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Beautiful model, great photography but the ugly shoes destroy the effect.

In one set, Alyssa (aka Molly) can be untouchably cute, as in off limits 'cause she's your friend's younger sister, and in another set, she can be like your other friend's sultry, seductive, older sister, and you don't care if you piss off your friend 'cause she's too smokin' hot to pass up, if given the opportunity.

wonderful girl, i hope to see you once again, no dude, you are lovely and delicious.

wonderful girl, i hope to see you once again, no dude, you are lovely and delicious.

WOW! I'm liking this girl more and more with each new set she does! And they seem to be getting better and better. Such a beautiful girl!!

Smokin' !

Her thick, gorgeous hair draped down her thin back above the rockin' hot ass is just PERFECT.

Sexy, sexy, f-ing sexy!

Marvelous model, excellent lighting set up with good shadows on a simple but appropriate background. Excellent photography. Congratulations Slastyonoff!

Nice set, but points off for the horrible, massive, clunky shoes.

She was wearing shoes?

YES - !!
She was wearing shoes -- and her "sexy" meter shot up 10 points !!

OMG !!!
We found a model that owns a pair of heels! :-D

Yeah....and what a shame she didn't leave them HOME! ;o)

Rule # 1: "Whatever you do, do NOT take off the heels!"

It is nice to see that Slastyonoff's work again. I always thought that he was the best with his model's poses and his photography.

Beautiful girl with one of the sweetest most inviting bottoms

Oh what a sexy woman, and that gorgeous nipple peaking through the dress in the early pictures is so erotic.

Gorgeous, sexy girl!!! I do luv a girl who takes a little time getting out of her panties!!! Ahhh, the anticipation!!!

Another nice set of this stunning beauty, the simple backdrop works well and the colour really compliments Alyssa's lovely skin tone.

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