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Alysha is one of the best. Her body, breats, legs, derriere, labia, and face are all very beautiful. Her blue eyes are also very pretty. I like her very much. She is one of my favourite woman. I think she is a 10 and Rylsky is the best too.

I haven't seen much of Alysha until I joined Met Art (I saw a few promotional type sets). She's a gorgeous woman. She was blessed with an incredible body that's for sure. I think she has a pretty face and beautiful blue eyes also, but WOW, what a body!
Alysha is a somewhat tall 5'-9" woman with fabulous long legs, perky breasts with puffy nipples, a tight tummy, perfect derriere, and (I'm beginning to say this more than I ever have before) a superb mons pubis, labia minora, labia majora, and clitoral hood.
She's a 10 in my book! Where I live I don't often see many women as stunningly beautiful as Alysha on a daily basis. She's a knockout.
Many thanks Alysha, it's an honor to see such beauty as you possess!

People: be pithy. I did NOT care for this set. It was NEITHER sexy nor artful. I have been turned on more by pictures from my wife's VENUS catalogs.

You know nothing about the beauty of women.

Got my "10" --

Elegance AND heels -- wins every time.

100% !!!

100% !!!

Superb! Gorgeous dress for this Goddess to wear!! Just perfect!

"Best in Show" for me! A true "work of art"!

My nomination for gallery of the year, so far! Simply put it, - masterpiece by the Maestro!

Ugh. Typing box issues.

Anyhow... Just trying to say that I'd enjoy months and months looking at this photo set doing actual artworks of these photos.

Absolutely beautiful.

Ugh!! People with no patience!!

People who have no patience with other people!

Ugh !!

People --

P.S. --

Are there no workhouses ? -- etc, etc...


Ugh. Typing box issues.

Anyhow... Just trying to say that I'd enjoy months and months looking at this photo set doing actual artworks of these photos.

Absolutely beautiful.

Easy, easy favorite.
Being an artist of beautiful women, sometimes I do artwork that's of the 'nice'variety....stuff you could have on your living room wall.... or sponsor for a museum.

!these! would make for the kind of artworks that you'd put in that apartment in city that you

Alysha is totally beautiful all over .Anyone not in agreement should look at her sets and movie on RA.the movie is "Seduisante" and do check her volume of "Petals "And for those who attach more importance to eating and sleeping under a roof rather than join RA you dear friends are missing out on one of the finer things in life.I gave Alysha and Rylsky a 10++++


Would you care to elaborate, Mr. Rock? From your one-word reaction, it isn't entirely clear what you are hogwashing. ( :

Once again... Alysha is Perfect!


I would take Alysha to the Sydney Opera House to hear Mozart . I like Mozart. I am sure she would like it to.

Mozart BLOWS!! The vast majority of his work can be traced back to Vivaldi! The only "genius" that Mozart had was his ability to channel the Baroque Master!

You don't know what you are talking about . Obviously Vivaldy was a great influence on everyone , including Mozart , but J S Bach and his sons were Mozart's major influences.
Vivaldi could not have composed "The Marriage of Figaro ".
He was an ordained Catholic Priest for fucks sake.
Anyway , this discussion is , or should be , about the beautiful Alysha. I would like to listen to Mozart with her , or Vivaldi .
Or Bach , or Beethoven , or best ever , dance a Strauss waltz with her . 1,2,3 1,2,3 . Every so often I would put in an extra beat. Make it 4/4 " Rock and Roll " time . 12 bar Blues . O yeah .
Dancin' with that Babe would be pure BLISS.

What about Hadyn?
Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart, Paganini, Mendelssohn, Strauss....I enjoy the works of many more.

Yes , I agree with you , but how many could I write down? I listen to classical FM on the way to work each day . Every day I hear something I've never heard before , and 90% of it is great .
I really like Handel . A lot of people turn their noses up at Handel , but I really like him . Very melodic. And the more modern Italian composers like Rossini.
Perfect for a roll in bed with a beautiful blonde , or brunette or .......

I agree with you on both Handel and Rossini. I am fond of many Italian composers.

The odd thing is , I keep getting Vivaldi's "Four Seasons " in my head now . Naked young ladies dancing to the different movements. It would be lovely.
Nikia : Spring.
Alysha : Summer.
Jeff : Autumn.
Alex : Winter.
We could change things around , obviously .
Mr. Rylsky , Please arrange to have the St Petersburg Symphony Orchestra ( if there is such an organization ) and the Bolshoi Ballet ( for tuition ) to stage a magnificent event .
Easier to do Tchaikovsky's beautiful "Swan Lake ".
All the above mentioned lovelies wearing knee length Tutus with
no panties .

very nice choice indeed.

I hope you rejoiced in pleasure to this set :)

I´d rather give support to Mr.Johnson first,maybe he would be overwhelmed,stressed out and went soft.This would surely be unforgettable :)

The Seller

I hit the wrong key.Last comment was a reply to Mr.Baggy.

The Seller

You often "hit the wrong key"...

@ gswkJu:

I had the same problem with my comment.

I should have followed your first paragraph and addressed you as Seller.

My enemies call me gswkJu,you can call me Seller...)

I understand your frustration.Posting about last Nikia & Rylsky set,I tried to be kind to both of them."It´s easy to make a masterpiece with such a model",more or less,I said,but it backfired.
Mr Rylsky meant I was ignoring the potographer´s work.If the set was good,it was because of the model.If it was bad,it was the photographer´s fault,and called himself Mr. Nothing.I was flooded with a thumbs down like reaction.Judge Arkie2 even said,quite ironically,such a wokk might have been made by a "half trained monkey".Hope you don´t have to decipher
this time.

The seller

You misunderstood my reply to your comment entirely. Your comment intimated that ANY untrained photographer could have made the set ( Mr. Rylsky in particular) and I merely commented that you were equating photographers WITH trained monkeys - not having to have any skill or talent whatsoever to produce a great photo shoot. The "half-trained monkey" comment was entirely tongue-in-cheek.

You DO have a knack for pissing people off... ;o)

@ Seller:

NOW I understand, thanks.

We definitely NEED an irony font @ MET. And I still need to read between the lines and not stop at the words only in Members comments.

I would be more than willing to fly Alysha to Sydney for a romantic weekend . Cocktails , romantic walk around the Opera House , dinner with some of our beautiful wines , and then a night of unforgettable love making . Beat THAT addicted!!

I don't need too! Great minds think alike ;)

She is very nice . One of the many young ladies I dream of.

Yes I dream of her too! The set that really drives me up the wall is Letreui. I have a terrible weakness for pink lace. And what she is wearing, is a see through pink lace with hearts dotted all over! *_* Words are not enough. I could write love letters to that with my emission.

@ gswkJu;

I am having more than a little trouble deciphering what you have written!

Bearing in mind that most of us are here to see naked women, and not portraits by Yousuf Karsh; would you please expand or amend your comment so that I can understand.

I think he was being sarcastic about the importance of the photographer. And then some folks decided to take him seriously.

Paying attention to discussions about artistic merit on a site like this is guaranteed to make your head hurt. It's usually the clueless following the clueless.

Lol, in fairness, I think English may be a second language. But I get the gist of what he is trying to say, though not entirely clearly.

Translation programs suck in most cases. They can translate words but they have a real problem putting them into English sentences.

They?,WHO are "they"?

Poor people strugling to be accurate enough to express the slightest nuances and aspects of a topic in a fórum full of people who has the English language as their mother language?
People who are obligued to write perfect English because English is the reference language?
Obviously,you´re admitting you´d probably use translation programs
if the situation was the opposite,but THEY probably don´t use it at all because their English is far too good to use that shit,my friend.
As a reminder there´re people here that doesn´t know how to construct a sentence properly despite being from UK or USA.
I´d like to see you posting in a foreign language.Sure they´´d put you to use tranlation programs in a ghetto like their´s:)

The Seller

Alysha in a white dress with no panties and my favourite Italian shoes . One could not ask for more. Alysha , you look lovely , I wish I could date you . Thankyou Rylski , another babe shot to perfection. I notice the usual "suspects" have written in already.
My favourite of Alysha is still the one on the balcony in that little blue dress with those sexy Italian shoes. Blonde babe.

Do you have a favorite shot in CAMERAE?

YES! Those shoes! I love the way they match the dress! Another way MA Goes above and beyond in every shoot! It's almost too good to be true! :)

Yes , shot 8 . She is sitting on her chair with legs crossed , looking absolutely gorgeous and we know that she is not wearing panties. It drives me insane . Rylski has the best job in the world.

Nice! On CAMERAE I like #4 for the amazing way her face and eyes are captured! Such a happy expression on her! And what a cute nose! I just LOVE IT when photographers focus on the eyes like that! & #9 too! Even with her joyous face a bit out of focus, its obvious she is happy! And i just love her leggy pose towards the camera, with that awesome blue dressed scrunched up so we can see her vagina! I could just dive in! ^_^

And some "extra hot chilli" part of this series available for RA members in Alysha's "Petals" set.

YES! I SEE :) ({}) ({}) :) THanks!

Wearing nothing under that white dress makes Alysha very hot and sexy.

Thank You Rylsky for this Set!!! ♥Alysha A♥=♥Blonde Angel Doll:-)♥

I rather enjoyed how the long white dress and heels accentuated Alysha's height and her legs. She looks quite the angel in this set. ( :

BTW, what is the "PP club"?

It's a simple thing PP= perfect pussy. PP is just a way to say it without being quite so crude. I started it a while back by commenting that I had a special directory on my hard drive called PP for the ones I felt fit my concept of perfection. It just took off from there. However like all other things it's a matter of taste so what is PP for you may not fit my ideal or someone else's. Perfection is a very personal concept. :)

It's a simple thing PP= perfect pussy. PP is just a way to say it without being quite so crude. I started it a while back by commenting that I had a special directory on my hard drive called PP for the ones I felt fit my concept of perfection. It just took off from there. However like all other things it's a matter of taste so what is PP for you may not fit my ideal or someone else's. Perfection is a very personal concept. :)

...some of us "old farts" (LOL ~ I don't see it being a matter of age, entirely, you can be young and be an honorary member of this particular club) took Hipshot's idea and ran with it. Being an old fart, I can't remember who it was who first proposed the "PP Club" but I really liked it so I have fairly aggressively nominated models who I feel fit my personal criteria, usually with positive feedback from other members. ( :

Hey! A group of old men into "PP"! Not old, but where do I sign up?! :D

"old fart" lol? is that 60 +?

Not quite! LOL
"Old Fart" is a state of mind, not a particular age. ( ;

I prefer "Perfect Petals" :)

@Rylsky Thank you for your R-Art petal shots! THANK YOU!

Thank you for support, sir.

Yes! Exactly!

THIS GIRL! DEAR LORD! First I must comment on that wonderful white dress. Not only are MA models amazing, but the fashion taste is A+ too. There is something so tantalizing and about an angelic , innocent looking girl wearing a beautiful tasteful white dress, & then stripping out of it with a smile on her face! #82 is particularity rousing and seductive. She KNOWS she's got and is not afraid to share it with everyone. What an amazing girl! Her face and smile KILL ME! Thank you so much Alysha for bringing the joy into this day! :)

No.When a set is good is largely because of the photographer,the model is also
important,but not of a paramount significance.Look.If the model wasn´t there,we would end up with a photoshock uncreative cloud background that we had NEVER seen before.See?And now this IS of a paramount importance.
But,given the set is not that good,that must be the model´s fault.Properly trained monkeys lacking.Anyway Alysha brought the joy,of course.

The seller

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