videos--is almost certainly false; a model can be from Ukraine, Australia and Singapore all at the same time. She could in reality be from Cleveland ... as a rule of thumb, I don't take any provided information about any model seriously, and that's a good thing, imo. The only information verifiably known is that a particular model exists, somewhere, and that the photos/videos more or less reflect what she looks like.

(One caveat: I do sincerely hope that the disclaimer stating that all models were at least 18 years of age when photographed is in all cases correct--if there are instances where it isn't, a whole lotta people could and Should be in a whole lotta trouble.)

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

Oh, gosh, wood chuck, with what you say there I have to doubt that age disclaimer as well!
We is up against a stone wall when it comes to what's beyond the digital image of our favorite model(s).
Milana's bio is a clear illustration of what you're saying. She, they, allow it to stand word for word the same as Kristel's, I guess to let a Kristel fan like me know that I know nothing about "Kristel" beyond the thousands of photos of her I can download.
And that I never will.
Caveat emptor!
Thanks for the disillusionment. Seriously :-)

BTW, I guess it's only fair, since they know nothing about us either, except for the digital image we present.

Have a good night!

1. "...Met starts including "Date Shot"..."

- MET starts to display "models age at first shoot", not date of shoot. It was very good for all of models when MET stops display models age. It was a gift for harassers to know the birthdate. Now we kick them off. Thanks, METART.
It shows that met-art cares about models, most of erotic sites do not. And it is a real problem for a real girl.

2. I will answer about technique if I can, but not about girls, dates, etc.

  • Neil
  • 12 months ago:

I noticed that if you look at the top of this page, you will find three bars labeled Series:, Model and Photographer. If you click on Model, you find some data about the model, including age when shot. In
Alysha's case 23. If you go to her profile page, you find age when first shot. In Alysha's case 21. Alysha's first metart set was released in 2011. You can guess she was 21 in 2011 and is 23 now. This is all the info we can have regarding her age. It is probably more info than we actually need. The Mona Lisa is almost 500 years old and is still a master piece.

Neil, Alysha's first video and this set was made in same year and she was neither 21 nor 23 years on both sets.

Neil, you are the best, so sad we have no yearly awards for "best commentator of the year" at MA.

But we have this prize at RA.

  • Neil
  • 12 months ago:

Thank you.

Ry Now I understand better about the lack of info, and I really respect you for trying to help protect them. And I respect your openness that you let the individual model call the shot on this issue. But as Neil points out Met does give enough info to figure their approximate current age. But I think you missed my point. My "date shot" came up over the bush v. bare confusion of the extremes between two sequential posts. Not looking for it as personal info but so we would know if a particlar set was an "archive" or recent one.

Thanks for detailed comment, but let me ask you:
Why it will makes you feel better if you will know what order was sets made?
What for we need the girl's ages on a gallery of erotic site?
What for members need all skin recognizable details and issues (moles, etc)?
What for members investigate EXIF of files to know all details including cameras, dates, etc ON EROTIC SITE?
Why members investigate on forums real info about birth-date, country, city where model lived or shoot made?

I need your answers, because 90+% of people who investigate this was the people who harassed models. You have no idea how many 100s of models hate all of us because of members and non-members who create such forums and investigations. You have no idea how many top models stop modeling because of this.

please ENJOY MetArt, and girls will be happy. if girls will be happy - they will keep modeling for you - the final point is:
you will be HAPPY.


  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

I think there's one simple reason, Rylsky, I would want to know the approximate date a set was shot: to see how the model changes through time.
But giving that date presents an obvious problem for a site that tries to offer new updates every day. If your newest update was actually shot a year ago, people are going to be disappointed.
So I guess we're just left having to guess, using our eyes, intuition et al.
Certainly knowing when photos were taken would give an extra dimension to them, since, as I think Susan Sontag said, photographs are about time.
So it's food for thought, and a conundrum. That somebody would even want to know the date suggests a deep interest in the photo's subject, that other person who is revealing so much and yet so little about herself. It's too bad the world has to be ruled by the bad behavior of a few people, but that is usually the way it is.
Anyway, I do agree with all the comments about respecting people personally.
And I think a great movie could be made, or story written, about the real life of an erotic model :-)

thank you for interesting comment.
as i said , most of our models don't want to be "more real" because of way of thinking of people around.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

Well, if you know of any who would like to share more, by all means let them do so. I think it could be done without raising the risk too high. No risk, no reward. Just the same old same old.

I did it many times when model agreed. On my site I start blogs for models. If they want - you can ask them whatever you want.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

You get my heart pounding, Rlysky! I have to think about that. I was planning on touring your site anyway. Thanks.

I have looked at it without full access, and noticed that I couldn't enlarge the comments fonts -- they remained too small. I'm using a Mac.

You 're welcome to "Rlysky".

btw, I must start to collect how members used so many different typos of RYLSKY name, your try was something fresh and new for me. Mostly it was "Rilski, Risky..."

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

I didn't notice that. Must have been the heat of the moment!

Your name is actually not that hard to either spell or say.

We tend to mix up a string of consonants :-) And there's not a single vowel to break yours up.

Just remember: rill-skee.

Now how would you spell that? Certainly not with an "l" before a "y."

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

You could be known as the risky, or risk-taking, Rylsky, in an artistic sense, at least :-)

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

Don't worry about the fonts Rylsky. I switched to Firefox and now they enlarge.
Safari was not enlarging them.

I am not, it must be for programmers, not for photographers, Doug

  • Neil
  • 12 months ago:

If you do the math and the Date When Shot adds up, at least you know the photos are recent.. more than that? Does it realy matter? I am disabled so I spend a lot of time in my chair coming up with bothersome questions. But I can live with my unanswered questions if it helps Rylsky maintain the ladies privacy so they can live in peace among their neighbors. Most of MetArt's models, even the western European and American models, work for only two to four years before moving on to other interests. So the real goal is to keep the models reputation and personal life intact so she can look back on her modeling career with personal pride.

Neil, I hope you are sitting comfortable in your armchair and you have a good cup of perfect tea.
Now listen: it is not math, the day of publication is a day that displayed at MetArt, not the date of photo was made:) Now you know why it is unuuussseeable even for greatest mathematics if he tried to search for bithdate with this info. but we know that not all the sites do it the way METART do. I am proud to inform you that this was our agreement (MetArt and Rylsky) with changing dates at MetArt.
We have models protected much better now. But ONLY if they are exclusive models of METART and not working everywhere (and with sites with more info displayed).

  • Neil
  • 12 months ago:

Russia is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. -- Winston Churchill

The lighting style used here is referred to as "high key" lighting. They are not overexposed, Gary just does not like it. Alysha is stunning, and I think Rylsky has done another stellar job in capturing her beauty.

The light is good in this set from Rylsky:-) Alysha is a blonde dream:-) One Angel to kiss every day all over... It's a pure Sweety...

There's little I can add to what's been said about this set.
Exquisite... If MetArt needed a "poster girl", Alysha would be the obvious choice. ALL her sets are beautiful, but this one stands out as
none other! Absolutely brilliant work by model and artist!!

MetArt don't need any poster girl from Rylsky. At least none of my models was used in MetArt's first page or advertising of a site since 2006.

If you see I said "if"... This means no one will ask Rylsky to contribute to "poster"...;o)


Perfect set. Love each and every pose.
.. and the model, well she must be an earth angel.

I'd migrate to Estonia if I could only work out where it was.

My god! I'll be honest, to date I've thought Alysha was 'nice', but in my eyes, that was all. This set has completely blown my mind, and completely changed my opinion. Alysha is 100% supermodel. Divine. Absolutely divine!

  • Gary
  • 12 months ago:

Not up to standard. Rylsky can do better. Overexposed, repetitive poses.

please let me know maybe poses that you missed here.

and please maybe you can give me link to any image in this gallery that was "overexposed". But imagine: here on planet Earth we still have rare girls who have creamy white FAIR skin.

Control over focus and depth of field are always a challenge. Well done!

  • H WU
  • 12 months ago:

Alysha is a class by herself.She didn't need background .Very nice set.

I agree, Alysha always looks incredible....come to think of it though....with a face and body like that, it would be hard not to.

Penake - Pleasant. Yes! She Is! Alysha, eres está gratamente abrir! Oh Sí, nena muñeca! Y eres tan moje, también. Alysha gracias,para abriendo!

Outstanding set of Alysha pictures, well done.

Alysha, as always, looks fantastic (I like the curls in her hair).
She has gorgeous blue eyes, a great body, fabulous legs, and one of the prettiest faces on Met Art.

It's easy to see why she's consistently one of the top 10 models.

Very nice Ryskly, many thanks!

  • Neil
  • 12 months ago:

120 photographs of a beautiful tall blonde in a black corset and nothing else. Alysha is as stunning as ever, with her luxurious long, light blonde hair and radiant blue eyes. Very nice.

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