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Nice girl +10!

Slastyonoff had nearly vanished for a while, but this is excellent and hopefully shows he's in a revival, his better work is amazing! Many of the photographers on this site could learn something about depth of field and proper mood lighting from Slastyonoff. Great shoot, great model!

Magnificent! Gorgeous girl and very nice setting. 10/10!!
Alyssa just keeps getting better! Absolutely perfect body and very beautiful face, that I wish would smile more.

I went to look at this and for most of the shoot the model has a dress on. For most of the rest of the shoot the model is obscured in some way. This is a beautiful model with great lines and a stunning face. This looks more like a fashion shoot than a nude set.

For me, there's nothing more erotic than a whispy dress and nothing under it.
I didn't care if the dress ever came off, provided it stayed out of the way.
Or peeking through the kitchen chair at your breakfast.. YUMMY! And you won't see very many "fashion shoots" with open vaginas being shown...;o)

Take the clothes off!!!

She does! Patience, my boy, patience. It is typically rewarded!

Don't like it. No armpit shots. That's my vote.

I love it... shots of everything else!

96 photos in portrait format.
16 photos in landscape format.

Does Slastynoff use his display screen in upright position or does he like the black area left & right of the pictures?

The industry produces the screens growing wider and wider what for?

Enticing!, but panties were missing. Taking them off after lifting skirt would have been more suggestive. Remember undress the girl, don't go straight to nude ...

Nicely done! I like this set a lot. The play with the dress is very sexy and there is enough nudity and intimate exposure to make the whole thing work.

I love it and i love this elegant woman. A very tastefully done set that really showcases this magnificent model.

Couldn't agree more.

Lovely ass stretch in the last few shots. Hmmm!

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