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Alysha has incredible beautiful long legs. She has a perfect body nice breasts and pretty eyes too. I like the photographer Rylsky best also.

Without question Alysha has one of the prettiest faces in Met Art. And with a killer body and lovely feet, she can decorate my window sill anytime. So beautiful.

The backside shots were detracted by her fingers covering her ass. Next time keep your hands and fingers somewhere else.

Do you suppose she has any aware of dominance possessed by her revelation of self in these photos? Marvelous woman is she, more please....

Lady Fair is promising that which she can deliver. Deliver indeed,she does.
Sweet she is, most delectable she is also. All households should be required too have an Alysha A present for what ever matter is prudent at the time.
There is a horn which draws attention, all the fault of Alysha A. the culprit.

Striking figure does she display, thankful she shares with us...
My night will be filled with her display, glory is the name of such delight.

she can over to relax on my couch and play with my guinea pigs (no euphimism), anytime.

A bathroom floor is no place for this little beauty!! Even one as elegant as this one!! Nice pics though... And Alysha is looking as gorgeous as ever!! One of the very cutest butts of all the ones being displayed here at Met! And a face to dream about!! Good job R, but get her out of the bathroom...please!

WTF Photos 111-118, come on, are redundant or what? How abut a little imagination?

Similar for sure but each is a bit different. I certainly didn't find them boring. Question is do you want a 120 photos or every photo different? The reason why we have so any repetitive photos in Met sets is they rule that there needs to be 120 minimum. All the artists do it.

Actually, Hipshot, the 120 is not a rule. It is a suggested set size. Many sets are fewer than 120, esp. by Rylsky. ( :

I hop samdei u'll joyn us
And the wold wll live as 1...

Love your Korean there R....lol

How 'abut' you use yours and "imagine" that they're different...;o)

Alysha is beautiful! Very nice body and pretty face too!
WOW!!! and look at those legs!!! Thank you Alysha.

Very well job Rylsky!!! ♥Alysha♥, You don't need a car to drive men crazy:-) Even without car You drives men crazy ♥ ♥ ♥ An Angel on Earth is this Golden Girl♥, no doubts... To caress and kiss Her Dream Body completely from Head to Toes would be fantastic (Butt and Puss included) ♥ She's Fabulous ♥ Come back soon ♥Alysha♥, please ♥ ♥ ♥

That cover shot is well chosen. She has one of the finest butts on Metart. Alysha is one of the cutest blonds anywhere not to mention one of the finest bodies too. And yes she is smokin hot! 5'9" 108lbs of pure blond goddess!

Rylsky's Estonian golden girl. Perfectly beautiful! The location is the very elegant master bath in a magnificent hotel suite. Gorgeous.

most met art models are hot but some are smoking hot,alysha is burning hot.Beautifull face,a body you would die for and a magic puss.What I like about her is that she looks like she is having a good time her happy attitude elevates her to one of the best met art models.

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