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After I see her anus, its the only thing i want to touch, lick, and fuck of her's.. its sooo good

#97… delicious. And bringing camera around –– why not take us there? And yes, plenty of notes above about "control

Hey, this is the kind of porn we pay to see. These pictures are about beating off while we imagine fucking this girl in the ass, despite the occasional pretensions of Met-art to the contrary.

Well done, Flora. You seem to know what people want to see!

Beautiful photos. The facials are memorizing. Alyssa is to die for! Great close-ups of every part of Alyssa. Thanks for showing your most intimate parts, their breathtaking.

Respiraré is español for breathe in! Yes! Respiraré en la dulce, almizclado fragancia de su hermosa, abierta coño! ¡Sí! Ella tiene un muy niza fragancia, estoy seguro! ¡Oh, Sí, casi se puede oler la hermosa fragancia de ese encantadoramente dulce, joven señorita!

This is a good set! I like the model and especially the photography. Alyssa's eyes and expressions are delightful and Flora captures it well. I agree with others that Flora's work is starting to get some attention here (no subliminal references intended). The natural light does not wash out the color in the subject. I'd like to see more sets here with this photog.

Flora, I am becoming a fan of your work. Exquistely beautiful models captured with style and sensuality. Very nice.

Thank you very much, very pleasant!;)

Great setting. Great poses. Great photography.

Petite sexy babe rocket.

A breathtaking set of pictures of a stunning model! Possibly the best work so far for both model and photographer. This 'natural' look is so much better than her early sets... Great job ladies! More like this please... Alyssa, you're adorable and I'm very happy to see the real you, with every delicious detail, and your eyes put me in a trance....

Hi RockHard! Thanks for your feedback! I will give your kind words to Alyssa:)

Hi RockHard! Thanks for a response! I will give your kind words to Alyssa:)

Alyssa is flawless, such a lovely woman. Model and poses are excellent, but I'd give higher score if technically they were better. 22 megapixels are wasted if you go for soft focus. Was this intentional? An artistic decision? Possibly a diffusion filter, because there are no blacks, looking at the levels in Photoshop confirms this. (Sorry, but I'm a photographer, it's hard to ignore the technical aspects of these shoots!)

I noticed this effect not only here ... in other photographers from Met-Art also is a noticeable :/
Can compression for a given quality has an influence?
I do not understand why it looks here...
To me it looks like I'm looking at 100% magnification and the details look like they were shot mobile phone, or paltry compact camera :/
My reservations are only for high-quality mode.
The light is well chosen and frame photo are appropriate :)
Flora well done in this case (Y)
Do something on this quality.

I am not impressed!

Almost by stealth, Flora has become one of my favorite photographers. Apart from her use of light, and the sense of air and lucidity, she has a wonderful insight into her models, and she trusts herself to find something interesting as she goes on. The recent series with Michele was fresh and spontaneous and very, very good.

Alyssa is often shown with too much makeup, and it makes her look hard and distant. Here she looks more like a woman and less like a model, and a very appealing woman at that.

Hi Fred2! Thank you for understanding my style:) I really love the natural .. I like the natural light (despite the fact that sometimes this coverage is not quite enough - soft focus just because of this), I like the natural beauty of the girl - her soft hair, fresh skin and very little makeup .. Here it is such as it is in life, no games, only the reality :)

Beautiful girl with a very arousing and inviting bottom

Alyssa's beauty could "take your breath away"! Beautiful eyes! Great setting and photography! Me justo encanta ver a una hermosa mujer con sus piernas levantadas y sonriente con su coño ancho abierto, listo para llevarlo profundo! Thanks!

Flora´s work = 10.
Alyssa: I feel in love with your amazing eyes.
Congratulations. much more days like this.

I'm really liking Flora's work.
And I agree, Alyssa looks great lately... less of an emphasis on "glamor" look with Slastyonoff and Flora, more of a natural look.
She seems somehow vulnerable, or maybe open and tentative in this set and that is extremely appealing.


Thank you. The best set this beautiful lady has ever done, by far. Good work.

I amend that to, "REALLY liking Flora's work."
( :

Alyssa has large, expressive eyes and a nice smile. I like her beautiful long hair especially in shots like 69 and 70. Flora has brought out the best in her and both ladies deserve congratulations.


And on a more earthy note, a really exciting open anus. Very sexy set.

Agreed and such a nice little pussy.

I am starting to like Alyssa a whole lot more. I do like Alyssa's hair in this set, it really suits her and therefore makes her look all the more desirable. Alyssa's eyes in pictures 105/106 and 110/111 are amazing. Well done Flora, great set of pictures.

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