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Awesome set! Need a lot more of Alysha like this. She looks so yummy!

I am usually not a fan of these very pornographic sets - but tonight it is just what I need.

I wonder what she would look like if she didn't bleach her hair?

Inviting beauty. Rosy, soft, unhibited. Wonderful skin to be touched...

I always look forward to seeing Alysha as seen through Rylsky's lens. What a sweetheart she is, and one of my all-time faves! Great job, you two.

Alysha's perfect, beautiful breasts are nicely presented in this set; they are so gorgeous and tempting. And when she poses doggy-style, oh, what lovely orbs to caress!

Now you see why I don't want Rylsky's job-too much stress! I mean look at Alysha with no clothes! Beauty like that can ruin someone's brain. Specially since Rylsky remembered her back is as lovely as her front. I can only look at pictures after I take all my meds. I gave Alysha and Rylsky a 10+ infinity.

And don't forget Alysha's updates on RA including her super sexy new movie on the subjecting of all RA and MA members whose name won't stick,too complicated

Nice. Best set of the day in my opinion.

Thanks Rylsky.

Long hair is out. Trim it down to shoulder length.

Long hair will never be out. I though I am not a fan of bleached hair I have become used to hers and I think I wouldn't know her if she changed it! With her spectacular body and lovely face the hair completes the Goddess image perfectly.

I never tire of long hair, and certainly not Alysha's.

Maybe in Estonia it is in style.

I really liked this set but too bad the short sexy night gown came off so quickly.

I have to agree there seems they are either nude from the start or they start with no panties and they are out of them far to quickly. What happened to the art of seduction? I mean we do want them naked for sure but clothes can be a very big part of the fantasy. Watching your girl strip for you is a huge turn on.

HUGE. ( :

Nice set...clever opening. Always a pleasure Alysha...XOXO

Economy of words today.

I love the 3 image sequence 23 - 26!

Thanks to Alysha and Rylsky for tickling her superb butt cheeks with her hair.

Economy of words today.
MA Twitter?

Max. 40 chars.

Glad this beauty is back! Alysha has wondrful blond hair, marvelous tits and a gorgeous complete shaved pussy.

OK, pics 7 and 8, for an ass man they are to die for!!!!

Plus the other 20 something pics taken from the back and that doesn't even include the sequence from 55 to 71. Alysha has one of the prettiest asses ever; maybe it's the long blonde hair???

@trickydick1 and C6C791:

AMEN! for all ass fans, Alysha's superb butt cheeks, pics taken from behind, and ??? about Alysha's long blonde hair.

Her beauty is breathtaking. Cover girl face, gorgeous hair, love those full standing pictures from behind, mmmmmmmm her bare ass looks so good



Alysha's place not only in the pantheon of classic MA beauties but also classic Rylsky beauties is firmly established beyond a doubt. This is a classic set of her, of which I have very few complaints.
The biggest complaint would be the combination of lighting and background, both of which serve to diminish pale Alysha's distinction from the background.
On the plus side, I like a lot of things: one thing that stood out immediately was the "trompe l'oeil" effect achieved in shots # 1-3 by clever hand placement and framing.
Also you cannot help but be riveted by Alysha's magnificent fundament in the opening sequence. And Alysha's immaculate face is animated and lovely throughout the set.

A fer_realz:

14-4 good buddy!

I have only seen the thumbnails and a few full size images so far ~ I did not catch the 'tromp l'oeil" the first time through, will definitely check the full size images for it.

Thank You Rylsky for this artistic Set!!! The Blonde Dream is back, OMG... My brain is cooking for Her:-) Her Stunning Body and Her Sweet Smile are lethal weapons to die for... Thank You Alysha to be sooooo Adorable:-) Please come back soon, I'm waiting for Your next Set... Baci baci Dolcezza:-)

  • 2 years ago:

Okay, I'll admit it, the second and third images totally got me for a second.

Alysha! Sexy tall and slender golden girl. So sultry and seductive. Beautiful young lady.

Those soft puffy nipples are surely a sweetener of a rainy day to watch...!

@ Viking:

This choir member sings AMEN! with gusto.

Alysha is one of the hottest blondes on Met! I love her long hair, and well, everything else about her too. A nice artistic set!

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