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Rylsky, how do you keep from coming in your pants when you're photographing Alysha?

Easy. Just try to imagine camera and lens in your 2 hands, 1 eye watching viewfinder (1 inch, not your 50" plasma TV), think about poses, light and people around. OK? good , now try to relax and yoiur pants will be always dry front and only wet (sweat) part will be rear.


WHAT I'M LOVIN: Alysha's legs (she most definitely knows how to use them), 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 23, 24, 30, 35-37, 47-49, 54 (cormorants do something like this, but I like Alysha's version MUCH better), 67, 70, 74-76, 89-91, 102!!!!, 108, 113,


OTHER NOTES: Mother said never to put your feet on the dining room table ... mother was wrong. She was wrong about a lot of things. :)

I should have read the previous comments, however I was surprised Rylsky reads them. I always look through your sets because you have a sense of style that sets you apart from the crowd. I was never sure if those sets with water were interesting in spite of their looking dangerous or because they did. :-) I like met art because it is exactly what I want. Pictures of beautiful women naked. I try to rate by set not by shot as I get carried away with my own pet enthusiasms(mine is bottoms :-) ) and I realise not every taste is the same; i.e. the horde of big boobs fetishist, shaved, unshaved etc. Like your work Rylsky and envy your career choice.

Aside from the being beautiful and sexy this model has something extra that clearly shows in a significant portion of the shots. This girl IS A MODEL! some terrific shots there. Alysha should get a shot at one of those model shows on tv.

Alysha, you're a natural beauty. You were created with it ... and it is rare.

So, go back to natural with your hair.

You'll be even MORE beautiful.

Alysha is a very slender model with a very beautiful face,lovely ltgs great body,and perfect legs Rylsky has done a perfect job of photography.I really don't give a damn about photoshopping or not,the idea is to present a beautiful girl in an erotic shoot. If photoshopping makes her feel better,or shaving or waxing or not bothering makes her feel better. then I don't care,as long as the girl feels erotic and shows it.

Rylsky show us another piece of Paradise with this beautiful Blonde Princess:-) Well done!!! The picture of Her stunning Smile that I have in my living room, remember me that Princesses of Fairy Tales really exist... And Alysha is one of those... It would be nice to have a set or video of Her with a Princess Dress:-) Kisses all over Stunning Alysha:-):-):-)

Small correction:-( Rylsky shows us and not show us...

Wow, very sexy lady in a very sexy short tight skirt and blouse! Could it get any better than this. Yes is could, indoors and outdoors. Alysha I would love to run into you in the woods wearing that short skirt. Rylsky, you da man!

Its been a while since we've had a rating this high! Truly a masterpiece from the Maestro!

In Ratings We Trust???

Very sexy and naughty Alysha!Posing in minidress outside without any underwear! Even upskirt with a nice view on here complete shaved pussy!Come back quick beauty!

All us should not be assume to be normal, obvious, that a young girl of olympic beauty like Alysha has the pleasure of being naked, to make us admire every detail of her feminine glory.
No, it is not a normal thing.
It is almost a miracle.
Beauty is a fleeting thing, not be able to enjoy her, is how to forget the cream cake in the oven.
Rylsky, thank you for giving us your muse who comes from the ice and that here blossoms like a mediterranean flower.

I apologize for the way I express myself in English.

gaetano, don't apologize, I enjoy your comments, even when I don't agree with your opinions.
I salute you for expressing your feelings so well in a second (or third?) language. You do very well.

You are doing just fine, my friend.

I can never imagine Alysha getting any more sexy or beautiful, but she does....every time. Another winner! Mouthwatering even....;o)

Perfect skin, perfect anus and complexion. Good capture Rylsky!

Thanks, but I hope not only "perfect anus" was presented by me here.
anyway, your vision is your vision. feel free

Her beauty is absolutely breathtaking

Women like Alysha are why minidresses were invented... ( :

Wow what a nice set! not only is Alysha one of hottest blonds in the Met network but we get inside and outside plus street scenes! Inside for the delicious closeups of that delectable pink flower fully spread for our mouth watering pleasure then outside for some beautiful shots in a lovely birch forest. Then back inside for the last page. Number 85 a glorious portrait of her lovely face and those stunning blue eyes followed by 89 one of the most astounding shots of that unbelievably tight little butt. This is the kind of butt the designers dream of when they are designing pants, skirts and bikini's. There are teens that don't look that good.

Great set guys, Something for everyone except the hair lovers

Alysha is so very pretty, with an angelic face. She has such exquisitely beautiful blue eyes. She is tall and slender. Very nice.

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