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I can't help myself. I must speak again. This fabric on this model with this photographer...........

R, sir, what was the fate of the dress?

I always look for choice and use of clothing (or the very nice lack therof).

If anyone could direct me to better (or equal), please do. I have waiting a folder named: "Unlikely".

The light zebra pattern of the wallpaper -I hope to see it again. Even though white, it works with white. And the headboard is lovely. But wish for one or the other.

So many headboards are a serious challenge. If temporary removal is possible or allowed, consideration should be given.

I have no expectation that you will be back here to read this Rylsky, but I simply MUST write it.

In my eyes, this is the best set you have ever produced of this magnificent woman!! Everything about it and HER is breathtaking!!

Close. Eyes. Now. Must. Breath.

Very beautiful, not quite excellent work, but this is the reason that I travel to Europe and Ukraine as often as I do. The women are beautiful, they carry themselves with a style and grace not seen in many other parts of the world.
Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and as I see more I appreciate the little things more, the smile, the eyes or upturned nose... One time I enlarged a picture of a models face to be sure, but a freckle on her nose was the shape of a heart....
Enjoy life, the little things as well as the big things, enjoy the beauty around you...thank you Rylsky for the opportunity to see this piece of beauty in the world...

Alysha is really like a Doll:-) I like very much job like this from Rylsky. Much more with a Lollipop like Alysha A... Kisses all over Sweety:-)

Sixty four comments in 22 hours. Is this a record?

Alysha is a fabulous beauty, Her costume sets her beauty off, displays rather than hides it. The set is also perfect for her coloring

first page: full of win.

Seriously, THAT face with THAT hairdo? Perfect.

Contrary to some of the reviews below, this set did absolutely nothing for me. Many of the shots had the model in clothes. The model is a skinny assed, flat chested, not so pretty woman. So, what's the big deal? It must be all those pussy close-up shots (turn-off). Must be a bunch of gynecologists.

Thanks for the heads up, dl in progress.

Frankieboaby, you are most definitely in the minority with your opinion.
Alysha is one of the most beautiful women on Met Art, and her continual place in the top 10 (usually top 5) in popularity, only proves my point.

I guess to really understand your feelings about Alysha, I will need for you to give me an example of what you consider a beautiful woman.

Is there any particular model on Met Art that fits your description of a beautiful or gorgeous woman???

click on his name and you'll see all his comments. you will see what way set must be done and what models he ranked as top.
1 day ago:

Just the way I like it. Clean shaven, totally nude, no clothing, no costume, no jewelry. Hair cut to the right length. Nice boobs and ass. Excellent poses. Excellent photography. Nice setting. Overall a 10+.
Date published: 07.10.2013
Title: Presenting Marisol
Featuring: Marisol A
1 week ago:
Excellent color and skin tones. The model is a bombshell. The set is 10+.
Date published: 01.10.2013
Title: Dazada
Featuring: Marta E


Both of those girls have very lovely faces and good bodies but are way over endowed especially Marta. But, to each his own that is why Metart has all sizes and shapes.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I was thinkin' the same thing, Browning. No question tastes differ!

Somebody didn't get his coffee this morning. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so you must have one hell of a lot of ugly to make her look bad. Travel on buddy there is something for all tastes on Metart. Big chested tattooed broads are elsewhere I'm afraid.

"Somebody" love President Truman more vs. Mr. Obama not because Truman was the best but because today "somebody" has half of teeth only vs. times when Truman was The President. Same with music, clothes and everything around...

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Bring back the good old daze! :-)

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Keeping searching, Frankie -- you might finally see the light :-)

Thank you very much. Feels like home again

Super feminine babe rocket.

Tip to tail... she's smokin'.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

25 -- gorgeous.
27 -- cool eyeliner enhances that deep look...
28, 29 -- a little more "here" than sometimes...:-)
30 -- that pretty hair could be a shade less bright...
31 -- if she wants, she can give you a sexy look :-)
34 -- her good side :-?
36 -- guess she's not prepubescent! :-)
38 -- is that her? Very interesting.
48 -- classic :-) 51 -- diva on a divan :-)
54 -- someday we'll get to see her pubic hair, and that will be a real thrill :-)
58 -- for what it is, a great shot.
66 -- looks good with her head turned bashfully...
68 -- ready to play :-) 71 -- present and accounted for :-)
79, very nice. 80: why Rylsky uses full-frame single-focal-lengths :-)
89 -- very nice effect! 90: your teeth are fine, sweetie! :-)
91, 93 -- very nice, especially 93.
95 -- that's right, Alysha -- you're real!
96 -- fascinating. 102 -- it looks super-sensitive! :-)
107 -- Alysha fully engaged :-) 110 -- a beauty. 111 -- relaxed!
116 -- elegant. 121 -- ultra-beautiful.

OMG! Just when I think it can't get any better! What a goddess and what a perfect outfit, hair style and setting. This set is mind boggling. That first page was "IT" for me. Even sexier than the naked shots! #2, 3, and 4 totally blew me away. That cute butt in that awesome outfit could seduce a statue! I could not have designed a better set for my erotic desires. The colors and richness of the setting work with that outfit and Alysha's magnificent body to create a vision as sensual as any I have seen. I have never been a fall guy for blonds but this set had me in it's spell well before I finished the first page.

Alysha is wonderful and her skill as a model is awesome together with Rylsky's talents they took this set to a whole new level. I don't know if that is an actual room or just a photo set but it is a masterpiece. The change in the middle to that elegant blue sofa just served to enhance the Greek goddess image Photo#51 is a classic and the change to dress again in the end was perfect.

Alysha takes my breath away. Every single photo is pure perfection. I can't imagine a better set.

Greek goddess.

Lovely Alysha, Rylsky captures your perfect form in stunning fashion.
The first 5 shots of you in the translucent cover are absolutely breathtaking.
The balance of the set is mind blowing!
Too much of you is never enough!


it is so

I salute you, Rylsky, you are firing on all cylinders this week.
After seeing Feeona's spectacular set yesterday, I thought there was no way you could possibly approach that level of excellence again within weeks or months, but I was wrong.
Brava to Alysha, and bravo to you for this exceptionally beautiful and stimulating set!

it's not me, it's MetArt editors. it is 2 years between 2 sets

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

So might you tell us the years on these sets, or at least which one is newer?

...or just give me 1-2 reason(s) why you need it to know.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I will give you one specific reason why. A few weeks ago I made extensive comments about an outdoor set you did with Alysha that you had referred me to. She is so much better in this set -- I mean healthier-looking, happier -- that I have to wonder whether my critique had any effect on this set.
BTW, I doubt it, and I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to say. But you asked!
See, Rylsky, we (I'll presume to say) really want to think that what we say matters to the models, as well as to the photographers.

Honestly, in your "reasons" i see no reasons about clarify dates of shoot. that's why I still think it's useless at all.

ok, about health (here in this set) was brilliant: she has flu started this day. so now we know how our vision (and makeup artist) fools us.


  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I think I meant more a healthy, engaged attitude.
But if we can't say by looking, that's why we -- or I -- need a date, or at least a year.
But this is from my point of view. You already know the answers, so of course it may seem useless to you.
Try imagining what it would be like if you wanted to know -- like surely you do when you first meet a model.

I like some movies, some photography for years and more as spectator, not as detective Holmes, I really doncare what year of creation of "Some Like It Hot" with M.Monroe. I really never asked anybody how old was she. It was just best comedy movie with all the things that I like.

If we talk about erotica that was my - I will never ask how old was models in movies of Andrew Blake... or models that I liked at Metart in 2002-2005.

I am always confused why members need dates or ages to know if they like photos or movies. because art have no dates, it only make you happy or not. Time stand still when we see Mona Lisa as well.

I agree totally with you. The beauty of visual art is that it "catches a moment in time" Forty years from some young lad will see these and go "Grandma, You were hot!" Hell with Alysha she still may be hot at 60+. Many years ago Drew Barrymore did a feature for Playboy. When asked about why she did it she said something along the lines, "I may never be as comfortable with my body as I am right now, that's why!"

BTW, it will be funny to ask Drew again :
- Ok, why pose for Playboy only?

I remember Dita Von Teese answered that she was a model for porn movies of Andrew Blake for many reasons, and I remember very well that 1 of her main reasons: fee money was sent to some fund to help some people.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

The foregoing exchange illustrates my point about the value of knowing more about a model than just her image :-) It turns out there is a reason for knowing more, a very good reason, even if you can't say what it is at the time.

Where are both Dita and Drew from???
Don't compare public well known actress with amateur models from Eastern Europe. Why don't you feel the difference? Only you know why. You have 2 ways to understand it finally:
- trust me
- Live in formed-USSR countries for 1-2 years, talk to people, make your photos in MetArt style with models here, public it in Internet with all models biography go online and then try to stay alive.

When somebody told you do not eat bad smelling fish - will you try it 3-4-5-6-7 times or just will trust your nose and good advices?

Rylsky, I admire you for keeping your models identities as private as possible.

Met Art is fantasy....nothing more.
We have no right to know any more than the model wishes to share about her life.
In fact it is none of our business. Her private life is her business.

None of us will ever meet any of these woman....so what is the point of knowing where a model lives?....or her "real" name?....or "actual" age?

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Agreed agreed agreed. Let the model decide! They do on your site, Rylsky :-)
BTW, I have never asked, or felt the need to ask, where a model lives, or what her real name is, or what her birthday or birth year is. This whole thing began today when I asked if Rylsky could at least tell us which set was done earlier, Alysha's or Feeona's. Go back and look at the record.
Any "safe" additional info would be welcome on any model that I'm interested in or care about -- and there are very few. Just call me human -- sorry.

Doug, I think I understand your initial request.

If you do not know the date of a set, then how do you know if the photographer is actually listening to your suggestion/critique to a certain set?
How would you know if the photographer has made an attempt to incorporate any suggestions if the set you commented on is in reality "newer" than the upcoming set (since the upcoming set may in fact have been shot earlier than the previous set).

Confusing enough yet???:)

If you commented about this set and asked for a change, but the next set from Alysha was actually shot before this one, then your suggestion really meant nothing.

Is this your concern Doug?

If so, then I guess that's something that will need to be left unknown.

As Rylsky stated admirably, he will not give out any information that concerns his models so as to protect their identity and safety.

Even if we don't understand why something that we consider an innocent question needs to be kept private, Rylsky assures us it is crucial and this information must be kept private for the sake of the model.

We really have no right to any information about these models.

My guess is Rylsky answer is quite simple....enjoy the beautiful women.
As I stated earlier, this site is all about fantasy (let your imagination wander wherever it may go).

I hope my comment isn't offensive in any way (I'm just trying to understand the situation/question a little better.

Thanks Doug.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

My point was, Browning, that even that first question could not be answered.
I guess Rylsky feared it was the beginning of a slippery slope :-)
You're right -- in this situation it is all about fantasy and guessing, because we are generally given so little info about the models -- and what we are given we are warned is questionable.
On the other hand, we have Kei and Jeff telling us all about themselves blogging on Rylskys's site.
That's why I say we should leave up to the model what info she shares about herself, and what comments she chooses to respond to. And that is because we are fellow human beings, even if only communing on the internet.
I'm going to assume that Rylsky agrees with me on this. If he says no to additional info, I will have to believe that's how the model wants it.

in short what makes me not happy with your "simple curiosity":
- you show taht you feel no dufference pro vs. amateur model
- you didn't show even 1 good reason for your curiosity but keeps on talking about how much you want it
- i know what can make harrasser with information about even comparing of sets. easy. 3 clicks and get real girl in Internet

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

"simple curiosity" -- your words, not mine.

You're right -- I don't know the difference between pro and amateur model -- or the significance. I'd love for you to tell me.
Also, please tell me what you think is a "good" reason for me wanting to know more about a model?

If Alysha and Feeona and Kristel, among others, are being targeted by harassers, then I suppose extraordinary caution is needed in order to protect them. Still, what is Kei's and Jeff's secret? Maybe we all could learn something from how they deal with the interest members show in them.

I can't help you if you didn't read my answers, all was written already here.
I see how much time waster to go circle here. I just will keep silence, I hope it will be better.

"I don't know the difference between pro and amateur model"
it clearly shows that you don't read my answers. the keyword was USSR

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Got it! USSR = amateur.
And the other women mentioned are American pros.
Yet your amateurs are being paid, right? And doing a lot of sets. In some circles, that would qualify as pro.

Still, I think I understand what you're saying.
So it's oppressive and fraught with danger. Yet it is still done. Strange!

How long do you allow yourself to be oppressed? That's the question any person or group of people suffering oppression have to ask. It's the first step to freedom.

Thanks for trying to hang with me in English. I could not do the same in Russian!

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I think we want to know more BECAUSE we like something, not to know IF we like something.
Agreed, maybe we shouldn't ask how a sausage is made, and just dumbly enjoy it :-)
But you'll note the massive literature on the Mona Lisa.
Reminds me of a model with a Mona Lisa smile...:-)
Anyway, I do wish you would consider publishing some kind of date for when the work was actually done.

I will try to say it once again with strongest words for your better understanding.

You must know that if we clarify something here just for your curiosity (and without ANY REASON)- keep in mind that your curiosity can kill model career and break real girl's life for years. If you know this - are you still curious and f*** the model's privacy and life?

I hope I will never get this kind of question anymore. I know that nobody unsubscribed from RylskyArt.com because I have nothing there about models ages or dates of sets was made.

At least i have no complains from any member since my site was launched online. It proves all my words that was said before.

If you love erotic models from "former - USSR" countries here - stop your investigations and keep on enjoying their beauty. Or if you don't want them anymore - feel free and follow the way of thenude.eu or other forums with curious people who curiously stop modeling careers of 100s of models.

Ry, I was one who wanted more until you made me aware of this very problem a month or two back. I haven't asked that type of question since. I know you don't give a shit about compliments, your work stands on its own. But this is about you personally not your art. Thank you, you try and protect your "girls" and I doubt it because they are an asset, I feel it is because you care about them. So don't blow this off, accept my compliment. Wish more were like you...

I see at least some members now have changed they mind and understand what it is all about.
That's why I am still in contact with all of members who have respect to our work or at least talk to us the way of Gentleman - because I see it's useful. If somebody talk to me or models like they talk with their dogs or whores - he just show who is he, not us.

thank you.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Love or fear -- we can see what's winnin' out here :-)

I won't ask you any more about when a set was shot, though you did say 2013 for one several weeks ago.

Here's a solution. Have models who want to join MetArt comments. Just like us, they can say whatever they choose to.

If I said about some dates - it was not secret and will not do harm for model.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I was *subtly* referencing another set, and you volunteered that Yani's last set was done in 2013. Nearly floored me! :-)

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

BTW, Rylsky, have you noticed that Alysha seems to set off philosophical discussions :-?

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I should add I haven't seen enough of Alysha to support my fanciful notion. Still, I like to think I'm heard by ones I love :-)

no way, sorry

Alysha is beautiful, elegant and fantastically open and sexy in this set. Thank you, Alysha! Rylsky, Great photography, Thank you.

Welcome back Alysha blonde, transparent fairy coming in from the cold.
As beautiful as a Greek goddess to which you stole the hairstyle full of curls.
Your beauty has excited the imagination of Rylsky
and Rylsky has created a set of sophisticated and explicit eroticism,
a sparkling set.
10+ Alysha - 10+ Rylsky

Elegant and seductive are words that come to mind. Loved so much about the photos ... the hair-do, the see-through dress, the mirror shots ... let alone the model herself; Alysha you are stunning!!!

  • Neil
  • 11 months ago:

This is a beautiful photoset, as perfect as it can be. Well, it may not be perfect; that is for Rylsky to say. But I do not know how it could be better. Alysha is a world class beauty, so noble, so elegant and so sophisticated. Beautifully rich and regal setting and wardrobe. All as perfect as one could expect. Great job Rylsky. Alysha, you are beautiful

This is one of the best sets I've seen in a while when all things are considered. 10/10!

Alysha, who is already one of my favorite ladies on Met, looks beautiful as ever. You are absolutely luminous here, my dear. I don't need to look at one of your sets before downloading it, because you never disappoint. Never. But this set has far exceeded my high expectations. You are the very embodiment of everything a man could want. Thank you once again for sharing your incomparable beauty with us. It is such a treat to see you.

Rylsky, I hope very much that you read this, because I cannot compliment your work here enough. This should be required viewing for other photographers. This is a veritable how to for shooting a fair haired beauty in a light environment. A few times lately I have seen this similar combination, and the model's skin tone has come off looking unnatural. This is masterful work. Alysha's skin is radiant, and every single element is just perfect. The set, Alysha's hair, makeup and wardrobe are all lovely. The post production is not overdone.

Met Art is most successful when you combine a beautiful model and a skillful artist behind the camera. And this is a winning combination. A beautiful lady and a talented photog who is passionate about their work makes for some really incredible viewing.

Bravo to the both of you!

I am ready to read here negatives about her dress, about no skin problems visible for our dear members with dermatologyphilia...and of course i am ready for people who will say it was crap set because she is not unshaven and because she is not circus acrobat to make 120 different poses on every set (by the way, i will be happy to see what poses our members use daily in their life and why model must be crazy ballerina to please them and make them happy)...

Be sure I always read comments.
thank you even when I see nothing what i can take to attention in your comment. it's just a long compliment, very pleasant but nothing to answer from me

IMO, there are no negatives here. Not with Alysha, not with this set. I agree with theater dreamer that the one thing that stands out in Alysha sets (at least the last 2) by Rylsky is how her skin looks radiant and natural. As for the poses, all I ask for is a nice mix, no acrobatics necessary, just not 20 of same of position. I don't believe I have ever had issue with poses for your sets.

Rylsky, I dare not say this set is perfect, knowing the scolding you will give me if I do. Let me say then that this is among the best here, in my opinion of course. That is due not only to Alysha for her display of beauty, but to you for capturing it for us to see.

dermatologyphilia.... circus acrobat... U R Nut. (; LMAO!

sit, relax, read what members dislike or like and you will go crazy.

where are you from? what language you speak?

where are you from? what language you speak?

Our elegant Estonian is back. Time to fall in love with her all over again. Alysha is so beautiful from every angle that there is no other possible reaction. She's a classical Greek goddess (love the hair!) with a much prettier face than any of them ever had. xoxo

Great set, Rylsky. I keep looking for things to criticize and can't find any. You're in a rut!

  • Tony
  • 11 months ago:

But do those Greek Goddess have the beautiful pussy to go along with the beautiful face

if you do not know the Greek goddesses is your problem not ours

Maybe a perfecto coño! Just a little wrinkle of her labia is outta place?! ((;


Nope. I'll take Alysha any day.

I say that the doctor should order it

So beautiful Alysha!

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