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I did not ever see a more beautiful woman than Alysha.
Her body is perfect plus her face is very pretty too but it is her blue eyes and smile which makes her most beautiful.

My lord she is pretty! She is rather tall at 175cm and she has great legs to go with this height. She has wonder legs and derriere plus she has a pretty face and beautiful blue eyes to go with her blonde hair. She has it all! She is so beautiful in every way. Rylsky is the best too.

I keep forgetting to write that she has a great labia. She has beautiful skin also. Her skin looks very soft.

Being a photographer myself, I often comment about technical photographic issues I see, and of course I notice the girls too, and usually have nice words for them. With this set, I have only compliments- gorgeous Alysha, good setting but not too distracting, excellent lighting, good variety of poses, some artistic, some more revealing (and very exciting!) so kudos to Rylsky, very nice job!

Oh, by the way, would Alysha like to visit California? ;-)

Dunno about Alysha, but Rylsky planned to visit California in late 2013. Sad, but it became impossible, maybe in 2014...
One of my reasons to visit CA is that one of my favorite models live there (yes, she is from top models page of MA and RA)

must we learn Spanish or it's just a rumor?

it just depends on what part of CA. It's a BIG state.

If they live in the USA and don't speak English, find someone who does. :) I wouldn't live in Italy and not speak Italian.

Not necessary but helpful...;o)

This is a great set alright, but for me, neither Rylsky nor Alysha will ever surpass the beauty and overall appeal of Temeliju... I nearly went mad looking at that one!! I'll never understand how a photographer can maintain composure while shooting this breathtaking beauty! I would be fired (or SHOT!) by the end of the job!!

hmm.. from MetArt galleries of her?
but why not "Puent" or "Seductor" or "Heldin" or "Chila"???

and why not "Suvel" or "Trinitia" from RylskyArt.com?

I think we've got something mind-blowing, but this will be movie coming in RylskyArt's "week of movies" in Jan 2014.

Because hair, make-up, setting, lighting etc. Unique to each...
Movie...? of Alysha...? Now you want more of my money!!?....
ok....I will. But you should know...I don't like movies... Models always look uncomfortable and not being directed very well... You can do better?? We shall see. Thank you

1. I appreciate that you understand that we make difference in sets with my models in make-up, setting, lighting etc - I am really happy members see it, not only poses.
2. I don't need your money, but without members money - no movies and no photos possible to do then... BTW, no makeup, setting, locations as well.
3. I prefer photos TOO. that's why I am photographer. but sometimes I see my model doing something special in a movie and I want to inform my members (= my friends) about it.

Thank you

I give my money happily, for such beauty as found no where else.
I do appreciate details and differences in all sets. Most sets have very similar poses of model, but the things I mentioned change with each and make the overall impression of the set. I look forward to this movie that Rlysky is so excited about...;o) I also look forward to a very satisfying experience at R.A. Most of my favorite models are there... And soon I will be there also...;o) And thanks is to you for making life more enjoyable for "Joe Six-Pak"...lol I hope you are able to come to California next year...maybe you like it and stay...?? Bring all your beautiful models over also?? ;o) Maybe they like California better than Siberia...LOL

California better than Siberia.
0.1% Russian models are from Siberia.
look at the map and read at least free wikipedia.

some years ago we are all laughed here on many jokes about "chinese quality". so now we have all from china, including luxury brands. stamps are for idiots, really.

I see you did not understand my reference to Siberia as being cold, and California being warm. This is not a "cliche" to me...only a meteorlogical comparison... You jump to conclusions too quickly comrade...;o) This is indeed a new world from the cold war years to now is no comparison. And with "chat" here comes misunderstandings and much is confused in translation. I mean no disrespect and have much regard for Russia and her people...even Siberia ;o)

This was good example of "sarcasm"... I know models not from Siberia... I only make joke but you not laughing... Sorry.

Making jokes with people from other countries is never a good idea. In Russia they have many sayings that mean nothing to us and here it is the same. With the language barrier thrown in it is very easy to cause misunderstandings. Each country has it's own unique humor and people from other places have no point of reference. I am sure that Russia is like America even people from different parts of the country have unique humor.

This guy seems to misunderstand a lot hipshot...best to not engage further...

Just wanted to add my 10+ for model and photog.

There are certain combinations of model and photog that just seem to work so well together and today we have two of them posted. In the case of this set, Alysha shot by Rylsky always turns out fantastic. Alysha has to be one of the finest models here, and Rylsky captures her so well for us. Like the lacy top with her nipples pointing out(7,15,16), very erotic and creative. Then there are those amazing close shots 36-40. Whew! What a team, what a set!

Wow, This woman is a goddess! This set really blew me away! I have always liked Alysha but Rylsky's photo's in this set are mind blowing! This girl has it all from head to toe. Those intimate closeups are nothing short of spectacular. I am glad I was sitting down when I got to that series of shots beginning with #36 because they are enough to make me week in the knees not to mention making my mouth water like Pavlov's dogs. That is the most spectacular butterfly I think I have ever seen. It would be easy to convince myself that is virgin territory the way there appears to be just the tiniest of entrances there. That is my idea of absolute perfection. The really amazing thing is that when you manage to tear your eyes away from that delicious morsel you realize that the rest of her is just as fine. The flip side is the tightest butt anywhere. The view in #60 is unbelievable! To bad there was no such view without the dress in the way. You don't often see such a full view when a girl is standing with her legs together. Talk about inviting!

I am usually not a fan of blonds because it usually comes from a bottle but in those fantastic closeups it appears that this is natural. As is everything else we are privileged to see.

Mr Rylsky, My complements, You filled my wish list in this set in a very spectacular fashion!

thank you for special compliments

I just squeaked like a fangirl.


LOL Completely understandable!

No just a natural reaction!

Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous girl!

Alyssha always seductive!

Alysha A, always beautiful, top 5 IMO. Excellent set.

I agree, this gorgeous model is in my personal top 3 at Met along with Feeona A and Zelda B

top 5, top 3...
Guys you are lucky, because for most of guys in our days even 1 woman is more than enough. My best wishes to you and take care of yourself: you need to be Superman when you have your top 5 in your house.

Viagra....and a defibrillator to restart my heart....or a priest to give me my last rites:)

Thanks Guys for the welcome back nice to know as a female i'm appreciated by you guys and hipshot131 ain't much of a story really just drove a 150ft rig too long and went to change a flat tyre forgot to hit the tyre lug with a hammer loosing it off before totaly taking the wheel nut off the lug just flew off and hit my ass lucky i'm 6ft tall otherwise if i had'nt stood up at the right time it would have either hit me in the noggin or my breasts and at my age i still proud of them as they still stand firm,erect just like Lily C's joys of driving too long and being tired but the 4 months in hospital cost me freight business had to sell up got a daughter to bring up by myself now but still riding my 1200cc Shovel Head Harley they sure knew how to built them in the old days in Milwarkee cheers guys

Well done from Rylsky...

With this short black dress,
Alysha is prettier than a Princess.
This blonde Girl of my dreams,
is sweeter than an ice-cream.
Kisses all over to this beautiful Flawless,
from the Country of sweet Chocolates:-)

the Country of sweet Chocolates
let us know, please!

I'll travel next year to St. Petersburg... Should I bring a lot of Chocolates?:-)))))

I think you can find famous chocolate in Russian supermakts, but handmade choco truffels is a good gift and rare in our shops. Take it as great addition to some romantic date in Cafe.


St. P. ? Good choice.

As architecture and culture - it must be the real capital of Russia. At least it is still the Capital Of Tourism in Russia. But this town was created as most non-Russian place on Russian Empire territory, mostly because of all architectors was West European, and none of them follows the rules of Orthodox Christian religion or Islamic architecture as well.

Choose summer and White Nights season, but it takes more money

I know, I was in St. Petersburg already 6 Times between 2007 and 2013... St. Petersburg is a half way between Paris and Venice. It's called the Venice of North... I visited the Hermitage and the Vladimirskaya Church 3 years ago. Very interesting:-) I recommend You to visit one time Venice (in Italy) before the City goes under the water... It's a perfect City for Artists...

Handmade choco truffels? Thank You for Your advice:-):-):-)

Great to know you visit Petersburg so many times! I hope yoiu visited another cities as well to see what Russia is outside 2 capitals (SPB+ Moscow).
Thanks for your advice about Venice, I fully agree with you about this town is very interesting. Italy is a favorite "touristic" country of my wife, BTW. For me personally Italy is cuisine... I love it! ...but Italian chocolate of course is not my choice for buying.


Italian wine, Italian food, Spaghetti, Pizza, Olio di oliva, Lasagne...:-)


Belgium or Swiss.

my choice is Belgium, I prefer it for my gifts and for my guests
But he said "sweet". maybe it is about "milk chocolate"


Or Pennsylvania...;o) lol

"Secret details..." ;o)

Rylksy captured her well as always loved this series love Alysha's perky erect nipples poking through her top spreading her legs wide open revealing all of her glory as usual in sensual sexy poses love the backgroung setting it really highlights Alysha A's blonde hair,creamy skin,lovely trimmed vagina pink labia lips of hers sexy blue eyes,cute sexy ass of hers in sensual poses and angles and would be nice to see another movie of her again and she's still a beautiful as ever nice to see her back with MetArt again she certaintly has'nt lost that sweet sexy body of hers as for her smile i have to dissagree with Sailor i personaly think that Sapphira A has the sweetest smile sorry Sailor but that's my point of view as a female but she is very sweet and beautifull to me as always and Hi nihil nice to see you too did you miss the only female member within Metart had i run in with my kenworth truck a wheel nut blew off and put a nice hole in my left cheek butt laid me up for 4 months but its nice to see that some of the guys missed me and my quirky Aussie comments nice to be back too and Rylky never seem to dissapoint me within his photoshoots or movies he certainly brings out the best with his models Alysha A sure has'nt lost her sexuality and confidence at all thats for sure like to see more of her within Metart in the future to come miss her with MetArt Rylsky should release more of her to Metart and yes she would drive a man crazy with that sweet body of hers !!!!

Sapphira is not from Estonia rags....sorry.

Good on ya, Rags. That sounds like one of those incidents that keep rippling through your life in nasty ways, but you seem to have more than enough sand to deal with it. BTW, I was a single father for years, and I quickly learned that all the alternatives were unacceptable. Those years with my little girl may have been the best of my life. (She is now the mother of two of my grandkids.)

On to Alysha: If you reread my comment, you'll see that I only gave her the Estonian title. I stand by that deeply researched, scientific decision. As for the world, I'll see your Sapphira and raise you one Lorena.

All the best


welcome back.

Hi Rags, Glad to see ya back Mate. Sorry about what must have been a real painful experience. Jeez, them lug nuts ain't small potatoes. I can't see that being a small hole. Lucky it didn't get ya somewhere fatal. I'd love to hear the story of how that happened.

Hope things are workin out for ya.

Alysha is always perfectly beautiful, with her lovely blonde hair and placid blue eyes. Such a beautiful tall slender body. And Alysha poses with such poise and ease. She seems to be very confident and at ease with her sexuality.

I have it on good authority that Alysha has the sweetest, prettiest smile in Estonia. And, as we can all see from this set, the rest of her is in the same league. She says in her bio that she likes to "drive mens mind crazy." She can do that with me any time she likes. (Don't tell her that she already does at considerably longer distance than I would like.)

I very much doubt that anyone can be considered an authority on that subject - after all, they would have to see every smile in Estonia to be able to say that one was sweeter and prettier than all the rest, and who has the time for that?

Having said that, she sure looks sweet and pretty to me!

Some guy in a bar told me,

Was that an Estonian bar!! lol

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